New Erotic Writer's Thesaurus (A--M)

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ABANDON (1) (v)
(e.g. Jane’s so-called friends abandoned her at a truck stop on Route 69)
bail; bail on; bail out on; betray; cast off; chuck; chuck out (coll.); deep six (coll.); discard; disown; ditch (coll.); dump (coll.); forsake; forswear; get rid of; give up on; isolate; jilt; leave; leave behind; leave desolate; leave high and dry; leave s.o. lonely; leave s.o. solitary; lose; quit; reject; repudiate; run out on; throw away; throw off; throw out; throw over; turn o’s. back on

ABANDON (2) (v)
carouse; dissipate; give in; give in to o’s. urges; gratify; indulge; let go; let it all go; let it all hang out; lose o.s.; lose o.s. in; lose o.s. to; wallow in; yield to

ABANDON (3) (n)
(e.g. He lived a life of decadence and abandon)
dissipation; intemperance; lack of restraint; lawlessness; licentiousness; profligacy; unbridled lust; unrestraint; wantonness

Aunt Nelly (Brit., sl.); bay window; belly; colonic cavity (Clin.); craw; diaphragm; front porch; gizzard; gut; intestinal cavity (Clin.); landing pad; middle; midriff; mid-section; Ned Kelly (Brit., sl.); paunch; pot belly; shit locker; six pack; spare tire; stomach; tummy; tum-tum; ventral region; visceral cavity (Clin.); wame (Sc.)

avoid; cease; desist; discontinue; eschew; forebear; give up; hold back from; keep o’s. hands off; quit; reject; refrain (from); refuse; renounce; repress; resist; resolve to give up; shun; stop; suppress; swear off; turn aside from

abstemiousness; abstention; asceticism; austerity; avoidance; celibacy; continence; giving up; nonindulgence; refrainment; renouncement; renunciation; repression; resistance; restraint; self-abnegation; self-denial;
self-deprivation; self-restraint; suppression; withholding;

(e.g. The adulteress was forced to wear a scarlet letter ‘A’ on her bodice)
enchantress; fallen woman; fornicatrix (Antq.); home-wrecker; seductress; sorceress

(e.g. Dick and Jane’s adulterous affair lasted six years)
clandestine; disloyal; dissolute; extramarital; faithless; forbidden; illicit; licentious; unchaste

affair; affaire de coeur (Fr.); cheating; cuckoldry (Antq.); extracurricular activities (inf.); extramarital affair (or extramarital sex); faithlessness; fooling around; infidelity; intrigue; liaison; marital infidelity; playing around; sneaking around; stepping out; unchastity; unfaithfulness

(e.g. Her professor’s advances made Karen uncomfortable)
come-on; improper suggestion; indecent proposal; move; moves; overture; pass; proposal; proposition; suggestion; try

AFFAIR (1) (n)
(i.e. extramarital sexual activity)
(e.g. Dick and Jane carried on an affair behind their spouses’ backs)
adultery; affaire de coeur (Fr.); amour (Fr.); assignation;        bit on t. side;        brush (Antq.);
carrying on; casual affair; cheat; cheating; cheating on s.o.; couching (Antq.); cuckoldry; dalliance;  elicit affair;  elicit relations; extracurricular activities (euph.); extramarital affair;  extramarital sex; fling; flirtation; fooling around; fucking around; getting it on t. side; going behind s.o.’s back; hanky-panky; illicit love affair; infidelity; intrigue; involvement; liaison; marital infidelity; musical beds; offshore drilling; philandering; playing around; pully hawly (Antq.); sneaking around; s.t. on t. side; stepping out; stepping out on s.o.; stitch (Antq.); thing; two-timing s.o

AFFAIR (2) (n)
(i.e. love or sexual relationship)
affaire d’amour (Fr.); amour (Fr.); flirtation; infatuation; involvement; relationship; sexual encounter; thing

 (see also CUM, PISS-CUM, and PRE-CUM)
(e.g. His after-come dampened the sheets)
after-splooge; dessert; dregs; drips; leakage; leaking; post-coital ejaculate (Clin.); post-coital leak; post-cum; slow drip

(e.g. The lovers basked in the afterglow)
after-party; after-play; coming down; euphoria; gentle euphoria; glow; love glow; mellowing out; post-coital embrace; post-coital cuddles; post-coital glow; post-orgasmic euphoria; post-rapture; rapture; soft landing; tender euphoria; twilight

AKIMBO (adj)
(lit. “hand on hip with elbow out”)
angled; askew; aslant; bent; crooked; distorted; hand-on-hip; oblique; out-of-line; skewed; twisted

absinthe; ale; beer; blue-ruin (Antq.); booze; bourbon; bourbon whiskey; champagne; cider; cocktail; cocktails; cordial; demon rum; devil’s water; drink; drinks; elixir of life; fire water; fruit of t. vine; gin; grog; hard cider; hard liquor; hard stuff; hooch; John Barleycorn; juice; liquor; mead; medicine (euph.); mixed drinks; moonshine; naughty water; rot-gut; rum; sake (Jap.); sauce; scotch whiskey; shot; shots; sippin’ whiskey; spirits; strong drink; the bottle; vodka; water of life;  wassail;  whiskey; white lightning; wine

appealing; arousing; attractive; beautiful; beguiling; bewitching; captivating; charming; delightful; enchanting; enticing; exciting; fascinating; hypnotic; hypnotizing; interesting; intriguing; magnetic; mesmerizing; ravishing; seductive; sexy; spellbinding; stimulating; tantalizing; tempting; titillating

AMOROUS (1) (adj)
(e.g. Can you blame me for feeling amorous?)
aroused; feeling frisky; fired up; horny; hot and bothered; in heat; in t. mood; on t. prowl; on t. scent; sexed up; turned on

AMOROUS (2) (adj)
amatory; ardent; erotic; fond; hot, impassioned; languorous; love-hungry; loving; love-troubled; lustful; passionate; romantic; sensual; sexy; tender

AMOR; anal dance; anal intercourse; anal job; ass-fuck; ass-fucking; ass play; ass-pounding; back jump; backdoor boogie; back scuttle; baking potatoes; banging fudge; boody; bottle; brown eye; brown holing; buggery; buggering (Brit.); buff-fuck; bum-fuck; bungholing; buqa (Arab.); butt-balling; butt-banging; butt-fuck; butt-fucking; butthole surfing; butt play; butt sex; chocolate cha cha; coitus in ano; coitus per anum; cornholing; digging a ditch; dinner mashing; dipping in o’s. fudge; fishing f. brown trout; fluffing t. duff; fudge packing (usu. pej); going up t. ass; going up t. chute; Greek way; pig-sticking; pile-driving; playing dump truck; pounding t. back door; Sodomy; ramming; riding o’s. deck; saddling up; sitting on it; sodomizing; taking a trip to t. moon; taking it up t. ass; taking it up t. butt; taking it up t. tailpipe

anilinction (Clin.); 39; ass blowing; ass-licking; black wings; biting brown; biting t. brown; bog snorkeling (Brit.); brown wings; bum licking (Brit.); butt ramming; chewing bud; cleaning up t. kitchen; crap tickling; eating jam; eating pound cake; felching; Feuille de Rose (Fr.); kissing down under; kissing shit; kissing t. star of love; playing t. piano; postillionage (Fr.); reaming; rim job; rimming; rusty trombone; salad tossing; sewer chewing; sitting on s.o.’s face; smearing t. tuna; snarfing; sucking ass; sugar-bowl pie; taking a trip to t. moon; telling a French joke; thirty-nine; tongue fuck; tongue job; tongue sandwich; tonguing s.o.’s hole; whitewashing t. back fence;  whitewashing t. backside

ANUS (n) (Clin.)
arse (Brit.); arsehole (Brit.); ass; asshole; asspussy; ass-pussy; back door; backeye; backeye slice; backeye slit; back hole; back nine; back porch; backway; balloon knot; bazoo; blind eye; bogy; boy cunt; boy pussy; brown cherry; brown daisy; brown eye; brownie; brown Windsor; bucket; bud; bung; bunghole; bunky; butthole; Cadbury cul-de-sac; change machine; chocolate speedway; chocolate starfish; chuff (Brit.); chutney locker (Brit.); codeye; corn-dot; cornhole; cozy drop; daisy dot; date locker; deadeye; dinger; dirt box; dirt chute; dirt factory; dirt hole; dirty opening; dock; dot; dumper; dung trumpet; exhaust pipe; fart hole; fuckchasm; fudge pipes; garage; glass asshole; glory hole; grand canyon; Hawaiian eye; Hershey Highway; hind boot (Brit.); hind entrance; hindmost opening; hind orifice; Hollywood uterus; hoop; jack hole; jacks; jacksie (jacksy) (Brit.); jam pot; jock hole; khaki pussy; little brown eye; mangina; man pussy; Marmite motorway (Brit.); mauve carnation; muck spreader; muddy starfish; mudeye; mustard pot; nether bud; nether hole; nether orifice; ojete (Sp.); O-ring; poo hatch; pooper; poop chute;  poo percolator; poop hatch; poop hole (porthole); prison pucker hole; pucker; quoit; rear entrance; rear channel; rear tunnel; recky (Brit., inf.); rectum; rinctum; ring; ring piece; rosebud; servant’s entrance; shit chute; shithole; shitter; six; slop chute; starfish; stench trench; tan track; tradesman’s entrance; Turkish delight; vent; via chocolada; wazoo; where t. sun don’t shine; windmill

(i.e. catalyst or agent of desire)
Amyl (poppers); back-up pills; cantharides; catalyst; cocaine; drug; Ecstasy; horn pill; licorice; love dust; love juice; love potion; love spell; mandrake; marital aid; MDMA; oysters; passion potion; philter; rhino horn; sexual aids; sexual catalyst; soft spot; Spanish Fly; stimulant; trigger; turn-on

AREOLA (pl. AREOLAE or AREOLAS ) (n) (Clin.)
annulus; aureole (fig.); circle; circumference; compass; halo; orbit; patch; penumbra; radius; region; ring; roundel; roundlet; swirl; whorl; wreath; zone

all shook up; amative (Antq.); amatory; amorous; appetent (Antq.); begging f. it; blotty (Brit.); boy crazy; boy hungry; brimming; chucked; cock-happy; cock-sick; cock-smitten; creamy; cunt-dripping; cunt-happy; cunt-struck; dripping; dripping f. it; exploding; foaming at t. gash; fresh; frisky; fuckish; fucky; full of fire; full of fuck; full of jizz; full of juice; full of lust; full of spunk; fussed up; gagging f. it; game; game f. it; girl-crazy; girl-hungry; hard; hard f. it having a fever; having a hard-on for; having a flood in o’s. panties; having a hot rod; having an itch; having an itch in t. crotch; having an itch in t. jeans; having an uprising in o’s. crotch; having an uprising in o’s. pants; having a pash f. (Brit.); having a titty hard-on (fem.); having hot nuts; having hot rocks; having itchy feet; having t. hots for; het up; horny; horny as a jackrabbit; horny as a rhino; hot; hot and bothered; hot as a bitch in heat; hot as a cat in heat; hot as a firecracker; hot as a whorehouse on fire; hot-assed; hot-blooded; hot fire down below; hot f. it; hot stuff; hot to trot; hungry; in a lather; in heat; in lust; in season; in the mood; jiggy; jonesing; jonesing f. it; juiced up; juicy; keen; lathered up; letching; letching after; lust-drunk; lusty; man-crazy; man-hungry; on fire; on t. prowl; on t. pull; oozing; prick-struck; primed; rammish; randy; randy as a jackrabbit; ready to get down; ready to get it on; ready to play; ready to rumble;  ready to rut; ready, willing, and able; ruttish; rutty; salty; sexed up; slick f. it; steamed up; stiff; sweaty; switched on; throbbing; ticklish; tingling; tingling in t. ass; tingling in t. balls; tingling in t. pussy; turned on; turned on f. it; weak in t. knees; wet; wet f. it; willing; wired up; worked up

androgynous; aromantic; disinterested; epicene; genderless; neuter; neutral; pomosexual; sexless; uninterested; unromantic 

ASS (1) (n)
(i.e. buttocks)
ars (Brit.); arse (Brit.);Arsch (Ger.); ass cheeks; ass-end; backside; badonkadonk; bahookie; beam; beauts; beautocks; behind; bim (Brit.); biscuits; bogy (Brit.); bonbons; booteus maximus; booty; bottom; botty (Brit.); bubble butt; bucket; bum (Brit.); bum cheeks (Brit.); buns; bunt (Brit.); bunt cake; buttocks; butt; caboose; can; canister set; cheeks; chips; chuff (Brit.); corybungus (Brit.,); crumpet (Brit.); culo (Sp.); cupcakes; derrière (Fr.); double jugs; duff; duster; Dutch dumplings; English muffins; fanny; flankey; flanks; fud; fundament; fushy (Brit., sl.); glutes; Gluteus Maximus; haunch; haunches; heinie; hind; hind end; hinder end; hinders; hiney; honey rolls; Hugh Jass; hunkers; hurdies (Brit.); jacksie (jacksy) (Brit.); jibs; juff; keester; keister; little Mary; luds; male tail; meat pillows; moon; mud flaps; nates (Brit.); patoot; patootie; posterior; postern; prat; rear end; rumble seat; rump; rumpus; rumpus delecti; saddle; satchel; scut; seat; seaterumpus; sit-me-down (Brit.); sitter; sit-upon; six; smallers; south end; speedo-stuffers; squatter; stern; sugar cookies; tail; the Greek side; tuchis (Yd.); tuckus (Yd.); toosh; tush; tushy; underside;

anal cleft (Clin.); butt crack; cleft; crack; gluteal cleft (Clin.); intergluteal cleft (Clin.); nether cleavage; nether cleft

adorable; against the law; alluring; all that; appealing; babe-a-licious (fem.); beautiful; becoming; beddable; bewitching; bitchin’; bitching; bit of all right; blazing; bodacious; canny; captivating; charming; chic; choice; comely; corn-fed; cracker; crackerjack; cute; desirable; dishy; doable; dreamy; drooly; drop-dead; drop-dead gorgeous; easy on the eyes; elegant; enchanting; enthralling; enticing; eye-filling; fair (Antq.); fascinating; fetching; fine; fit; fly; foxy; fuckable; good-looking; gorgeous; glam (Brit., sl.); gnarly (coll.); handsome; haveable; hot; hotcha’; hunky (masc.); interesting; intriguing; irresistible; loveable; magnetic; pretty; ravishing; red hot; rompworthy (Brit.); seductive; sexsational; sexy; sexually attractive; shaggable (Brit., sl.); sizzlin’; sizzling; smashing (Brit.); smokin’;snazzy; striking; studly (masc.); suave; sweet; tantalizing; tasty; tempting; tight; to-die-for; winsome

masturbatory; narcissistic; self-gratifying; self-pleasuring; self-satisfying

 choke and stroke; erotic asphyxiation (Clin.); erotic strangulation; Choking Game Home Version (coll.); Choking Game solitaire

flying solo; masturbation; playing solitaire; self-gratification

 (i.e. penis inserted into a partner’s armpit)
armpit sex; axillisma (Clin.); bagpiping; directing traffic; outercourse; pit-wanking 



BAIT (1) (v)
allure; attract; beguile; dangle a carrot; draw in; entice; inveigle; lure; seduce; tantalize; tempt

BALL (v)
(see FUCK (1), HAVE SEX)
(e.g. I’m going to ball her all night long)

BALL (n) (coll.)
(e.g. She was having a ball)
blast; blowout; enjoyment; good time

(see CONDOM)

(see ANUS)

BALLS (n) (coll.)

