How to get reviewed

If you would like to have your book reviewed here on Erotica for the Big Brain, please read and follow these simple guidelines.

BUT FIRST: before you make a request to have me review your title, be sure to look at some of the reviews I've already written. Actually READ some of the books I've reviewed positively in order to get a sense of what I like. Honestly, this will save us both a great deal of time and potential unpleasantness.

Also, I strongly recommend that you check out this article by Genevieve Eldredge, which may well be one of the best, most comprehensive run-downs of what NOT to do when writing erotica or erotic romance currently available. If you see too many of the red flags mentioned in the Eldredge article in your own book, it's a pretty safe bet you're not ready to send it out for review--to me or anyone.

1. Understand, I cannot accept every request. There simply aren't enough hours in a week, and I have other commitments as well as a regular daily writing schedule of my own to maintain. Thus, I reserve the right to limit the number of books I will accept for review in any given month to no more than two. (I may take more or fewer as the demands of my schedule allow.)

2. If I ask to see a copy of your book, it is not a guarantee of a review. Nor am I obligated to offer a reason for declining to read your title. IF I SAY NO, I MEAN NO.

(NOTE: I can generally make an accurate prediction about the overall quality of a piece of writing within three to twelve paragraphs. I don't waste my time with something that bores me or insults my intelligence. Nor do I care whether your book has already picked up a bunch of five-star reviews; if that's the case, a review from me won't make a difference one way or the other.)

3. I will only review titles for which I can give an honest three stars at minimum. By this, I mean a long-form TEXT REVIEW on EftBB. I reserve the right to leave lower non-text ratings on other sites such as Goodreads where I deem appropriate. (An author who can't handle basic constructive criticism, let alone a non-text rating is undoubtedly in the wrong line of work.) Note that my three-star-equivalent reviews are extremely tough, and, in all cases, I WILL BE HONEST.

4. I am looking for stories that are exceptional on many levels. For a start they must be well written, displaying proficiency in grammar, spelling and punctuation. (Yes, there are rules, and they do apply to you.) Texts need to be formatted for fiction with standard paragraph indentation,  consistent margins, and proper dialogue mechanics. (E-books need a clickable table of contents and linked internal navigation.) Beyond that, there should be a compelling story with relatable well-rounded characters in a vibrant erotic atmosphere. I am consistently impressed (and very often turned on) by originality, craftsmanship and professionalism. Dazzle me!

(NOTE: To be quite honest, I've read about as much bad BDSM fiction as a sane person could handle in a lifetime. I am sick and tired of stories in which Domination is equated with Sadism. I'm also extremely tired of "the naïve, virginal girl and the kinky billionaire with a dark past" plotline. If you want to have your book reviewed here, get a good, original idea first. You might be surprised how many other interesting subgenres there are!)

5, If your book has been published on Amazon Kindle, send me a link to its product page so I can check out the "Look Inside" sample. You can reach me via e-mail at

6. Assuming I like what I see in your sample, I will ask you to send me the .mobi file for the book so I can forward it to my Kindle. This is important: I have a visual impairment and it is extremely difficult for me to read PDF files and some small-type hard copies. I prefer to read on my Kindle as I can easily adjust font size, Also, since I take copious notes while reading, the Kindle's bookmark feature is a huge time-, labor-, and sanity-saving device.

(NOTE: as of 1 July, 2014, I will only accept .mobi files; no PDFs, hard copies or "traditional" books. No exceptions.)

7. Generally, I post reviews first on Erotica for the Big Brain (every other Sunday) and the Amazon and Goodreads sites the following Mondays. I no longer post reviews on Barnes & Noble because their site is too "buggy" and unpredictable, and I have better things to do with my time. If you would like to have the EftBB review on B&N, Smashwords, or some other site, please feel free to post it there yourself, being sure to credit me (see #8)

8. Authors may freely quote, copy or repost any of the reviews appearing on Erotica for the Big Brain in whole or in part for promotional or educational purposes. Please be sure to make proper attribution of any quote or repost (e.g. "review by Terrance Aldon Shaw, Erotica for the Big Brain").

9. Please be sure to "vote up" the review when it appears on Amazon. This will help to increase my reviewer ranking, which will, in turn, increase the visibility of the things I review--including your book. While I can't "force" you to do this, it is a courtesy I greatly appreciate.

10. EftBB is NOT a promotional site. I do not provide "service reviews" or do "blog-tour" type author interviews. If you wish to have your titles considered for review, please follow the guidelines listed above. Again, be aware, I will only accept .mobi files, which I can transfer to my Kindle--no exceptions.

Also note that 'Best of' Anthologies will be reviewed, but will not be considered for EftBB's own 'Best of" list at the end of each year.

If this sounds reasonable, send me your links and we'll see what's what.



(updated 9/11/16)

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