Best Of Lists

Erotica for the Big Brain's Annual Best-Of Lists

Perfect Strangers: A Memoir of the Swinging Seventies (Dorothy Freed)

Desire: Sensual Lesbian Erotica (Emily L. Byrne)

The Prison of the Angels (Janine Ashbless)

Viking Wolf (Emmanuelle de Maupasant)

Forget the Sleepless Shores (Sonya Taaffe)


Come, Let Us Sing Anyway (Leone Ross)

Roadhouse Blues  (Malin James)

Wanderlust  (ed. Megan Lewis)

In Bonds of the Earth  (Janine Ashbless)

Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms  (ed. Sacchi Green)

Thrones of Desire  (ed. Mitzi Szereto)

Named and Shamed  (Janine Ashbless)

Viking Thunder  (Emmanuelle de Maupasant)

SHORT FICTION (2015-2017)

The Pier by Night (Janine Ashbless) (Sinful Pleasures (ed. Lisa Jenkins))
The Black Orchid (Jo Henry Wolf) (Sinful Pleasures)
Lazy Sunday (Tony Flyer) (Sinful Pleasures)
Aljanar Ruwa (J.S. Emuakpor) (Wanderlust  (ed. Megan Lewis))
Zero Gravity (Valerie Alexander) (Hotel (ed. Megan Lewis))
Grey Bar Motel (Arden Ellis) (Hotel)
Odd Man (Sonni de Soto) (For the Men and the Women Who Love Them (ed. Rose Caraway))
Winning Big (Charlie Powell) (For the Men)
Enhanced (T.J. Christian) (For the Men)
Sanctum (Dee Maselle) (Love and Lust in Space (ed. Jennifer Denys))
Behrouz Gets Lucky (Avery Cassell) (Best Lesbian Erotica 2015 (ed. Laura Antoniou))
Arachne (Catherine Lundoff) (BLE 2015)
Kiss of the Rain Queen (Fiona Zedde) (BLE 2015)
Michael’s Moment (Kate Ellink) (Tonight She’s Yours (ed. Rose Caraway))
The Miller's Daughter (Michael M. Jones) (Witches, Princesses, and Women at Arms (ed. Sacchi Green))
Wood Witch (M. Bird) (Witches, Princesses...)
Penthouse 31 (Brey Willows)  (Witches, Princesses...)
Toads, Diamonds, and the Occasional Pearl (Emily L. Byrne) (Witches, Princesses...)
Jericho (Megan Arkenberg) (Thrones of Desire (ed. Mitzi Szereto)
At the Sorcerer's Command (Kim Knox) (Thrones of Desire)
Flesh and Stone (Sacchi Green) (Thrones of Desire)
The Last Sacrifice (Zander Vyne) (Thrones of Desire)
Canvas (Malin James) (Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol. 2 (ed. Rose Caraway))
Sweet Hel Below (Janine Ashbless) (Dirty 30 Vol. 2)
Thunderclap (Sommer Marsden) (Dirty 30 Vol. 2)
Torrid Zone (Elliot Delocke) (Dirty 30 Vol. 2)
Thief  (Michael Lewis) (Dirty 30 Vol. 2)
Life Drawing 101 (Brantwijn Serrah) (Dirty 30 Vol. 2) 


Constraint (Siri Ousdahl)

Auletris: Erotica (Anaïs Nin)

London Triptych (Jonathan Kemp)

Cautionary Tales from the Edges (Emmanuelle de Maupassant)

Islands (Richard V. Raiment)

Skin Effect  (M. Christian)

The Innocent’s Progress (Peter Tupper)

Whispers in Darkness: Lovecraftian Erotica (ed. J. Blackmore)

Blue: A Novel (L.N. Bey)


Twentysix (Jonathan Kemp)
Addictive Desires (Big Ed Maggusun)
Katie in Love (Chloe Thurlow)
Libidinous Zombie (ed. Rose Caraway)
Generation Game (Secret Narrative)
One Night Only: Erotic Encounters (ed. Violet Blue)
The Gentlemen’s Club (Emmanuelle de Maupassant)
Lips Like Ice (Peggy Barnett)
Aphrodite Overboard (Richard V. Raiment)
Counsel of the Wicked (Rebel Mage: Book 1) (Elizabeth Schechter)


Adultery: The Scarlet Alphabet (Rod Kierkegard)
Picture Perfect (Donna George Storey)
Fierce Enchantments (Janine Ashbless)
House of Sable Locks (Elizabeth Schechter)
Porked and Rumpled (Madeleine Shade) 
Darkly Delicious Short Stories (Elizabeta Brooke)
Her Wish is Your Command (D.L. King)
Jacked In: Transhumanist Erotica (ed. Gabrielle Harbowy)
Like a Trip Through the Mirror: Lesbian Love in Alternate Realities (ed. Kathleen Tudor) 
Spark My Moment (Jeremy Edwards)
Cover Him with Darkness (Janine Ashbless)
Love Without Gun Control (M. Christian)


Amorous Woman (Donna George Storey)
Desire (Kathryn O’Halloran) 
The Pleasure Dial (Jeremy Edwards)
The Killer Wore Leather (Laura Antoniou)
Extraordinary Deviations (Raven Kaldera)
In the Forests of the Night (Vanessa de Sade with illustrations by Vanity Chase)
Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica (ed. D.L. King)
Dream Lover: Tales of Paranormal Erotic Romance (ed. Kristina Wright)
Nude and Tattooed (Youthful Indiscretions trilogy) (V. Moore)
The Composition Book and 24 Frames per Second (short stories) (E.B. Jones)
Gardenias (story collection) (Valentine Bonnaire)
Gratifyingly Graphic: Teeny Weeny, Error-Free, Very Descriptive Erotic Tales 

(Yasmine Jones)
Volksie: A Tale of Sex, Americana and Cars (P.M. White)


The Lure of Dangerous Women (Shanna Germain)
Never: An Erotic Retelling of Peter Pan (Elizabeta Brooke)
The Museum of Deviant Desires (Fulani)
Poe (short story) (Elizabeta Brooke)
Taking Jennifer (James Wood)
Beneath Sea and Sky (Shanna Germain)
Virtually True (Adam Penenberg)
Mayia (Realm of Janos Series #4) (Andre SanThomas)
Amy’s Choice (James Wood)
Hot Springs (Smart Smut)
Irie No Kaubutsu (Big Ed Maggusun)

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