(e.g. I was balls deep in her pussy last night)
all the way in; bearing down; coupled; deep; deep inside; fully engaged; giving it to her good; hot and heavy; in; in the throes; knocking at her womb; penetrated

BAR (n)
barrelhouse; dive; dram shop (Antq.); drinking establishment; establishment; gin joint; gin mill; hole; hole in the wall; hostelry; local; local watering hole; neighborhood watering hole; pub; public house (Brit., ANZ.); roadhouse; saloon; speakeasy; swill joint; tavern; watering hole; wine sink

BARE (1) (v)
(e.g. She took a deep breath before she bared her breasts)
display; exhibit; expose; reveal; show; uncover

BARE (BARED) (2) (adj)
(e.g. Bare shoulders, strong and subtly rounded, almost always turned him on)
(e.g. The sight of his bared torso made Dick’s girlfriend horny)
displayed; exhibited; exposed; revealed; showed; shown; uncovered

BARE (3) (adj)
(see NAKED)

(i.e. unprotected sex)
(e.g. “I don’t do it bareback,” the streetwalker said)
naked; raw; raw dog; rubberless; unprotected sex;  unsafe sex; w.o. a condom; w.o. a saddle


in shorts; legs fully exposed; naked at t. knees; naked from ankle to hip; naked to t. hips; pantless

animal instinct; biological imperative; drive; primal instinct; primal intuition; primitive emotion; pure instinct; pure intuition; reptilian core; subconscious instinct; subconscious urge

BATE (v)
 (e.g. The lover could not bate his nervous laughter)
diminish; hold back; hold in check; lessen; restrain

BATED (adj)
(e.g. Jane waited with bated breath for Tom to enter her)
bottled up; checked; controlled; curbed; eased; held back; lessened; moderated; restrained; slackened; stifled; suppressed

BAWDY (1) (adj)
carnal; concupiscent; fleshly; lascivious; lecherous; libidinous; licentious; lustful; prurient;  salacious;  voluptuous

BAWDY (2) (adj)
bawdry (Antq.); dirty; filthy; immodest; improper; indecent; lewd; obscene; pornographic; raunchy; ribald; risqué; shameless; smutty; vulgar


BDSM (n)
(bondage, discipline, submission, dominance (or) bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism)
BDSM culture; bondage; D & S; D/s; dominants and submissives; doms and subs; The Lifestyle; The Scene; S & M; S/M; tops and bottoms

black sheet party; blood play; bondage; costume play; cosplay; doing a scene; edge play; hot wax play; ice play; knife play; needle play; paddling; play; role-playing; spanking; suspension; whipping; whip play

Alpha; boi; bottom; brat; dom; domina (fem.); domme (fem.); lifestyler; master; ma’am; mistress; sir; slave; sub; switch; top

24/7; Alpha; D/s; dominant-submissive; dom-sub; master-slave; mistress-slave; power-exchange relationship; sub; subby; switch; top-bottom; total power exchange

BEAR (n)
(i.e. usu. large, hairy gay man)
arb; bear chaser; black bear (i.e. AfAm.); bruin (i.e. jock); chaser; chub; cub; daddy; ewok (i.e. shorter man); grizzly; husbear; huscub; Koala (i.e. blonde-haired); leather bear; muscle bear; otter (i.e. slimmer, less hairy); polar bear (i.e. graying); wolf; woof; ursophile; Ursula (i.e. lesbian)

alluring  attractive  beauteous; becoming bewitching bonny; captivating; charming; comely; enchanting; enthralling; elegant fair; fascinating; fine; fly; foxy; glamorous; graceful; hot; intriguing; lovely; pretty; pulchritudinous; seductive; sexy; smokin’;ravishing; winsome

BED (n)
bedstead; berth; box spring; brass bed; bunk; California Queen; cot; couch; cradle; crib; day bed; doss (Brit.); double; dreamer; fold-out; four-poster; futon; hay (coll.); high riser; King-size; kip (Brit.); loft bed; mattress; Murphy bed; pallet; pedestal bed; platform bed; Queen-size; rack monster; sack (coll.);shag; single; slab; truckle bed; trundle bed; Uncle Ned (Brit.); wanking couch (Brit.); waterbed; workbench (euph.)

accommodation; bedchamber; berth; boudoir (Fr.); crib; doss; flop; fuck pit; guest room; hotel room; letting (Brit.); master bedroom; motel room; pad; passion pit; pit; place where the action is (euph.); place where the magic happens (euph.); playroom (euph.); resting place; room; shag pad (Brit., sl.); sleeping compartment; sleeping cupboard; sleeping quarters; suite; wank tank (Brit., sl.)

big guy; bodybuilder; eye candy; he-man; man candy; Mr. Universe material; muscleman; photogenic man; Playgirl centerfold; s.t. out of Playgirl; stud

(see FUCK)

BEER (n)
ale; bitters; bock; bottle beer; Budweiser (Bud (inf.)) (b.n.); brew (coll.); brewski (coll.); Coors (b.n.); draft beer; draught beer (i.e. from pressurized keg); Guinness (b.n.); Heineken (b.n.); hops; hops and barley; keg; keg beer; Lager (Ger.); lager; light beer; lite beer; Lone Star (b.n.); malt; Michelob (b.n.); micro-brew; Miller (b.n.); Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR (inf.)) (b.n.); pale ale; porter; Sam Adams (b.n.); Schlitz (b.n defunct); stout; Stroh’s (b.n.); suds (coll.); swipes (Brit., inf.); Weis (Ger.)

amuse; captivate; charm; delight; divert; distract; engage; engross; entertain; fascinate; mesmerize; please

(see ASS)

(see also SEX TOY)
Burmese bells; Duo-tone balls; geisha balls; orgasm balls; rin-no-tama; vagina balls; Venus balls

(e.g. He sated his bestial appetites each night in the dungeon)
animalistic; carnal; crude; debased; debauched; degenerate; dissipated; lecherous; lewd; libidinous; lustful; salacious; sensual; unchaste; wanton

BIG (adj)
ample; capacious; colossal; considerable; enormous; gargantuan; ginormous (coll.); good-sized; grand; great; great big; huge; immense; large; massive; out-sized; overgrown; plus-sized; prodigious; sizeable; substantial; titanic; tremendous; voluminous

bandeaukini; bandini (i.e. w. bandeau top); bathing suit; G-string bikini; microkini; monokini (i.e. topless bikini); pubikini (i.e. crotchless bikini); seekini (i.e. see-through bikini); sling bikini; string bikini; swimsuit; tankini; teeny bikini; trikini (bikini w. 2-part top); two-piece

bush; crotch area; lower hairline; protrusions; top of the crotch; pubic area

American waxing; Au naturel; Brazilian wax; epilation; European; French waxing; Full Bikini; The Heart (i.e. heart-shaped trim); Mohican (i.e. Brazilian wax  w.  “landing strip”); The Moustache (or Chaplin’s moustache); natural; pubic epilation;  triangle;  trimmed

BIMBO (1) (n)
(i.e. a vacuous person, usu. fem.))
airhead; bimbette; birdbrain; bit of fluff; bit of stuff; ditz; dumbass; dumb blond; floozy; fluff; himbo (masc.); piece of fluff; piece of stuff

BISEXUAL (1) (n)
ac/dc; ambisexual; amphisexual; betty both-ways; bi; bibi; bi-chick; bi-guy; bungie boy; butcher boy; byke; double-adapter; Dyke-tester; fence-fucker; flexual; flip; flip-flop; flip-flopper; fruit picker; gate-swinger; heteroflexible; jack of all trades; Jo-Ann; side-saddle queen; simulsexual; switch hitter; try-sexual; twixter; two-way baby; two-way Johnny; waffler; yo-yo

BISEXUAL (2) (adj)
ac/dc; ambidextrous; ambiguous; ambisextrous; ambisexual; amphisexual; batting and bowling (Brit., sl.); batting f. both teams; bi; bi-curious; bi-coastal; bi-kinky; bi-possible; bi-sexuous; convertible; doors ajar; double-gaited; drinks from both taps; half-and-half; half-bent; heteroflexible; intermediate; kiki; plays f. both teams; plugs in both ways; rides a bi-cycle; rides side-saddle; shops on both sides of t. street; simulsexual; swings both ways; versatile; wears bi-focals


BLUE BALLS (1) (n)
agony; desolation; frustration; painful swelling; prostatic congestion (Clin.) 

BLUE BALLS (2) (adj)
abandoned; checked; cock-blocked; confounded; deflated; disappointed; foiled; frustrated;   hard up; high and dry; in agony; left desolate; left high and dry; painfully swollen; sexually frustrated; shut down; sore; suffering from lackanookie; suffering from night starvation; swollen; thwarted; unconsummated; unfinished; unfulfilled; unmanned; unrelieved; unrequited; unsatisfied; unspent


blood; catarrh; coating; drool; juices; mucus; lubricant; phlegm; perspiration; pussy juice; rectal mucus; saliva; semen; seminal fluid; smegma; snot; tears; sweat; urine; vaginal fluid; vaginal mucus

(see separate entries for definitions)
felching; kissing; slobbering; snowballing; snowconing; spitting; urinating; wetting

BODY (n)
bod (coll.); chassis (euph.); figure; form; frame; physique; rack 

(i.e. form of food play in which alcohol (shots) are poured over one partner’s body while another partner licks it off)

bondage rope harness; bondage web; breast harness; crotch rope; harness; hishi (diamond pattern) (Jap.); karada (Jap.); kikkou (turtle-shell pattern) (Jap.); rope dress; rope halter; rope web; shibari harness; shinju (breast harness) (Jap)

BONE (1) (v) (coll.)
(see FUCK)

BONE (2) (n)
(see PENIS)


BOOB(S) (n)


BOOZE (n) (coll.)


BOSOMY (adj)
big-boobed; big-breasted; big-chested; big-titted; built; busty; buxom; chesty; endowed; full-bosomed; full-breasted; full-chested; large-breasted; stacked; well-developed

BOTTOM (1) (v) (coll.)
(e.g. “If you’re going to bottom for me, there are a few things we need to get straight,” the dominatrix said)
be s.o.’s slave; be submissive; be subservient; be the submissive partner; submit; submit to s.o.

BOTTOM (2) (n)
(see ASS)
(e.g. “You’ve got such a sweet little bottom,” he said, “it simply cries out to be fondled”)

BOTTOM (3) (n)
(see also, BDSM)
(e.g. “This is Jeff; he’s my bottom,” the mistress said)
bitchboy; boi; boy; slave; subbie (coll.); submissive; underling

beau; BF; boo (sl.); boyf (sl.); boy toy; daddy (coll.); domestic partner; friend; guy; guy friend; honey man; jelly roll; live-in; live-in lover; lover; lover boy; main man; man; man friend; my guy; my man; old man (coll.); partner; petit ami (Fr.); posslq; romance; roommate; significant other (SO); steady; steady boyfriend; sweet man;

BRA (n)

adhesive; athletic bra; BB; backless; balconette; bandeau; booby trap; boulder holder; bra; bralette;  built-in; bullet;  bust bodice;  bustier; breast-pouch (Antq.); compression bra; contour; convertible; cupless; demi-bra; demi-cup; double-barreled catapult; double-barreled sling-shot; flopper-stopper (coll.); front closure;  front suspension (coll.); full cup; full support; hard-cup; half-shelf; halter; harness (euph.); jockbra; Jogbra (b.n.); leisure bra; lingerie;  long-line bra; lung-hammock; Maiden Form (b.n.); maternity bra; minimizer; nursing bra; padded bra; Playtex (b.n.); plunge; posture; push-up; racer-back; see-through; sheer; shelf bra; shutter; soft-cup; sports bra; stick-on; strapless bra; T-shirt bra; tit hammock (coll.); tit sack (coll.); tit sling (coll.); trainer; training bra; underwire bra; Wunderbra (b.n.);

(e.g. The star couple’s breakup was very public)
bust up; collapse; disintegration; dissolution; divorce; ending; finish; parting; separation; split; splitsville (coll.); split-up

call it quits; dissolve; divorce; end; go separate ways; part; quit; separate; split up

boob job; bolt-ons; breast augmentation; breast-work; enhancement; fake boobs; fakes; fake tits; frankenboobies; fun bags; fun bubbles; party boobs; rig; rocks; silicone implants; silly cones; surgical enhancement;

BREAST(S) (1) (n) (fem.)
(.) (.) (txt.); anthills; babaloos; babooms; baby pillows; B-cups; balcony; balloons; bananas; baps; bazingas; bazonkers; bazookas; ba-zooms; ba-zoomas; bazumbas; bean bags; beauties; beauts; beep-beeps; berthas; best friends; bettys; bezongas; bikini stuffers; bings; birds;  blouse puppies; Bobbsey Twins; bon bons; bongos; boobs; boobies; boom-booms; bosoms; bra busters; breastworks; breyasts (sl.); Bristol Cities (Brit., sl.); Bristols (Brit. sl.); British Standard Handfuls (Brit., sl.); BSH (Brit., sl.); bubbies; bubbles; buckets; buddies; buds; buffers; bulbs; bumper bullets (U.S. sl., 1950s); bumpers; bumpies; bumps; bust; busts; butter-bags; cans; cantaloupes; casabas; C-cups; chee-chees; chesticles; chestnuts; chichis (Sp., sl.); chichitas (Sp., sl.); chicken wings; coconuts; cream jugs; cupcakes; D-cups; Dagmars (U.S. sl., 1950s); dirty pillows (pej.); double-Ds; draggy udders; droopers; ducks; dugs; dumplings; flapjacks; flip-flops; floppers; fooblosity; fried eggs; fun bags; fun bubbles; gamunjas; gazongas; gib tesurbs (Brit., sl.); girls; globes; goonas; gourds; grapefruits; guavas; gubbs; guns; hand-warmers; headlights; heavers; hemispheres; honeydews; honkers; hooters; hqqters (txt.); huge … tracts of land; jiggle bags; jobbies; jubbies; jubes; jugs; juicy peaches; jujubes; kahunas; kajoobies; knobs; knockers; Lady Ga Gas; lemons; loaves; lollapaloozas; love bubbles; love pillows; lung nuts; Mae Wests; mammas; mammaries; mammary glands (Clin.); mams; maracas; marshmallows; Marry Poppins; meatballs; melons; mezoomas; milk bottles; milk buckets; milkers; milk jugs; milkshake(s); molehills; mollies; moon balloons; muffins; nay-nays; nick-nacks; ninny-jugs; norks; nubbies; nubbins; nubs; nuggets; oojahs; orbs; pair; pantry shelves; party boobs; party pillows; payload(s); pillows; peaches; pears; peechitos; poonts; pumpkins; pumps; puppies;  rack;  racks; rib-cushions; rocks; saggy bags; shirt potatoes; shock absorbers; spooters; stonkers; super droopers; sweater meat; sweater puppies; sweet rolls; Tale of Two Cities (Brit., sl.); tamales; ta-tas; teacups; teats; tetinas; tetitas; The Milky Way; the treasure chest; tiskies; titas (Sp.); tits; Titten (Ger.); titties (coll.); TNT; tomatoes; torpedoes; tracts of land; tracy bits (Brit.); turkeys; twins; Twin Peaks; udders; upper works; wallopies; walnuts; wammers; water bags; watermelons; whammers; white flowers; who-whos; yams; yoinkahs

