Meg Amor's blog

Janine Ashbless' blog

Shannon Barber's site

LN Bey's site

Rebecca Black's website/blog (Rebecca Black Erotica)

Susie Bright's website/blog

The Brit Babes (blog)

Elizabeta Brooke's blog

Kyoko Church's blog

Cheryl Dragon's blog

Jeremy Edwards' website

Sharyn Ferns blog (Domme Chronicles)

Tamsin Flowers' blog

I.G. Frederick/Korin Dushayl's website

Fulani's blog (Fulani's Limited Attention Span)

Shanna Germain's website

Tilly Hunter's blog

Steve Isaac's site  (Reading and Writing by Publight)

Malin James' website/blog

Mike Kinera's website (Mike Kinera's Erotic Fiction)

D.L. King's blog

Adrea Kore's blog (Kore Desires)

Krista Lake's website/blog

Tobsha Learner's website/blog

Ashley Lister's (new) website

Nikki Magennis' web page

Big Ed Magusson's website/blog (Big Ed's Place)

Summer Marsden's website (Unapologetic Fiction)

Dee Maselle's blog

Emmanuelle de Maupassant's site (Exhibit Unadorned)

Raziel Moore's website

Umiko Ozawa's website/blog

Oleander Plume's website/blog

Richard V. Raiment's website/blog

Tabitha Rayne's blog

Remittance Girl's blog

Leone Ross' website (The Scribbles of Leone Ross)

Andre SanThomas' blog

Secret Narrative's website/blog

Madeleine Shade's website

Sharazade's website/blog

Donna George Storey's website

Molly Synthia's blog (Molly's Erotic Meanderings)

Tiffany Reisz' website

Chloe Thurlow's blog/website

Pavarti K. Tyler's website/blog

Zander Vyne's blog

James Wood's website


The Erotica Readers and Writers Association (ERWA)

Afterglow Arthouse

The Erotic Literary Salon

How to Write Erotic Fiction (Ashley Lister et al,)

Oh, Get a Grip! (Ten Sexy Authors Tell It Like It Is)

Sexploration Fiction


1001 Nights Press

Cleis Press

Talbot Press

Hot Chilli Erotica

Visconti Press

Skyblue Press (Ana├»s Nin)

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