BREAST(S) (2) (n) (masc.)
bitch tits; boy-boobs; boy-breasts; chest; chesticles; disco tits; gym tits; gynecomastia (Clin.); man boobs; man breasts; moobs; pecoramas; pecs

BREAST(S) (SHAPES and SIZES) (3) (n)
abundant; apple-like; asymmetric; bell-shaped; broad; east-west; full; full-moon; gibbous; melon-like; moon-like; pendulous; pillowy; round; side-set; slender; small; spherical; tear-drop; uneven

asphyxiophilia (Clin.); breath-control play; erotic asphyxia (erotic asphyxiation) (Clin.); erotic strangulation; hypoxyphilia (Clin.);  t. choking game; t. fainting game

BROAD (n) (pej.)
(see also WOMAN)
(e.g. “That’s one fine-lookin’ broad!” the sailor whooped and whistled)
babe; bird (Brit.); bitch; chick; dame; frail (U.S., sl.); gal; girl; goil (coll.); mol; pair of legs; pair of tits; piece of ass; piece of fluff; piece of stuff; T and A; tail

academy (euph.); accommodation house; bagnio (Antq.); bag shanty; bandbox; bandhouse; baquio; barrel joint; bath-house; bawdyhouse; bedhouse;      Benny house (masc.);      birdcage; bodiken (Antq.); bordel; bordello; boy’s smoking house (masc.); bullring camp (masc.) bum shop (Brit., sl.); bunny ranch; buttonhole factory; cab joint; cake shop; callhouse; call joint; canhouse; casa (Sp.); cat flat (Brit.); cathouse; chamber of commerce (euph.); chicken ranch; chippy house; chippy joint; clap trap; cock farm (masc.); cock ranch (masc.); cock shop (masc.); comfort house; crystal palace escort agency; escort service; family motel; fancy house; fish market; flash crib; flash house; flesh farm; flesh factory; flesh market; fleshpot; fuckery; fuck house; gaff; gay house (Antq.); gilded house (Antq.); girlery (Antq.); girlie parlor; girlie shop; girl’s shop; goosing ranch; grinding house; hook joint; hook shop; H.of I.R.; house; house in the suburbs (euph.); house of assignation; house of fame; house of ill fame; house of ill repute; house of joy; house of pleasure; house of prostitution; jag house (masc.); kip joint; kit kat club; knishery (masc.); knocking house; knocking joint; knocking shop; ladies’ college (euph.); leaping academy; leaping house; lewd house; lupanar (Antq.); massage parlor (euph.); meat market; meat shop; moll shop; molly house (masc.); nanny house; notch house; nunnery (Antq., euph.); parlor; parlor house; peg house (masc.); peg joint; pickup joint; poontang palace; punch house; pushing school; pussy farm; pussy palace; ranch (euph.); red house; red-lamp joint; red-light academy; red-light house; School of Venus (euph.); seraglietto (Antq.); shanty; shooting gallery; soapland (Jap.); snake ranch; sporting house; stew (Antq.); temple of love; temple of Venus (Antq.); trickpad; vaulting school; venereal temple (Antq.); wank house (Brit.); whorehouse; whore shop; woman’s college; working rooms

BUKKAKE (n) (Jap.)
(i.e. Japanese pornographic form usu. in which several men are shown ejaculating on a woman’s face)
(see CUM SHOT)

BUSTY (adj)
big-chested; bosomy; buxom; full-figured

BUTCH (1) (n)
(re. lesbians)
ape; b-girl; boi; blood; boy; boxer-shorts butch; bull; bull-dyke; butch daddy; caveman; chapstick lesbian; dyke-boi; fag-dyke; he-man; honcho; jock; king; nail; rough; soft butch; stone butch; stud; tough; tough guy; tuff guy; ultra-butch

BUTCH (2) (adj)
beefy; boxer-wearing; bullish; manly; mannish; mascularious (obsc.); masculine; muscular; rough; straight-acting; strapping; strong; tough

BUTT (n)
(see ASS)


(see ANAL SEX)

(see also, ASS (1))
ass cheeks; bum (Brit.); buns; cheeks; globes; Gluteus Maximus (Lat., Clin.)

(see also SEX TOYS)
aluminum plug;  anal ball;  anal dilator; anal jewelry; anal lock; anal plug; anal rimmer; anal trainer; anal vibrator; ass anchor; ass funnel; ass hitch plug; ass plug; ball plug; bum tickler; beaded anal plug; bulb plug; butt plug w. leash; butt stopper; chastity plug; chrome plug; claw-expanding dilator; cock dock (i.e. hollow plug); cock ring-anal stimulator (2-in-1); cock sleeve; derriere plug; dildo; electro-stimulation butt plug; enema plug; erection enhancer; expanding butt plug; faux animal tail plug; fetish plug; finger rimmer; finger stimulator; fist plug; fur play bunny tail plug; fur play fox tail plug; glass butt plug;  hand plug; hollow anal plug;  horse tail plug; jewel anal plug; latex rubber plug; marital aid; neoprene plug; pony play tail plug; prostate plug; P-spot plug; puppy play tail plug; puppy plug; rectal dilator; remote-control vibrating butt plug; ribbed butt plug; rimmer; rubber plug; sex sleeve; shell dilator; silicone plug;  suction cup anal plug; tail plug; toy; tunnel plug; vibrating bullet;  vibrating butt plug

BUXOM (adj)
(e.g. “Beautiful buxom women are no longer in fashion,” the photographer sighed. “More’s the pity”)
ample; big and beautiful; busty; chesty; curvaceous; curvy; full-figured; rounded; shapely; voluptuous; well-padded; well-rounded; zaftig (Yd.)



CAMGIRL (n) (fem.)
CAMGUY (n) (masc.)
(i.e. amateur or semi-professional porn actor, occ. s.o. who performs sex acts live for the camera on viewer demand)

CARNAL (1) (adj)
 (e.g. His carnal instincts had come to the fore)
animal; animalistic; bodily; brutish; concupiscent; erotic; fleshly; of t. flesh; lascivious; libidinous; lubricious; lustful; salacious; sensual; voluptuous; wanton

CARNAL (2) (adj) (pej.)
bestial; coarse; crude; dirty; filthy; gross; impure; indecent; lecherous; lewd; pornographic; prodigal; prurient; smutty; unchaste; unclean; unholy; wanton; wayward

fleshliness; lasciviousness; lubricity; prurience

coitus; intercourse; sex; sexual relationship

ache for; admire; admire s.o. from afar; be a secret admirer; be infatuated w. s.o.; be in love with; desire; have a crush on s.o.; have a thing f. s.o.; have feelings f. s.o.; have unrequited feelings f. s.o.; long f. s.o.; pine f. s.o.

CASCADE (1) (v)
fall; flood; flow; gush; pour; rush; slide; spill; spill out; surge

CASCADE (2) (n)
cataract; chute; deluge; downpour; fall; falls; force; Niagara; rush; shower; slide; torrent; waterfall; weir

 (see 69 (SIXTY-NINE))

CASCADING (2) (adj)
dropping; falling; flowing; gushing; pouring; spilling; surging; tumbling

affair; alley affair; brief affair; brush; cruise date; fling; hookup; meaningless encounter; no strings attached; oncer (coll.); one-night stand; one-timer; pickup; quickie; roll; roll in t. hay; roll in t. heather; roll in t. rye; something; something-something; sport sex; thing; zipless fuck

CAW! (Brit.) (sl. expr.)
(e.g. Caaaaw! Look at that bird!)
Check her out!; Check it out!; Hello!; Hello, ladies!; Hey!; Hey, baby!; Look at that!; That chick is hot!; That is one hot babe! Whoa!; Wow!; Wowzer!; Yowza!

bunny; cover girl; dream girl; glamour girl; Miss January (etc.); nude model; Page-3 girl (Brit.); Penthouse pet; pin-up girl; Playboy centerfold; Playboy playmate; playmate; playmate of t. month; playmate of t. year; sex kitten; sex pot

CHARM (1) (v)
(e.g. She used every trick she knew to charm him)
attract; bewitch; captivate; draw s.o. in; enchant; enthrall; enrapture; fascinate; hypnotize; impress; intrigue; mesmerize; win s.o. over

CHARM(S) (2) (n)
allure; allurement; appeal; attraction; attractiveness; beguilement; beauty; cajolery; comeliness; delightfulness; desirability; draw; elegance; engagingness; grace; gracefulness; irresistible attraction; loveliness; lure; magnetism; pleasingness; pulchritude; pull; refinement; seduction; seductiveness; wiles

CHARM (3) (n)
amulet; bauble; fetish; lucky charm; ornament; sacred object; talisman; trifle; trinket

CHARM (4) (n)
glamour; glimmer; incantation; spell

beguiler; enchanter; enchantress; lady-killer (masc.); lady’s man; seducer; seductress; siren (fem).; temptress; vamp (fem.)  vixen (fem.)

CHARMING (1) (adj)
(e.g. His manners were most charming)
agreeable; appealing; arousing; attractive; beautiful; beguiling; bewitching; comely; delectable; delightful; desirable; elegant; enjoyable; exquisite; eye-catching; fair; fetching; graceful; handsome; lovely; pleasing; prepossessing; pretty; sweet; winning; winsome

CHARMING (2) (adj)
(e.g. Her bare breasts were beyond charming)
alluring; arousing; beguiling; bewitching; captivating; electrifying; enamoring; enflaming; enchanting; enrapturing; enravishing; enticing; enthralling; entrancing; fascinating; hypnotizing; intriguing; irresistible; magnetic; mesmerizing; provocative; seductive; tantalizing; tempting; titillating; transporting

CHASTE (1) (adj)
angelic; clean; faultless; good; immaculate; innocent; maidenly (Antq.); modest; pristine; pure; saintly; sinless; spotless; stainless; unadulterated; unblemished  uncorrupted; undefiled; unsoiled; unstained; unsullied; untarnished; untouched; untried; unused; vestal (Antq.); virgin; virginal; virtuous; wholesome

CHASTE (2) (adj)
abstentious; abstinent; celibate; desisting; forbearing; keeps o’s. legs crossed; keeps o’s. legs together; nonindulgent; refraining; self-controlled; self-disciplined; temperate

betray s.o.; be unfaithful; burn; cat around; cruise; cuckold s.o.; deceive; fan o’s ass; fan o’s pussy; fart around; fiddle around; fish; fool around; fuck around; go behind s.o.’s back; have an affair; horse around; jack around; jazz around; perv around; philander; play around; play false; play games; play t. field; put horns on s.o.; run around; run around on s.o.; shoot the thrill; sneak out on s.o.; step out; step out on s.o.; two-time; two-time s.o.

CHIC (adj)
(e.g. Her clothes were always stylish and chic)
á la mode; all the rage; attractive; dapper; elegant; fancy; fashionable; hip; in; in fashion; in style; in vogue; mod; modish; modern; natty; posh (Brit.); smart; stylish; trendy; trim; well-dressed

(see TAINT)

CHUB (n)
(i.e. overweight gay man)
(see also BEAR)
bear; chaser; chubby; chubby bear; chub4chub; chub f. chub; superchub

CHUBBY (1) (adj)
chunky; fat; flabby; heavy; hefty; obese; overweight; plump; portly; round; stocky; stout; tubby

CHUBBY (2) (n)

(see also CHUB)
chaser; chub; chub chaser; daddy; fat chaser; fat fetishist; hogger

CHUFF (1) (n) (Brit., sl.)
(see ANUS)


(e.g. “This whole venture has been one huge circle jerk” the disgruntled businessman said)
bureaucratic nightmare; Byzantine fuck-up; circular firing squad; clusterfuck; cock-up (Brit.); fuck-up; hot mess; mess; screw-over; wild good chase

bobbed; brissed (Jw.); chopped; cleaned; clipped; cut (coll.); kosher-ized (coll.); lop-cock; low-necked; mutilated; nipped; reduced (euph.); shortened; short-sleeved; sliced; snipped (euph.); surgically altered; trimmed (euph.)

(i.e. natural-born female)
chromosomal female; cis; fish (sl.)

 (i.e. not transgender)
bio-born; born that way (coll.); cis female; cis-gender; cis male; natural-born female; natural-born male; not transgender

(i.e. natural-born male)
chromosomal male; natural-born male

CLAM (n)
(see VAGINA)

bare-faced; beardless; glabrous-cheeked (Antq.); hairless; shaved; shaven; smooth; smooth-cheeked; smooth-faced; smooth-shaven; whiskerless

CLEAVAGE (1) (n)
(i.e. area separating the breasts or buttocks)
bisection; canyon; chasm; chink; cleft; clough (Brit.); crack; cranny; crevasse; defile; gap; gorge; gully; fissure; fosse; fooblosity; furrow; interstice; line; line of division; notch; parting; ravine; rent; separation; slit; space; split; trench; rift

CLEAVAGE (2) (n)
(i.e. feature of women’s clothing, revealing part of the cleavage)
décolletage; cut; low-cut; neckline; plunge; plunging neckline

CLEFT (1) (n)
chink; cleavage; crack; cranny; crevice; fissure; fracture; gap; opening ; parting; niche; nook; split

CLEFT (2) (adj)
bifurcated; branched; cleaved; divided; forked; parted; pronged; split

CLIMAX (1) (v) (see note, p. 488)
(see also ORGASM)
achieve ecstasy; come; coming; cross the finish line (euph.); culminate (Antq.); die (euph.); expire; explode; orgasm; orgasming; reach t. top of t. mountain; speed (Antq.); spend

CLIMAX (2) (n)
(see also ORGASM)
apogee (Gr.); culmination; death (fig.); ecstasy; expiration; explosion; finale (euph.); finish; finish line (euph.); grand finale (euph.); height; moment of truth (euph.); orgasm; peak; petite mort (Fr., lit. “little death”); supreme moment

(i.e. the visible part (or head) of the clitoris)

(i.e. flap of skin covering the unengorged clitoral glans)

CLITORIS (n) (Clin.)
beetle’s bonnet; bell; boy in t. boat (Brit.); bud; budgie’s tongue (Brit.); bump; button; clit; clitoral glans (Clin.); clitty; clown’s hat; dot; fun button; girl-cock; goal-keeper (Brit..); joy buzzer; little man (in t. boat); landicum (Lat.); little shame tongue (Brit.); love bud; love button; love buzzer; love knot; membrum muliebre (Lat.); nub; pearl; penis fimineus (Lat.); pip; sex; smara-chattra (KS); spare tongue; slit bit; sugared diamond; t. Devil’s doorbell; woman’s nub

bugger-all (Brit.); catastrophe; disaster; epic fail; everybody’s screwed; everything all at once; fail; fuck-up; hot mess; screw-up; shit storm; SNAFU

COCK (n)
(see PENIS)

(see GENITALIA (3) (MALE))

(see also GLANS)
bell-end; bell-rim; corona; crown; glans; head; helmet; knob; knob-head; nob (coll.); nob-head; penis head; tip

COCKSUCKER (n) (usu. pej.)
(see also FELLATOR)
blow boy; blow monkey; bugle boy; cannibal; clunge gobbler (Brit.); cock smoker; cum chugger; daisy puller; dick-breath; dick sucker; face artist; face fucker; fluffer; French artist; goat throat; goot gobbler; head queen; Hoover; hose monster; jizz-breath; jizz catcher; jizz flautist; knob gobbler; knob jockey; lickbox; maneater; mouth whore; muncher boy; nob gobbler; nob jockey; orchid eater; peter eater; piccolo player; pick spigot; pudlicker; sally; scum-sucker; spunk trumpet; suck boy; sucker; suckster; sword swallower


cock whore; dick tease; calientapollar (Sp.); game-player; skank; slag; slut; tease; temptress (Antq.); Schnepfe (Ger.); vixen

fooling around; game-playing; show and tell; teasing; torture (euph.)

COITAL (adj)
(i.e. having to do with intercourse)
all the way; balls deep; cock in box; copulatory; inside; penetrative; sexual; vaginal;    vaginal intercourse

(see also HAVE SEX)
(e.g. They hummed opera duets together during coitus)
congress; conjunction; copulation; coupling; doing it; going all the way; intercourse; intromission; making love;  mating;  penetrative sex;     sexual congress; sexual intercourse; union; vaginal intercourse

(Lat., lit. “sex from behind)

(i.e. intercourse that is interrupted before ejaculation)
getting out at Gateshead (Brit., sl.); getting out at Redfern (Brit., sl.); leaving before t. gospel (euph.); pulling out; pull-out method; rejected intercourse (Clin.); stopping in t. middle; withdrawal

COJONES (n) (Sp.)

big; cyclopean; elephantine; enormous; gargantuan; giant; gigantic; huge; immense; jumbo; large; massive; monumental; mountainous; spectacular; stupendous; titanic; tremendous; vast

COME (1) (v)
(see also ORGASM)
achieve bliss; achieve climax; achieve ecstasy; achieve orgasm; blow a load; blow a wad;  bust a nut; climax; come off;  die; die a little death; die in a woman’s lap;  discover a new world; discover a new universe; discharge; ejaculate; empty the chamber (masc.); find ecstasy; find nirvana; get off; get there; give in; glimpse heaven; go; go off; go w. t. ecstasy; go w. t. flow; go w. t. pleasure; go w. t. tide; have a little death; have an out-of-body experience; have a spasm; knock o. out; knock o. out of t. park; knock o. out of t. solar system; let go; melt; orgasm; pop a nut; pop o’s.. cookies; reach climax; reach orgasm; reach the big O; scuzz; see t. light; shoot; shoot a wad; shoot off; shoot o’s. bolt; speed (Antq.); spend (Antq.); splooge; spurt; squirt; surrender

COME (2) (n)
(see also, SEMEN)
cream; cum; discharge (Clin.); ejaculate (Clin.); jism; load; love juice; love lava; seminal fluid (Clin.); spend (Antq.); spendings (Antq.); spunk; wad

(e.g. All night she was putting out that come-hither vibe)
alluring; beckoning; seductive; signaling

(e.g. She gave him a come-hither stare from across the room)
alluring look; beckoning; come fuck me look; coming-on-to look (or stare);; seductive look signaling; smoldering look; wagging o’s. fingers at; wagging o’s. head at

(e.g. He came on to her in the restaurant)
ask f. it; asking f. it; flirting w.; flirt w.; make a move on; make a pass at; make eyes at; put the moves on

accept o’s. sexual orientation; announce o’s. sexual orientation; come out of the closet; come out to; come out to o.s.; come out to o’s. family; come out to the community; come out to the folks;  debut; drop o’s. beads;  drop o’s. hairpins; jump out w.  o’s. hair down; reveal o’s. gender; reveal o’s. sexuality; show o’s. true colors

American sock; bag; baggie; balloon; bone balloon; boner bag; cadet; candy machine; candy wrapper; cap; capote anglaise (Fr.); casca (Sp., Mex.); casing; coat; cock sock; Coney Island whitefish; cumbrella; dinger (ANZ.); diving suit; double bag; Durex (b.n.); female condom; femdom; flute mute; franger (ANZ.); frangler; French letter (Brit.); Frenchie (Brit., ANZ.); French tickler; frog; frog skin; Glad bag; Glad wrap; globo (globito) (Sp., Mex.); glove; gorrito (Sp., Mex.); hardhat; head gasket; headliner; jim; jimmy; jimmy cap; jimmy hat; jism jacket; jizz bag; johny (johny bag) (Brit.); jolly bag; joy bag; joy sock; knob sock; latex; lettre Anglaise (Fr.); life jacket  life preserver; lifesaver; Lifestyles (b.n.); love glove; lubie; Magnum (b.n.); Manhattan eel; mascara (Sp.); Mr. Happy’s Business Suit; muffler; naughty overcoat; noddy; nightcap; nob sock; overcoat; party hat; préservatif (Fr.); propho (Brit., ANZ.); prophylactic (Clin.); protection; Ramses (b.n.); raincoat; rough rider; rozzer; rubber; rubber boot; rubber duck; rubber johny; rubber sock; safe; sausage casing; shag bag (Brit.); sheath (Brit.); shower cap; sleeve; slicker; snake skin; sock; stiffy stocking; tickler; tool bag; Trojan (b.n.); washer; weeny wrap; weiner wrap; wetsuit; willy-welly (Brit.)

(see also CONDOM)
armor; barrier; birth control; cap; catcher’s mitt; cervical cap; cervical sponge; coitus interruptus; condom; contraceptive implant; copper T; Depo-provera (b.n.); diaphragm; DMPA (Clin.); Dutch cap; female condom; femdom (sl.); Femplant (b.n.); franger (ANZ., sl.); gurnboot; hormonal contraception; intrauterine device; IUD; jelly loop; joy jelly; lady’s friend; morning-after pill; Norplant (b.n.); natural family planning;; oral contraceptive; patch; Plan B (b.n.); Plastic clam; pope cheaters; precautions; prevention; progestogen; progestogen coil; prophylactics; rhythm; rhythm method; roadblock; RU486 (b.n.); rubber cookie; shower cap; spermicidal jelly; spermicidal sponge; spermicide; sponge; the pill; vaginal ring; Vatican roulette; Zarin (b.n.)

(see also FUCK, HAVE SEX)
ball; bang; belly; bodge; boink; bone; bonk; bounce; breed; bump; canoe; conjugate; consummate; coish; couch; couple; couple w.; dick; diddle; do; do it; dock; dog; effect intromission; embrace; engage in mating activity; engage in penetrative sex; engage in sexual congress; enter; fuck; get it in; get it off; get it on; have intercourse; have sex; hose; hump; impale; jiggle; knock; know; lie on; lie under; lie w.; make a baby; make babies; make love; make the beast w. two backs; mate; mount; penetrate; play at in and out; play at up-tails-all; play with; please; pleasure; pluck; plumb; pork; pound; push; ride; roger; roll; rut; screw; shag; share o’s. bed; sleep together; sleep w. s.o.; stab; stick it in; stroke; thread the needle; tumble; vault

(see also FUCK, HAVE SEX)
act of love; act of pleasure; act of shame; amorous congress; balling; basket making; belly bumping; bellying; bit of crumpet (Brit.); bit of fun; boinking; boning; bumping; coition; couching; diddling; dogging; doing it; fucking; getting it on; getting laid; getting off; giving s.o. a tumble; hosing; humping; intercourse; making love; mating; mounting; nailing; nooky; penetrating; playing; pleasuring; plumbing; porking; riding; rogering; rolling in t. hay; rutting; screwing; sexual activity; sexual congress; sexual intercourse; shagging; slap and tickle; sleeping together; sporting; t. act; testing t. mattress; threading t. needle; vaulting

belle (euph.); cocktease; flirt; hussy; tart (Brit.); tease; vamp; vixen

bodice; bustier; corsage; corselet; foundation; foundation garment; girdle; stays; stomacher; torture device (coll.); under-bodice

costumed role-playing; costume play; L.A.R.P.; LARP; larping; live-action role-play; live role-playing; physical role-playing; reenactment; role-play; role-playing

(i.e. sexual favors in exchange for career advancement)
casting couch; coercion; sexual harassment; sleeping o’s. way to the top; tit for tat; Weinstein audition

COUCHING (n) (Antq.)
(see AFFAIR)

COUGAR (n) (coll.)
(i.e. sexually aggressive older woman)
(see also MILF)
hot housewife;  mature woman; MILF; Mrs. Robinson; older woman; predator; woman on the prowl

(see also PROSTITUTE)
companion; concubine; escort; favorite; Geisha (Jap.); Hetaera (Gr.); high-class prostitute;  high-end hooker; oiran (Jap.); paramour; prostitute; tawaif (Hnd.); tayu (Jap.);

 (i.e. sexual position: woman on top, straddling the man)
Archimedean Screw; Dominant Goddess (KS); girl on top; pendula Venus (Venus pendula) (Lat.) receptive-partner-superior; Reverse Missionary position; riding position; Riding the Horse (KS); St. George; The Large Bee (KS);

COY (1) (adj)
bashful; blushing; constrained; demure; demurring;   diffident;    embarrassed;   hesitant;introverted; meek; modest; prudish; quiet; reserved; retiring; shame-faced; sheepish; shy; submissive; tame; timid; unassuming; unsure

COY (2) (adj)
coquettish; flirtatious; flirty; playing hard-to-get; teasing

CRABS (n) (coll.)
(i.e. pubic lice)
ass mites; bosom buddies; cooties; creepers; creepy-crawlies; crotch critters; crotch crickets; dibs and dabs; dick scorpions; gentleman’s companion (euph.); infestation; junk spiders; lap bugs; little friends; love bugs; light troops; nits; panty rabbits (pant rabbits); pube spiders; pube squatters; pubic visitors; Sandy McNabs (Brit.); seam squirrels; snatch monsters; snatch rabbits


CRAZY (adj)
(see also INSANE (1))
(e.g. Everyone knew the old woman was crazy)
a few bricks shy of a load; a few loose screws; balmy; bananas; barmy (Brit.); bats; bat-shit crazy; bats in t. belfry; batty; bonkers; buggy; bugs; cracked; crazed; cuckoo; daffy; daft (Brit.); demented; deranged; doolally tap (Brit.); dotty; fruitcake;  goofy;  half-baked;  insane;  irrational; kooky; loco; loony; lunatic; mad; mad as a hatter; mad as a March Hare; mental (Brit.); meshuga (Yd.); non compos mentis (Lat.); not all there; not quite right; not right upstairs; nuts; nutters (Brit.); nutty as a fruitcake; off o’s. chump (Brit.); off o’s. rocker; off o’s. trolley; off t. deep end; off t. wall; of unsound mind; out in left field; out of o’s. head; out of o’s. mind; potty (Brit.); psycho; psychotic; screwy; squirrelly; stark raving mad; teched; touched; unbalanced; unhinged; wacko

deranged person; freak; insane person; lunatic; maniac; mentally unstable person; nut; nutcase; nutter; psycho; psychopath; sociopath; whacko

CREAMPIE (1) (n)
(i.e. in porn, when one actor ejaculates inside another actor’s vagina or anus, followed by a shot of the semen leaking from the opening.)
(see CUM SHOT)

CREAMPIE (2) (n)
(i.e. in porn, when an actor ejaculates onto or over an actress’s unshaven pubic hair)
(see CUM SHOT)

closet queen;  drag king; drag queen; female impersonator;  fruit cake (masc.);  male impersonator;  queen;  transvestite

(see also GENITAL AREA)
basket; bulge; bump; chotch (fem.); cunt (fem.); genital area; hump; jewel case; junk; lap; laundry; laundry basket; lunch; lunch box;  meat basket; mound; package; packet; pelvic region; pelvis; privates; pubis; pussy (fem.); snack pack; the goods; yummies

(see also, OGLE)
(e.g. He was cruising the scene from inside the shelter at the bus stop)
be on t. pirate; bumchat; boy watch; catch; chase; check out; check out t. crowd; check out t. herd; circle t. circus; come on to; cut s.o. out of t. herd; do laps; do t. circuit; do t. rounds; do t. town; do whore laps; drive around; fish; fish f. dates; game; gawk; girl watch; give s.o. t. once over; give s.o. t. reckless eyeball; go after; go basket shopping; go boy watching; go f. a drive; go girl watching; go guy watching; go on a meat safari; go on bush patrol; go on a cunt hunt; go on a dick hunt; go on a honey hunt; go on a scouting expedition; go on a shopping expedition; go on t. make; go on t. prowl;  go on t. pull;  go people watching;    go tailgating; grill; hit on s.o.; hoof to s.o.; make a pass at; make a play for; make moves on; make t. circuit; make t. rounds; picking up boys; picking up chicks; picking up girls; picking up guys; play musical chairs; power-cruise; prowl; put on a quick park; reel s.o. in;  rope s.o. in;   rubberneck;  scoop t. loop; scope; scope out t. dudes; scope out t. chicks; scope out t. scene; scope t. locals; size s.o. up; size up the herd; tailgate; take a look at; take in; take in t. scene; tomcat around; troll; troll f. dates; whore around; zoom

CUCK (n)

(i.e. consensual adultery involving voyeurism, D/s power exchange, and occ. bondage and humiliation)

CUCKOLD (1) (v)
(e.g. Jack’s wife had no qualms about cuckolding him)
(see also CHEAT ON)
betray; blow the horn; cheat; cheat on s.o.; deceive; go behind s.o.’s back; step out on s.o.; two-time

CUCKOLD (2) (n) (masc.)
(e.g. Jack’s best friend had no qualms about making him a cuckold)
betrayed husband; betrayed party; betrayed wife; buck’s face; cheated husband; cheated wife; cuck; deceived indv.; green goose; half moon; hoddy poll; horn-grower; horn merchant; offended party; ramhead; wronged indv.; wronged partner;  wronged spouse

(e.g. Jack knew that he had been cuckolded)
betrayed; cheated on; deceived; given horns; made to wear a cuckold’s horns; made a fool of; made to wear a fork; made to wear horns; made to wear Vulcan’s badge; wronged

CUM (n) (* this spelling is always a noun, NEVER a verb)
(see also COME (2), SEMEN)
(e.g. He sprayed cum across the starlet’s face and breasts)
baby batter; baby gravy; boy juice; cockamole; cock snot; cream; dick juice; dick milk; dick snot; discharge (Clin.); ejaculate (Clin.); jism; jizz; load; love juice; love pudding; man glue; man juice; man milk; pre-come; pre-cum; seminal fluid; spend (Antq.); spendings (Antq.); skeet; splooge; spooge; spoogle; spunk; wad

(i.e. when one partner ejaculates on the other, esp. in pornographic films)
bukkake (Jap.); catching one up-top; cream pie; face-full; facial (euph.); money shot; pearl necklace; string of pearls

CUM SLUT (n) (usu. pej.)
dick whore; fluffer; gobbler; jizz-breath; swallower

(i.e. to perform cunnilingus)
bark at t. ape; be a cunning linguist; blow; blow some tunes;  brush your teeth;  carpet munch; clam dive; clean t. cage out; clean up t. kitchen; dine at t. Y; dip; dip in t. bush; dive; dive in t. canyon; do French tricks; do 69; drink at t. fuzzy cup; eat; eat a tuna sandwich; eat a tuna taco; eat clam; eat clit; eat cunt; eat hair pie; eat out; eat pussy; eat sushi; give a blow job; give a face job; give a tongue bath;  give head;  go boating;  go down on; go downstairs f. breakfast;  go skin diving; go under t. house;  growl at t. badger; growl at t. beaver;  have a moustache; have a tuna sandwich; lap cunt; lick a chick; lark; lick; lick pussy; lick twat; make mouth music; make a tuna taco; muff dive; mumble in t. moss; munch; munch t. bearded clam; nosh; nosh on; sit on s.o.’s face; 69; skin dive; skull; smoke clam; smoke fur; snack (on); sneeze in t. basket; sneeze in t. cabbage;   suck cunt; swap spit; tongue; tongue fuck; whistle in t. weeds; yodel in t. canyon;  yodel up t. valley

bird washing (Brit.); canyon yodeling; carpet munching; clam lapping; clitorilingus; cunt lapping; doormat bashing; drinking from t. fuzzy cup; eating; eating out; eating pussy; giving head; going down on; going downstairs for breakfast; gorilla in t. washing machine; growling at t. badger; growling at t. beaver; face job; fanny noshing; French tricks; head; larking;  licking; lick-twat; lip work; muff barking; muff crunching; muff diving; ocean pinking; oral sex; pug noshing; pussy-licking; queening; sipping at the fuzzy cup; 69; skin diving; skulling; skull job; smoking clam; smoking t. fur; sucking cunt; tongue bath;  tongue fucking;  tongue job; wakemazake (Jap.); whistling in t. dark; yodeling in t. valley

CUNT (n)
(re. usu. outer (visible) portions of female genitalia)
(see also VAGINA)
ace; ace of spades; antipodes; bazaar; bearded clam; beauty spot; beaver; bit; black badger; bunny; C; cabbage patch; cherry; conny; cooch; coot; cooze; cunnus vulva (Lat., Clin.); cunny (Antq, inf.); cunte; diddly pout; furburger; gash; gusset hairburger; hair pie; honey pot; jelly-roll; madge; manhole; man trap; minch; minge; mons (Lat., Clin.); mons pubis (Clin.); mons veneris (Clin.); mound; mound of Venus; O; pas touche (Fr.); pranny; pudenda (Clin.); pulpit; pussy; quiff; quim; rose; slash; slice; slit; slot; squish mitten; sweet potato pie; touch-hole; twam; twammy; twat; Venus-mound; vertical smile; wedge; zatch


D (n) (int., Dominant)


DAGGER (n) (coll.)
(see also LESBIAN)
bull dagger; bull dyke; dolly dagger; dyke; lesbian

DAGGERING (n) (Jam.) (coll.)
(i.e. dancing involving simulated rough sex)
cabin-stabbing; dry humping; dry sex; simulated sex; wrestling

DAMAGED GOODS (n or adj) (coll.)
(e.g. She was damaged goods and would never have a place in polite society)
broken; compromised; despoiled; fallen; incomplete; ruined; unwholesome

DAME(S) (n) (occ. pej.)
(see also BROAD)
babe; bird (Brit.); broad; chick; cutie; doll; female; frail; girl; girlie; member of t. fair sex; tomato; peach; woman

DANGLER (n) (pej.)

(e.g. He and I have been dating for a year)
computer dating; courting; going out w.; going steady w.; meeting s.o.; mobile dating; on-line dating; phone dating; seeing; seeing s.o.; speed dating; stepping out w.; video dating; virtual dating; walking around w.; walking out w.

(e.g. She gleefully debased herself with a string of low-class lovers)
corrupt; debauch; degrade; demean; disgrace; dishonor; humble; humiliate; lower; ruin

DEBAUCH (1) (v)
(e.g. If you must debauch yourself, at least do so in private)
corrupt; debase; degrade; ruin; spoil

DEBAUCH (2) (n)
bacchanal; orgy; wild party

corruption; decadence; depravity; dissipation; dissolution; sin; wickedness

bust; cleavage; cut; neck; neckline; plunging neckline; strapless; strapless gown

low-cut; low-necked; open; plunging; revealing

DEEP THROAT (v) (coll.)
(i.e. to take a penis all the way into the back of the throat)
(see also FELLATIO)
(e.g. “Do you deep throat?” he asked the hooker)
choke on it; do a Linda Lovelace; gag on it; go deep; go down; go down all the way; go way down; take it all in; take it in all the way

DEEP THROATING (n) (coll.)
(see also ORAL SEX)
(e.g. She was deep-throating him in the theater)
choking on it;  doing a Linda Lovelace; going deep; going down all the way; going down deep; gulping it down; irrumatio (Lat.) (Clin.); swallowing; swallowing it whole; swallowing the whole sausage; taking it all in

DEF (adj) (sl. 1990s-2000s)
(e.g. Listen to that dude rap! He busts a def rhyme)
brilliant; clever; cool; engaging; smooth

(see also, EXCREMENT)
bury a Quaker; cast o’s. pellets; choke a deuce; chuck a turd; crap; crap out; dispatch o’s. cargo; do number two; drop a deuce; drop a pantload; drop a rose; drop a thumper; drop heat; drop o’s. load; drop o’s. payload; drop o’s. wax; drop turds; ease o’s. bowels; evacuate t. bowels; excrete; fill o’s. pants; fire photon torpedoes; fire torpedoes; foul o.s.; go; go potty; go to t. bathroom; grunt; have a BM; have a bowel movement; have an accident; loosen o’s. bowels; make; make a deposit; make art (euph.); make ca-ca; make modern art; make poo-poo; making; move o’s. bowels; pass a coil; pass a clot; pass a grinder; pass a turd; poo; poop; post a letter; press a ham; push; relieve o.s.; ride the porcelain bus; ride the porcelain pony; see a man about an elephant; see a man about a horse; sit on t. throne; sit t. porcelain throne; shit; shit o.s.; shit o’s. pants; smell t. place up; soil o’s. linens; soil o.s.; soil o’s. trousers; squat; stink the place up; take a crap; take a dump; take a poop; take a shit; two it;  use paper; visit t. loo; visit t. potty;  void; void o’s. bowels

(i.e. the taking of s.o.’s virginity)
(i.e. in some cultures, a ceremony to determine whether a young woman is or is no longer a virgin)

(i.e. to take s.o.’s virginity)
break and enter; break her leg above t. knee; break s.o.’s hymen (maidenhead); cherrypick; cherrypop; cop s.o.’s bean; (Brit.); cop s.o.’s cherry; crack Judy’s teacup; crack s.o.’s cherry; crack s.o.’s pitcher; cut the cake; defile; desecrate; despoil; devirginate; devirginize; force; force o.s. upon s.o.; harm; have o’s. way w.; interfere w.; mess w.; molest; muck about w. (Brit.); outrage; pick s.o.’s cherry; pick s.o.’s lock; pierce; pop a cherry; pop one open; pop s.o.’s cork; pluck s.o.’s cherry; ransack; rape; ravish; ruin; spoil; split s.o.’s cup; steal s.o.’s fruit; steal s.o.’s virginity; take advantage of s.o.; take by force; take s.o.’s maidenhead; take s.o.’s virginity; trim; trim s.o.’s buff (Brit.); violate

(see also DEVIATE)
deviate; deviant; dirtbag; fiend; low-life; maniac; perv; pervert; psycho; psychopath; sicko; weirdo

DEGENERATE (2) (adj)
base; debauched; debased; decadent; depraved; dissolute; corrupt; fallen; immoral; low-down; low-minded; perverted; pervy; vice-ridden; vile; wicked

damage; destroy; bring low; humiliate; ruin; spoil; sully; taint; tarnish

besmirched; corrupted; despoiled; dishonored; humiliated; ruined; sullied; tarnished

cheapening; corrupting; debasing; demeaning; disgracing; disgraceful; downgrading; humiliating; lowering; shameful

(see also GENITAL AREA (2) (FEMALE))
hair-pie; inner thigh; junction of t. legs and torso; pie; pie-wedge; pubic triangle; triangle; V

DEMIMONDE (DEMIMONDAINE) (1) (n) (Fr., lit. “half-world”)
(e.g. Some sour-voiced demimonde was likely to lurk down every dark alley)
bawd; cat; chippy; cocotte; drab; fallen woman; fille de joie (Fr.); floozy; harlot; hooker; hussy; lady of t. evening; loose woman; moll; prostitute; slattern; slut; strumpet; tart; tramp; trollop; vamp; wanton; wench; whore

(e.g. Once a well-respected lady in society, Maude had been reduced to the state of a demimonde, a drunken painter’s mistress)
concubine; courtesan; doxy; kept woman; mistress; paramour

(e.g. She had the fearsome reputation of a demimonde, not to be trifled with
adventuress; coquette; Delilah; flirt; Jezebel; minx; seductress; siren; temptress

DEMIMONDE (4) (n) (Antq.)
(e.g. They entered a demimonde of depravity and vice)
half-world; red light district; underbelly; world of prostitution; underworld

(e.g. The girl, who had up till then been willing to follow his instructions, demurred when he asked her to take off her dress)
balk; cavil; express doubts; hesitate; hem and haw; object; pause; protest; raise objections; refuse; remonstrate; resist; take exception; vacillate; waver

DEMURE (adj)
(e.g. Demure at first, the girl soon cast aside her inhibitions, and took off her dress)
bashful; coy; diffident; modest; reserved; retiring; shy

DENOUEMENT (n) (Fr., lit. “untying”)
(see also CLIMAX)
climax; completion; conclusion; end; finale; finish; the way things turn out

DEPRAVED (1) (adj)
base; bent (coll.); corrupt; crooked; debased; degenerate; distorted; evil; foul; immoral; impure; low; perverted; reprobate; soiled; stained; sullied; tainted; unchaste; unclean; unprincipled; vicious; vile; villainous; warped; wicked

DEPRAVED (2) (adj)
(see also ABANDONED)
abandoned; carnal; debauched; dirty; dissolute; immodest; indecent; libertine; lascivious; lecherous; lewd; libidinous; licentious; obscene; profligate; sensual; shameless; wanton

(see ASS (1))

DESIRABLE (1) (adj)
(see also ATTRACTIVE)
attractive; beautiful; beddable (coll.); charming; datable (coll.); doable (coll.); endearing; fuckable (coll.); handsome; loveable; sexy

DESIRABLE (2) (adj)
desired; looked for; necessary; needed; required; wanted

DESIRE (1) (v)
ache for; be besotted with; be crazy about; be hot for; be in deep; be in love; be in lust; be smitten w.; be soft on; be stuck on; carry a torch f. s.o.; fall f. s.o.; fall hard; fancy (s.o.); go crazy over s.o.; hanker f.; have a hard-on f.; have a jones f.; have an itch f.; have a pash f.; have a passion f.; have eyes f.; have hot nuts f; have hot pants f.; have it bad; have it hard; have t. hots f.; have o’s. heart set on; have wet panties f.; hope f.; hunger after; hunger f.; hurt f.; itch f.; languish; letch after; letch f.; long f.; lust after; moon after; moon f.; need; only have eyes f.; pant for; pine after; pine f.; want; yearn f.; yen f.

DESIRE (2) (n)
appetite; ardor; craving; fancy; hankering hope; hunger; longing; lust; relish; thirst; want; wanting; yearn; yearning; yen

(see also SEE-THROUGH)
cob-webby (coll.); delicate; filmy; gauzy; gossamer; see-through; sheer; silken; thin; transparent; translucent

barrier; cap; catcher’s mitt; cervical cap; copper T; Dutch cap; intrauterine device; IUD; jelly loop; plastic clam; roadblock; rubber cookie; shower cap; vaginal ring

DICK (n)
(see PENIS)

(i.e. tip of penis)

DICKHEAD (n) (pej.)
(see also DICK (2))
asshole; bell-end (Brit.); bell-rim (Brit.); cock-nob; jeb; jeb-end; knob-end; prick

DICK HOLE (n) (coll.)
(i.e. male urethra)
duct; genital duct; snake-eye; urethra (Clin.)

(see COME)

(see COME)

DICKWAD (n) (pej.)
(i.e. blob of cum or semen (or) an unpleasant person)


DIDDLY POUT (n) (sl.)
(see VAGINA)

DIDDLY-SQUAT (n) (coll.)
bugger-all; goose egg; fuck-all; nada; naught; nil; nothing; jack-shit; zero; zilch; zip; zippo

DIKE (DYKE) (n) (occ. pej.)

cala goeg (Wl.); cock; consolador (Sp.); darshildo (Hnd.); double-penetration dildo; DP dildo; extension; face-mounted; godamiché (Fr.); horseshoe; mother’s little helper (euph.); olisbos (Gr.); phallus; prosthetic; sex toy; sexual device; strap-on; strap-on dildo; strap-on harness; thigh-mounted; toy; vibrator; wall-mounted

DIRTY (1) (adj)
befouled; begrimed; besmeared; dirt-encrusted; dusty; filthy; foul; grimy; grubby; grungy; mucky; muddy; polluted; sloppy; smudged; soiled; spotted; squalid; stained; unbathed; unclean; unwashed

DIRTY (2) (adj)
(e.g. She liked to unwind with. a dirty book)
blue; filthy; foul; indecent; lewd; obscene; off-color; pornographic; prurient; racy; raunchy; ribald; risqué; salacious; smutty; suggestive

DIRTY (3) (adj)
base; contemptible; despicable; low; low-down; mean; nasty; paltry; pitiful; scurvy; shabby; sordid; vile

depraved; dirty; filthy-minded; lascivious; lecherous; lewd; licentious; obscene; perverted; salacious; smutty; smutty-minded

DILF; horny old codger; horny old perv; lech; lecher; old creep; old letch; old perv; pervert; philanderer; trout (sl.)

(see also EJACULATE)
burst; detonate; ejaculate; eject; emit; explode; exude; fire off; let fly; let off; pour forth; send forth; set off; shoot; unburden; unload

(see also EJACULATE)
blast; disburdening; ejaculation; ejection; emission; emptying; explosion; expulsion; firing off; pop; release; salvo; shooting; shot; unloading; volley

(e.g. “I’m going to discipline you now!” the dominatrix purred as she cracked her whip)
admonish; castigate; chastise; correct; criticize; make an example of; penalize; punish; put in o’s. place; rebuke; reprove; reprimand

(e.g. The dominatrix disciplined the submissive)
bridle; confine; constrain; control; curb; direct; govern; hold back; hold in check; keep in line; leash; muzzle; oversee; regiment; regulate; rein in; restrain; restrict;  ride herd on;  supervise

(e.g. His mistress enforced strict discipline)
check; code of conduct; coercion; compulsion; control; curb; direction; limitation; regulation; reigns; restraint; restriction;  rule;  subjection

(e.g. Discipline would be swift and sure following even the slightest infraction)
castigation; chastisement; correction; penalty; punishment; rebuke; reprimand; reproof

alert; awake; aware; careful; cautious; circumspect; guarded; heedful; inconspicuous; judicious; modest; on o’s. toes; precautious; prudent; restrained; sagacious; sensible; subtle; tactful; tasteful; understated; unnoticeable; unobtrusive; vigilant; watchful

detached; discontinuous; disjunct; disjunctive; distinct; isolated; separate; unconnected

(see also DISCREET)
caution; deliberation; discernment; forethought; good sense; good judgment; judiciousness; prudence; sagacity; sound judgment; thoughtfulness

choice; desire; disposition; inclination; intent; liking; option; pleasure; preference; purpose; volition; will; wish

DISHABILLE (adj) (Fr.)
(i.e. in a state of casual or partial undress)
(see also UNDRESS)
careless; casual; disarrayed; disordered; disorderly; informal

(e.g. Her lover reached out his hand, disheveling her hair with a gentle stroke)
disarrange; disorder; disturb; mess up; muss; muss up; ruffle; rumple; tousle; unsettle; upset

blowzy; disarranged; disarrayed; disordered; every which way; frowzy; messy; mussed; ruffled; scruffy; slovenly; tousled; uncombed; unkempt; unruly; untidy; wild; wind-blown

DISHY (1) (adj) (coll.)
(see also ATTRACTIVE)
(e.g. Who’s that dishy blonde at the bar?)
attractive; beautiful; dreamy; good-looking; gorgeous; handsome; hot

DISHY (2) (adj) (coll.)
(e.g. Seeing’s how we’re in a dishy mood, have you heard about the neighbors?)
chatty; gossipy; loose-lipped; talkative; talky

(e.g. The model was nervous the first time she disrobed for the painter)
cast off; doff; drop o’s. drawers; drop trow (coll.); shed; strip; strip down; take off o’s. clothes; unclothe; undrape; undress; unveil

DITCH (1) (v) (coll.)
(e.g. “Let’s ditch these losers and have ourselves a little party in private,” he said)
elude; escape; evade; give s.o. the slip; lose s.o.; shake

DITCH (2) (v)
(e.g. “Ditch this old pizza box in the dumpster out back,” he said. “Ditch this ugly skank while you’re at it, too)
discard; dump; jettison; jilt; throw away; get rid of

DITCH (3) (n)
(e.g. “How many men have slogged through that ditch you call a vagina?” he sneered)
canal; channel; conduit; culvert; dike; drain; excavation; fosse; furrow; moat; race trench; watercourse

DITZ (n)
airhead; bimbo; dimwit; ditzoid; dizzy broad; ditzy dame; space cadet (coll.);

DITZY (adj)
dizzy; erratic; fickle; flighty; lightheaded; scatterbrained; spacy

DIVORCE (1) (v)
annul; break up; cancel; declare null and void; detach; disengage; dissolve; go separate ways; part; rend; separate; sever; split; split up; wipe out

DIVORCE (2) (n)
breach; break; decree nisi (Legal); dissolution; division; divorcement (Antq.); parting of the ways; partition; rupture; separation; severance; split; splitsville; split-up

DIVORCÉ (n) (masc.)
DIVORCÉE (n) (fem.)
(i.e. a divorced person)

(i.e. sexual position; man enters partner from behind (usu. with the receiver on all fours))
22; Al sanam al nakah (Arab.);back shot(s); blow her back out; bronco shag; bulldozer; camel’s hump (PG); coitus a posteriori (Lat.); coitus à la vache (Fr.); cowboy fuck; dashekie (dashiki); dirty fisherman; dirty quarterback; dogwise; D.S.; Ekabandha (Skt.); fish hook; froggie style; from behind; Gardabha (Skt.); hands and knees; knocking out t. bottom; Marjara Lalitaka (Skt.); meat hook; packing for Europe (euph.); rear admiral; reverse rodeo; snowmobile; spit roast; stable style; tailboning; t. archer (KS); t. cats (KS); t. mounting of an ass (KS)

DOM (n)

DOMINANT (1) (n)
Alpha; alpha dog;; big dog; boss; D; Dom; Domina (fem.); dominator (masc.); dominatrix (fem.); domme (fem.); FemDom (fem.); femm-dom (fem.); master; mistress; Sir; top

DOMINANT (2) (adj)
breaking; commanding; conquering; controlling; crushing; domineering; enslaving; enthralling; mastering; overpowering; subduing; subjugating; subordinating; ruling

break; call t. plays; call t. shots; command; conquer; control; crack t. whip crush; domineer; enthrall; enslave; hold sway; humble; humiliate; master; overpower; reign over; subdue; subjugate; subject; subordinate; rule; wield power; wield t. whip;


DOMINATOR (n) (masc.)
(see also DOMINANT)
D; dom; dominant; master

DOMINATRIX (n) (fem.)
D; domina; dominant; domme; FemDom; mistress; pro-domme

DOMME (n) (fem.)

DONG (n)
(see PENIS)

(e.g. “Watch out for that guy,” she said, “he’s a regular Don Juan)
Casanova; Don Giovanni; legendary lover; lover; lover of women; rake; roué; seducer

Chinese finger trap; Big Mac; double anal; double stuffing; double vaginal; DP; DVP; Eifel tower; sandwich; simultaneous penetration; spit roast; the shocker; two-man bridge (Jam.)

DOUCHEBAG (n) (inf., pej.)
asshole; D-bag; dickhead; douche; douche canoe; jerk; shithead

DOUCHE CANOE (n) (insult)
(i.e. vagina)
cunt; twat; twat waffle

DOUCHEOISIE (n) (insult)
(i.e. self-satisfied or obnoxiously smug person or people)
(e.g. That guy is a card-carrying member of the doucheoisie)
elitist; fauxhemian; coffee snob; hipster; holier-than-thou type; petit doucheoisie; poseur; snob

DOWN-LOW (1) (n)
closeted black man; closet queen; D.L.; fag stag

DOWN-LOW (2) (adj)
(e.g. The two men had been meeting for sex on the down-low)
confidential; covert; hidden; secret; on t. D.L.; on t. Q.T.; on t. sly

DOWN-LOW (3) (adj)
closeted; secretly gay; secretly involved

DOXY (n)
beggar girl; courtesan; demimonde; guttersnipe; kept woman; love slave; mistress; odalisque; paramour; prostitute; streetwalker; whore

DP (n) (int., double penetration)

(see also DRAG QUEEN)
cross dresser; male impersonator; tom

DRAGON (n) (coll.)
(e.g. “Time to drain the dragon,” he said)
(see PENIS)

battle-axe; bitch; fish-wife; fury; gorgon; harpy; harridan; ice queen; termagant; über-bitch; virago

cross-dresser; faux queen; female impersonator; fruitcake; gender role-player; queen; transvestite

cabaret; entertainment; revue; theatrical

DRILL (1) (v)
(e.g. He drilled into her with long, hard thrusts)
bore; gore; pass through; penetrate; perforate; pierce; puncture; transpierce

DRILL (2) (v)
(see FUCK (1))
(e.g. “I’m gonna drill you good,” he boasted)

DRILL (3) (v)
(e.g. She drilled him on the proper etiquette)
beat into; cram; coach; discipline; ground; inculcate; indoctrinate; infuse; instill; instruct; practice; question; teach; train; tutor

DRINK (1) (v)
belt; bib (Antq.); booze; chug; do shots; drain; dram (Antq.); drink like a fish; gulp; guzzle;  hit t. bottle; hit t. sauce; imbibe; indulge; juice it; liquor up; nip; partake; party; pull; put away; quaff; sip; swallow; swig; swill; swill down; tank up; tipple; toss back; toss off; wash down; wet o’s whistle

DRINK(S) (2) (n)
(e.g. Shall we go for a drink?)
alcohol; alcoholic beverage; beverage; concoction; drinkables; drop; liquid refreshment; potable; shot; soft drink; swallow; thirst-quencher

bacchanal; bacchanalia; bar crawl; beer bust; bender; binge; bust; carousal; carouse; celebration; chug-fest; debauch; fling; Glögg party (Scand.); jag; kegger; keg party; orgy; pub crawl (Brit.); revel; revelry; saturnalia; spree; tear; toot

DROWSY (adj)
(e.g. The wine made him drowsy)
dozing; dozy; dreamy; groggy; half-asleep heavy-eyed; lethargic; nodding; sleepy; slumberous; somnolent; tired; yawning

DRUNK (1) (n)
alcoholic; alky; barfly; bibber; bibbler; drinker; drunkard; elbow bender; gin hound; guzzler; hooch hound; inebriate; juicer; juicehead; juice hound; lush; rummy; soak; sot; souse; sponge; swill (swiller); swill pot; tippler; toper; tosspot (Antq.); wino; wine-sop

DRUNK (2) (adj) (see note, p. 490)
(i.e. in a state of inebriation)
blotto; buzzed; crapulous (Antq.); drunk off o’s. ass; fallen off t. wagon; falling down drunk; hammered; high; high as a kite; inebriated; in o’s. cups (Antq.); intoxicated; loaded; looped; lubricated; oiled; pickled; pissed (Brit.); plastered; plowed; polluted; potted; smashed; shit-faced; sloppy; soused; squiffy; stoned; suzzled; tanked; take-no-prisoners drunk; three sheets to t. wind; tight; under t. influence; unsober; wasted; wrecked

DRUNK WITH LOVE (adj) (see note, p. 490)
besotted; dizzy; ecstatic; enraptured; giddy; high; infatuated; in love w. love; intoxicated; lovesick; on a natural high; sick w. love (Bibl.); smitten; walking on air

(e.g. He dry humped her in the restroom stall)
chafing; dry fuck; dry-fucking; fully-clothed sex; genital rubbing; genito-genital rubbing (m/m); going bumper to bumper (f/f.); rubbing; simulated sex; tribing (f/f); yiffing

dress rehearsal; practice; rehearsal; simulation; trial; try-out

D/s (n) (int., Dominant-submissive)
daddy/boi; master/slave; power exchange relationship

DYKE (DIKE) (n) (occ. pej.)


cataclysmic; devastating; earth-shattering; earth-splitting; life-altering; life-changing; momentous; radical; remarkable; revolutionary; shocking; stunning; tremendous


EARTHY (adj)
carnal; hardy; lush; lusty; robust; sensual; sexy; virile; voluptuous

EARTHY (2) (adj)
abandoned; bawdy; coarse; crude; dirty; filthy; indecent; obscene; raunchy; ribald; salacious; shameless; smutty; unblushing; unpolished; unrefined; vulgar; wanton

EASY (adj) (coll.)

ECSTASY (1) (n)
bliss; elation; euphoria; exaltation; in bliss; Nirvana; orgasm; orgasmic experience; out of body experience; rapture; ravishment; sublimity; trance; transport

ECSTASY (2) (n)
(i.e. empathogenic drug)
(e.g. They did Ecstasy at the party, and everyone got real friendly)
Adam (U.S., euph., Antq.); E; Ex; low-calorie martini; Mandy (Brit., euph.); MDMA (Clin.); Molly (U.S., euph.); X; XTC

angelic; beatific; blissful; enchanted; entranced; exultant; in heaven; in seventh heaven; in a trance; in a trance state; on cloud nine; rapt; seraphic; sublime; transported; walking on air

(i.e. masturbating only to the brink of climax)
erotic sexual denial (Clin.); extended massive orgasm (Clin.); orgasm control; peaking; slow masturbation; surfing

EDGY (1) (adj)
antsy; anxious; apprehensive; high-strung; ill at ease; jittery; jumpy; nervous; on-edge; over-sensitive; on tenterhooks; stressed; tense; uneasy

EDGY (2) (adj)
ardent; avid; champing at the bit; desirous; eager; impatient; intent; keen; psyched; raring to go; with o’s. heart in o’s. mouth;

EDGY (3) (adj)
avant-garde; bold; boundary-expanding; challenging; cutting-edge; envelope-pushing; experimental; extreme; modern; new; out there; provocative; radical; striking; unconventional

EFFEMINATE (1) (n or adj) (usu. pej.)
Barbie; Betty; batty-man (Brit.); buttercup; butterfly; camp bitch; daffodil; daisy; dickless Tracey; dickless wonder; double fruit; fag; fairy; flamer; flit; fruitcake; girly-man; Mary Ann; Mary; Molly; nance; Nancy; Nancy-boy; Nelly; pansy; panty man; pantywaist; ponce; poof; poofter; powder puff; priss; puff; pussy; screamer; singed-eyebrows; sissy; sissy-boy; sissy Mary; swish; twinkle-toes; Wendy; whoopsie; willy

EFFEMINATE (2) (adj) (usu. pej.)
broken-wristed; campy; candy-assed; delicate; effete; emasculated; faggy; feminine; femmy; flaming; flamey; flowery; fruit-flavored; fruity; girlish; girly; lacey; la-di-dah; light-footed; lily-livered; limp; limp-wristed; lispy; loose in the loafers; Margery; minty; nelly; pantywaist; poofy; prissy; pussy-whipped; queeny (queenish); screaming; sissified; sissy; sissyish; swishy; unmanly; whipped; womanish

(see also COME (1))
blow a load; blow o’s. wad; blow up; breach; bust a nut; cheese; come; come your cocoa; come your cream; come up (re. anal sex); crash the yogurt truck; cream; die; die in a man’s ass; die in a woman’s lap; discharge; do number three; drip; drop o’s. load; drop o’s. payload; effect emission; eject; empty t. trash; erupt; erupt like a geyser; erupt like a volcano; explode; fill s.o.’s ass; fill s.o. w. cum; fire a shot; fire into t. air; fire off; fire one off; free t. tadpoles; get off; get o’s. cookies off; get o’s. rocks off; give a facial; give up t/ gravy; go off; gush; have a seminal emission; have a sexual reflex; jet o’s. juice; knock one out; let go; loose o’s. bolt; lose o’s. jizz; lose o’s. juice; lose o’s. load; lose o’s. mess; make white pee; melt; ooze; piss o’s. tallow; pop a nut; pop o’s. cookies; pop o’s. nuts; release; send out t. troops; shoot; shoot a batch; shoot a load; shoot off; shoot o’s. batch; shoot o’s. bolt; shoot o’s. cream; shoot o’s. creamy goodness; shoot o’s. creamy load; shoot o’s. jizz; shoot o’s. load; shoot o’s. splooge; shoot o’s. spooge; shoot o’s. spunk; shoot o’s. wad; shoot white; spend; spew; splatter; spill; spout; spurt; squeeze up; squirt; unload; up-shoot

(see also COME (2), CUM, JISM, SEMEN)
come; cum; discharge; emission; jet; jism; jizz; semen; seminal emission; seminal fluid

eruption; explosion; firing off; outpouring; outrushing; release; shooting; spending; spraying

(re. attraction and emotion)
(e.g. Jessi felt an electric thrill when the stranger touched her hand)
alive; arcing; buzzing; crackling; energetic; exciting; galvanizing; glowing; hot; magnetic; powerful; pulsating; pulsing; sparking; sparkling; vibrant

attraction; chemistry; fascination; feeling; lure; magnetism; powerful feeling; pull; thing (coll.)

belittle; castrate; enfeeble; remove t. sting of; render harmless; render toothless; soften; undermine; unman; weaken

(see also SEMEN)
bursting forth; discharge; discharging; effusion; ejaculation; ejecta (Clin.); emanation; eruption; excretion; outflowing; outpour; outpouring; pouring forth

EMO (n or adj) (sl., usu. pej.)
(see also EMOTIONAL (1))
 (e.g. “You’re just some talentless emo,” the musician’s girlfriend complained)
(e.g. That music is way too emo for me)
dewy-eyed; emotional; limp-wristed; maudlin; mawkish; melodramatic; misty-eyed; moody; over-sensitive; over-sentimental; over-sharing; sensitive; sentimental; weepy; whiney

affect emotion; carry on; enthuse; exaggerate; feign emotion; get all worked up; get excited; go on; gush; make a fuss over; overact; rant; rave; sentimentalize

EMOTION (1) (n)
affect; chord; feeling; passion; reaction; response; sensation; sentiment; vibe

EMOTION (2) (n)
affection; agitation; anger; ardor; concern; desire; despair; despondency; ecstasy; elation; empathy; excitability; excitement; fervor; grief; happiness; hate; inspiration; joy; love; lust; melancholy; passion; perturbation; pity; pride; rage; remorse; sadness; shame; sorrow; sympathy; warmth

EMOTIONAL (1) (adj)
affectionate; compassionate; demonstrative; dewy-eyed; emotive; expressive; loving; maudlin; mawkish; melodramatic; misty-eyed; passionate; sensitive; sensuous; sentimental; sympathetic; tender; warm

EMOTIONAL (2) (adj)
ardent; dramatic; heartfelt; heart-rending; impassioned; moving; passionate; pathetic; poignant; sensational; soul-stirring; thrilling

EMOTIONAL (3) (adj)
easily excited; excitable; fiery; high-strung; hot-blooded; hot-headed; hot-tempered; nervous; quick to anger; quick to tears; temperamental; tense; volatile

(e.g. “This potion is guaranteed to enamor the first man who sees you,” the witch promised)
allure; bewitch; captivate; charm; enchant; enrapture; enthrall; fascinate; infatuate; sweep off o’s. feet

besotted w.; bewitched by; captivated by (or w.); enchanted by; enslaved by; enthralled by (or w.); infatuated w.; in love w.; in lust w.; put under a spell by; swept off o’s. feet by

ENCHANT (2) (v)
(re. attraction)
allure; captivate; catch; delight; enamor; enrapture; enslave; ensnare; enthrall; entice; fascinate; infatuate; transport; turn s.o. into a drooling idiot; win

alluring; attractive; bewitching; captivating; charming; delightful; engaging; enthralling; entrancing; enrapturing; intriguing; irresistible; mesmerizing; ravishing; transporting; winning; winsome

ENCHANTRESS (n) (fem.) (Antq.)
(re. seduction)
charmer; Cleopatra; fascinating woman; femme fatale (Fr.); Jezebel; honey trap; mankiller; seductress; vamp

(i.e. physically endowed)
built; built like a brick shithouse (fem.); developed; hung (masc.); stacked (fem.); well-built; well-developed; well-hung (masc.)

(re. seduction and attraction)
(see also ENTHRALL)
(e.g. Cleopatra had but to bat an eye in order to enslave Marc Antony)
bewitch; captivate; charm; enchant; enrapture; enthrall; hold in thrall; hypnotize; infatuate; inflame; intrigue; make s.o. o’s. slave

 (e.g. The pimp would enslave the young girls he picked up from the street)
(e.g. The sad girl let herself be enslaved)
abducted; caged; chained; confined; enthralled; fettered; imprisoned; kidnapped; lead captive; made captive; oppressed; repressed; subjected; subjugated; taken prisoner; trammeled; yoked

(re. seduction and attraction)
bewitched; captivated; carried away; caught up; enraptured; enthralled; fascinated; hypnotized; infatuated; inflamed; mesmerized; transported

(e.g. “I want you to enter me now,” she said)
come into; come inside; cram in; cross the threshold; drive in; go in; go into; hammer in; insert; introduce; place in; pass into; penetrate; pierce; push in; push into; put in; ram in; shove in; stick in; stab; thrust; thrust in

allure; attract; captivate; charm; enamor; enrapture; enslave; excite; fascinate; infatuate; inflame; ravish; spellbind; thrill


absorbed; bewitched; captivated; carried away; charmed; enamored; enchanted; engrossed; enraptured; enslaved; entranced; fascinated; gripped; hypnotized; infatuated; mesmerized; ravished; spellbound; transported

ERECT (adj)
(i.e. having achieved erection or become erect)
(see also ERECTION)
adamant; bone-hard; distending; engorged; enlarged; erected; full; fully engorged; fully erect; hard; hard as a rock; hard as iron; hard as steel; hard-bit; hardening; in full fig; in full flower; in full glory; inflamed; iron-hard; lengthening; nearly hard; on the bonk; on the honk; on the rise; on the stand; painfully erect; priapic (Clin.); proud; proud below t. navel; puffed up; rigid; roaring; rock-hard; standing; standing proud;       standing tall;      standing up; standing upright; steely; stiff; stone-hard; swelling; swollen; thickened; tumescent; ultra-hard; up; urgently erect; utterly rigid; virile

Aaron’s rod; anteater; Bacchus’ march; baloney; bazooka; bed flute; bit of hard; bit of stiff; blue-steeler; bone-on; boner; bonk-on; bulge; chubby; concrete donkey; crimson crowbar; cucumber; diamond cutter; engorgement; fucking post; fuck-stick; flagpole; hardness; hard-on; heat in the meat; horn; horse’s handbrake; Irish toothache; Jack; jack-in-the-box; knob-ache; lengthening; live wire; morning erection; morning hard-on; morning pride; morning wood; pink steel; piss hard-on; poker; pole; priapism (Clin.); Priapus (Clin.); prod; rager; rail; ramrod; reamer; rigid digit; rise in your Levi’s; rising; roaring horn; roaring Jack; rock python; rod; schwing; shaft; spike; stalk; stand; standard; standing member; steely dan; stiff; stiff one; stiff prick; stiff-stander; stiffie; stiffy; stonker; swelling; tent pole; thumper; tilt in your kilt; tumescence (Clin.); tumidity (obs.); turgescence (obs.); turgidity  (obs.); uprising; virility; wood; woody

aphrodisiacal; arousing; erotic; sensual; sexy

(see also G-SPOT)
(e.g. Kissing her nipples, he found her second-favorite erogenous zone)
arousal point; button; fun button; nexus of arousal; on-button (euph.); pleasure point; pleasure spot; sensitive place; sensitive spot; sexual on-button; sexual switch; sexual trigger; tender spot; trigger; vulnerable spot

EROS (n)
(see also LOVE GOD, LUST)
desire; libido; lust; passion; sex drive; sexual appetite; sexual desire; sexual urge

EROTIC (adj)
amatory; aphrodisiac; aphrodisiacal; arousing; erogenous; exciting; sensual; sexual; sexually exciting; sexually stimulating; sexy; stimulating; suggestive

adult reading material (euph.); arousing content; erotic book; erotic content; erotic literature; literary erotica; naughty book; naughty read; sexy book; sexy read; sexy stories; smut; soft core; soft core porn; soft core pornography; steamy stories; suggestive material


adult breastfeeding; adult nursing; adult suckling; ANR; force feeding (re. BDSM); going f. a milkshake; lactation games; lactation porn; lactophillia (Clin.); milk fetishism  (Clin.); milking (re. BDSM); pumping; visiting t. milkmaid (euph.)

belch forth (Antq.); blow; blow up; boil over; break open; burst forth; burst open; bust out; eject; emit; expel; explode; gape; go off; gush; hurl; jet; overflow; pour forth; rupture; send forth; send out; send up; spew forth; spew out; spill over; split; spout; vesuviate (Antq.); vomit forth (Antq.)

ERUPTION (1) (n)
blast; cataclysm; detonation; earthquake; explosion; outbreak; outburst; quake; splitting; temblor; tremor; upheaval

ERUPTION (2) (v)
belching; boiling over; discharge; ejaculation; ejection; emission; expulsion; gushing; gushing forth; outflowing; outpouring; overflow; spewing forth; spitting forth

ESCORT (1) (n)
(e.g. Madeleine’s escort to the dance was a dashing young officer)
beau; boyfriend; cavalier (Antq.); companion; date; squire (Antq.); steady

ESCORT (2) (n)
(e.g. He hired himself out as a male escort)
(e.g. She worked as an escort to pay her tuition)
call boy; call girl; cam girl; female escort; high-class hooker; male prostitute; prostitute

capon (euph.); castrato; gelding; girly man (coll.); mama’s boy (coll.); pansy (coll.); pantywaist (coll.); pussy (coll.); sissy (coll.)

EVIL (adj)
abhorrent; abominable; accursed; arrant; bad; baleful; baneful (Antq.); base; black-hearted; corrupt; crooked; cursed; dark; dark-hearted; degenerate; depraved; despicable; detestable; diabolic; dishonest; dishonorable; execrable; fell (Antq.); fiendish; foul; hateful; heinous; ignoble; iniquitous; insidious; lawless; loathsome; low; malefic; maleficent; malevolent; malignant; mean; nefarious; noxious; odious; pestilential; reprehensible; reprobate; sinful; sinister; traitorous; treacherous; unhallowed; unholy; unprincipled; unregenerate; unrighteous; unscrupulous; unspeakable; vile; villainous; wicked

(see also DEFECATE)
Andy Capp (Brit., sl.); arse biscuits (Brit.); ass cookies; bowel movement; BM; caca (Sp.); ca-ca; crap; crud; deuce; do; do-do; dookie; droppings; dung; Edgar Britt (Brit., sl.); excreta (Lat., Clin.); fecal matter (Clin.); feces (Clin.); feculence (Clin.); filth; guano; grinder; grinders; grunt; grunties; jack; manure; merde (Fr.); mierda (Sp.); muck; nightsoil; number two (euph.); ordure; pant-load; poo; poop; poopies; poopy; scat; Scheiss (Ger.); shit; shit-load; soil; spoor; stool; stools; stronzo (It., lit. “turd”); thumper; turd; turds; upper-decker; waste

(e.g. “Sex with him is certainly exhilarating!” she gushed to her girlfriends)
electrifying; exciting; rousing; stimulating; stirring; thrilling

(e.g. The exhilaration he felt after being flogged was powerful and infectious)
animation; buoyancy; breeziness; cheerfulness; delight; ebullience; élan; elation; excitement; gaiety; glee; gleefulness; good spirits; gusto; high spirits; jauntiness; jollity; joviality; joy; laughter; lightheartedness; merriment; mirth; mirthfulness; passion; sunniness; vigor; vivacity

EXOTIC (adj)
bizarre; colorful; curious; glamorous; interesting; mysterious; outlandish; strange; striking; unusual

(e.g. The man’s taste for exotica drew him to dungeons and underground strip clubs)
curious things; forbidden things; mysterious things; rare sights; rare things; rarities; t. rare;  t. unfamiliar; t. unusual; unfamiliar things; wondrous things


(see AFFAIR)

(see AFFAIR)

EYE (v)
(e.g. He eyed the girl from across the dance floor)
behold; eyeball; feat o’s. eyes upon; gaze at; glare at; look at; notice; observe; ogle; regard; see; set o’s. eyes upon; stare at; surveil; view; watch

(see also OGLE)
(e.g. “That guy’s been eyeballing me all night,” the dancer told her friends. “Pun intended.”)
check out; eye; eye up; gaze at; glare at; look intently at; ogle; scope out; single out; stare at; study; watch; zero in on

(see  OGLE)


FACE (n)
(e.g., She had a lovely face—and she knew it)
countenance; features; kisser; mug; physiognomy; profile; puss; visage


bottom line; breeding; cold hard facts; human reproduction; human sexuality; nitty gritty; nuts and bolts; procreation; reproduction; sex; t. big picture; t. birds and t. bees; t. lowdown; t. sex talk; t. talk; t. truth; t. truth about life; t. truth about men and women; t. truth about sex; t. whole picture; t. whole story; what’s what; when a man loves a woman; when a woman loves a man

FAG HAG (n) (fem.) (sl., usu. pej.)
(i.e. straight woman who likes gay men)
(see also  HETEROSEXUAL)
fish wife; fruit bat; fruit fly; gay goddess; queen bee; tse tse

FAG STAG (n) (masc.) (sl., usu. pej.)
(i.e. straight man who likes gay men)
(see also  HETEROSEXUAL)
dash; dyke daddy; fruit fly; HIT; homo-in-training; homosensual; lesbo lad; Sappho   daddy-o; tourist



FANCY (1) (v)
(e.g. “You fancy that boy, don’t you?” Sue’s girlfriend said. “Actually, I rather fancy you,” Sue replied)
be attracted to; burn for; desire; hanker after; have a desire for; have an eye for; have a yen for; have the hots for; long for; pine for; take a liking to; want; wish for; yearn for

FANCY (2) (n)
(e.g. A strange idea—nothing more than a fancy—came into the writer’s head)
abstraction; concept; conception; conceptualization; idea; impression;       mental image;  notion;  picture; thought; visualization

FANCY (3) (n)
(e.g. She had a fancy for small men with big cocks)
attraction; bent; desire; fondness; inclination; leaning; longing; penchant; predilection; predisposition; preference; proclivity; propensity; taste; tendency; yearning

FANCY (4) (n)
(e.g. The idea of running away together was pure fancy)
caprice; eccentricity; kink; odd notion; peculiarity; quirk; whim; whimsy

FANCY (5) (adj)
(e.g. This restaurant is too fancy for me)
classy; deluxe; elegant; luxurious; posh; rich; ritzy; snazzy; special 

FART (1) (v)
backfire; blow a fart; blow off; blow t. horn; break t. sound barrier; break wind; buck-snort; burn t. cheese; crack a fart; cut a fart; cut one; cut t. cheese; drop a rose; drop a thumper; fizzle; flatulate; float an air biscuit; honk; lay a fart; leave a whiff; let fly; let gas; let one; let one go; make wind; pass gas; pass wind; shoot rabbits; toot; vent

FART (2) (n)
backfire; backtalk; barking spiders; blast; breeze; buck-snort; burnt cheese; buzzer; flatulence; flatus; gas; rotten cheese; rotten eggs; SBD; silent but deadly; wind

FAUXMOSEXUAL (n) (sl., 2000s)
(i.e. person (usu. celebrity) who claims to be homosexual)
Celesbian; queer of convenience

accident; bad move; breach of etiquette; dereliction; error; false move; false step; gaffe; gaucherie; lapse; misconduct; misdeed; misstep; mistake; offense; omission; oversight; peccadillo; social blunder; slip-up; stumble; wrong move

FEEDER (n) (coll.)
(i.e. person who will receive but not give oral pleasure)
Barcalounger boy; do-me queen; one-way-streeter; oral top; pillow prince; pillow princess; pillow queen; pitcher; recliner prince; recliner princess

FEEL (FELT) (1) (v)
 (e.g. “I want to feel your boobs,” he said)
(e.g. “I felt her boobs,” he said)
caress; cop; cop a feel; feel up; fiddle w.; fondle; fool around; fool around w.; grope; paw; pet; play w.; touch; toy with

FEEL (FELT) (2) (v)
 (e.g. She could feel his hand through her blouse)
(e.g. She felt his hand through her blouse)
be aware of; comprehend; discern; experience; intuit; know; note; sense

FEELING(S) (1) (n)
affection; emotion; fervor; fire; heat; passion; reaction; response; vehemence; warmth

FEELING (2) (n)
compassion; empathy; heart; pity; soul; sympathy; tenderheartedness; tenderness; vibe; vibration

FEELING (3) (n)
foreboding; funny feeling; hint; hunch; impression; inkling; intimation; intuition; premonition; sensation; sense

FEELING (4) (adj)
compassionate; demonstrative; emotional; empathetic; intuitive; receptive; responsive; sensitive; soft-hearted; sympathetic; tender; warm

cop a feel; feel s.o. over; fondle; grope

(i.e. sucking previously deposited semen from a partner’s anus)

FELLATE (v) (Lat., lit. “to suck”)
(i.e. to perform fellatio)
(see also  FELLATIO)
bag; bite s.o.’s crank; blow; blow s.o.; blow s.o. off; blow s.o.’s skin flute; blow s.o.’s whistle; blue-jay s.o.; cap s.o.; clean s.o.’s pipe; clean the rifle (Jam.); cock-flute; cock-suck; cop a hot one; cuff s.o.’s carrot; deep throat; dick; dick lick; do; draw into s.o.’s mouth; eat; eat cock; eat s.o.’s meat; feast; feed o’s. face; flip-flop; fluff; flute; French; gam; gamahuche; get a facial; get a face-full; get a shot upstairs; get down on one’ knees; get o’s. tonsils wet; give a blowjob; give a hum job; give a suck job; give cone; give head; gobble;  gobble s.o.’s goo;  gobble s.o.’s worm; gob the knob; go down on; go to church; gum; gunch; have a lollypop; have a rainbow party; he-blow; hoover; imbibe; ingest; inhale; inhale the oyster; lap; lick; lick dick; lick s.o.’s prick; mouth; mug; munch; nosh; play s.o.’s flute; play s.o.’s horn; play the piccolo; polish s.o.’s knob; pull at; pull on some tubing; put lipstick on s.o.’s dipstick; receive holy communion; scoff; serve head; serve s.o.; shoot upstairs; slob s.o.’s knob; smile like a donut; smoke; smoke s.o.’s beef; smoke s.o.’s cock; soil o’s. knees; suck; suck in; suck off; suck s.o.’s cock; suck s.o.’s sugar stick; swallow; swallow cock; swallow dick; swallow f. s.o.; swallow s.o.’s cock; swallow s.o.’s sword; talk into the mic; take in; tongue; trick off; whistle; worship at the altar; yodel

FELLATIO (n) (see note, p. 491)
210; 69 (sixty-nine); barries; BJ; blow; blowing; blow job; blowjob; blue-jaying; cleaning the rifle (Jam.); cock smoking; cock sucking; deep throating; eating; face pussy; face fucking; feasting; feasting on; fellating; fluffing; fluting; French job; French polishing; French tricks; gamahuchie; gamarouche; getting a shot upstairs; giving a BJ; giving a blowjob; giving a hum job; giving a suck job; giving head; gob job; gobbling; going down on; head job; Horatio (Brit., sl.); hose job; huffing whippets (sl.); humming; icing; knob job; knob polishing; knob shining; Lewinsky (sl.); lip work; lollypop; lunch; Monica (sl.); mouth music; oral; oral job; oral service; oral sex; penilingus; pipe job; pricknic; scooby snack; skull-buggery; skull fuck; skull pussy; sucking; sucking lips; sucking off; swallowing; tongue fucking; zipper sex

FELLATOR (n) (masc.) (Lat., lit. “one who sucks”)
(i.e. s.o. who performs fellatio)
(see also  COCKSUCKER)
blow boy; blow monkey; blue jay; bugle boy; cannibal; cocksmoker; cocksucker; dick-licker; dick-sucker; face artist; flake; fluffer; fluter; French artist; glut; glutton; goat throat; gobbler; Hoover; hose monster; icing expert; jaw queen; knob gobbler; language expert; lapper; lickbox; man-eater; mouth whore; mouth worker; muncher; muncher boy; nibbler; oral artist; oral specialist; orchid eater; penilinguist; peter-eater; peter-puffer; philatelist; piccolo player; pick-spigot; pud-licker; skin-diver; smoker; spigot-sucker; spunk trumpet; sucker; vacuum cleaner

bombshell; diva; it girl; knockout; sex goddess; sex kitten; sexpot

FERAL (adj)
(see also  FEROCIOUS)
beastlike; beastly; bestial; brutish; predatory; rapacious; ravening; ravenous; unbroken; undomesticated; untamed; wild

animalistic; bestial; beastly; bloodthirsty; brutal; cold-blooded; cruel; dire; feral; fierce; grim; harsh; heartless; merciless; pitiless; predatory; rapacious; ravening; ravenous; relentless; remorseless; ruthless; savage; severe; unrelenting; untamed; vicious; violent; wild; wolfish

FET (n)
(see FETISH)

bring; carry; convey; deliver; escort; get; go after; go for; guide; lead; obtain; procure; retrieve; transport

(e.g. Libby was a fetching lass)
alluring; bewitching; captivating; charming; enchanting; fascinating; provocative; tantalizing; titillating

FETISH (1) (n)
addiction; adult basics; alternate proclivity; aphrodisiac; bent; compulsion; erotic fixation (Clin.); fixation; kink; object of arousal; object of desire; paraphilia; play; predilection; sexual compulsion; scene; trigger; turn-on

FETISH (2) (n)
amulet; charm; effigy; good luck charm; graven image; idol; magic symbol; rabbit’s foot; sorcery; spell; talisman

(for definitions, see The Erotic Writer’s Thesaurus unabridged print edition)
age play; agalmatophilia; algophilia; animal sex; armpit sex; ass fetish; ass play; autoerotic asphyxiation; axillary intercourse; ball play; ball torture; BDSM; blindfolds; bondage; bondage and discipline; branding; breath play; cock torture; control scenes; coprophilia; cross dressing; cunt torture; dacryphilia; dominance and submission; electro-torture; emetophilia; erotic lactation; foot fetish; formicophilia; forniphilia; fur fetish; golden showers; klismaphilia; knife play; leather fetish; melolangnia; needle play; rape fantasy; rape play; rope play; rubber fetish; sadism/masochism; salirophilia; scat; shoe fetish; sitophilia (food); temperature play; tit torture; urolagnia; video play; voyeurism; wet and messy; whipping; whip play yeastiality (dough or bread)

(i.e. to turn something into a fetish)
become obsessed w. s.t.; be turned on by s.t.; idolize s.t.

f/f (n or adj) (int., female/female)
(e.g. He liked to read f/f romance novels)
female same-sex; girl on girl; lesbian; lesbian couple; same-sex couple

f/f/f (n or adj) (int., female/female/female)

(e.g. Michelle kept fiddling with her top button)
(e.g. Could you not fiddle with that remote control?)
diddle; fidget; finger; fool w.; fuck around; fuss with; mess around; mess w.; play w.; screw around; toy w.; twiddle

(e.g. “I have shown you nothing but absolute fidelity” the cuckolded husband complained)
commitment; constancy; dedication; dependability; devotion; earnestness; faith; faithfulness; fealty; honorableness; loyalty; obedience; reliability; responsibility; scrupulousness; sincerity; single-heartedness; staunchness; steadfastness; steadiness; trueheartedness; trustworthiness; uprightness

(Lat., lit, “primary sexual position”)

FILLE DE JOIE (n) (Fr., lit. “pleasure girl”)
(e.g. Carmen was a trampy little fille de joie)

FILTH (1) (n)
(see also  EXCREMENT)
(e.g. The streets were choked with filth)
decay; dirt; dust; feces; filthiness; grime; muck; mud; mire; garbage; nastiness; offal; ordure; putrescence; refuse; rot; sediment; sewage; shit; slime; slop; sludge; slush; trash; uncleanness

FILTH (2) (n)
(e.g. “I wouldn’t air such filth on my network,” the censor said)
indecency; nastiness; obscenity; pornography; raunch; smut; vileness; vulgarity

FILTH (3) (n)
(e.g. “There’s a filth at the root of our society,” the anti-porn crusader shouted)
adulteration; contamination; corruption; debasement; defilement; degradation; foulness; pollution; rottenness; taint

FILTHY (1) (adj)
(e.g. The room was no better than a filthy sty)
begrimed; defiled; dirty; feculent; fetid; foul; grimy; grubby; messy; mucky; muddy; polluted; putrid; rotten; slimy; smelly; soiled; stained; tainted; unclean

FILTHY (2) (adj)
(e.g. “You’ve got a filthy mouth on you,” Lil’s date declared. “I like it!”)
bawdy; coarse; corrupt; depraved; foul-mouthed; gross; impure; indecent; lewd; loose; nasty; objectionable; obscene; offensive; raunchy; ribald; shameless; smutty; vulgar

FILTHY (3) (adj)
(e.g. He walked the streets in filthy rags)
dingy; miserable; piggish; shabby; sleazy; sloppy; slovenly; squalid; unkempt; unwashed

FINGER BANG (v or n)

FINGER FUCK (v or n)
(see also  FISTING)
digital penetration (Clin.); finger bang; finger banging; finger blast; finger blasting; finger porking; finger stabbing; hand job; knuckle fucking

(i.e. inserting the entire hand into a vagina or anus)
brachioproctic insertion (Clin.); brachiovaginal insertion (Clin.); fist-fucking; hand-balling; knuckle-banging

FLACCID (1) (adj)
(e.g. Try as he might to get an erection, Dave’s penis remained stubbornly flaccid)
detumescent (Clin.) (Antq.); drooping; flabby; full sail, no wind; lax; limp; pendulous; pushing rope; sagging; slack; soft; unfirm; whiskey-dick; whiskey-limp

FLACCID (2) (adj)
feeble; flabby; impotent; weak

blandishments; blowing up; bootlicking; brown-nosing; butter; buttering s.o. up; currying favor; dancing attendance upon; fawning; fawningness; honey; honeyed words; kissing s.o.’s ass; kissing s.o.’s feet; kissing up to s.o.; laying it on thick; laying it on w. a trowel; licking s.o.’s boots; lip-homage; mouth-honor; oil; overdoing it; overpraise; overpraising; paying court to s.o.; praise; puffing up; sucking up to s.o.; sycophancy; toadyism; unctuousness

(see also  FART)
farts; flatus; gas; wind

(see also  FART)
farty; full of gas; full of hot air; gassy; smelly; stinky; windy

(e.g. She loved to flaunt her lovely long legs)
boast; brandish; display; draw attention to; emphasize; exhibit; flash; flourish; hold up; parade; show off; sport; spotlight; strut; swagger; vaunt

FLESH (1) (n)
coat; epidermis; hide; skin; surface

FLESH (2) (n)
core; fat; matter; meat; muscle; substance; tissue

FLESH (3) (n)
body; corporality; corporeality; flesh and blood; flesh and bone; materiality; mortal flesh; physicality

FLESH (4) (n)
animality; animal nature; carnality; earthiness; libido; physical nature; sensuality; sensuousness; voluptuousness

FLESHLY (1) (adj)
carnal; earthy; erotic; lascivious; lecherous; lewd; licentious; lustful; lusty; sensual; sensuous

FLESHLY (2) (adj)
bodily; corporal; corporeal; incarnate; material; palpable; physical; substantial; tangible

FLESHPOT(S) (n) (Antq.)
(see also  BROTHEL, ORGY)
brothel; orgy; Sodom and Gomorra (Bibl.); stew(s) (Antq.)

FLESHY (adj)
ample; bulky; chubby; chunky; corpulent; dumpy; fat; heavy; obese; paunchy; plump; portly; pudgy; stout; thickset; tubby

FLUFF (v) (coll.)
(e.g. She fluffed the actor off-stage when he couldn’t get it up)

(e.g. “Your fly’s open,” she told the professor. “I know,” he replied.)
barn door (coll.); flap; fly front; front opening; lap; opening; overlap; tent flap (coll.); trouser flap; trouser front; zipper

F/m (n or adj) (int., Female/male)
(i.e. dominant female with submissive male)

f/m/f (n or adj) (int., female/male/female)
girl-boy-girl; guy sandwich; ménage; three-way

FONDLE (1) (v)
(re. affectionate or consensual foreplay)
(see also  MAKE OUT)
(e.g. She sighed happily as he fondled her waist)
caress; clasp; cuddle; embrace; feel; hold; hug; massage; nestle; nuzzle; pat; pet; snuggle; stroke; stroke gently; touch

FONDLE (2) (v)
(re. rough or nonconsensual physical contact)
(e.g. He was trying to fondle her breasts as she protested)
be all over s.o.; climb all over s.o.; cop a feel; do homework; feel; feel s.o. up; fiddle; fumble; futz around; get to first base; go on bush patrol; grab ass; grope s.o.; handle; jack; manhandle; meddle w. s.o.; mess w. s.o.; nudge; paw; pet; play grab ass; read Braille; reef; rub; rummage; sample; slap and tickle; stroke; take s.o.’s pulse; touch; touch s.o. up; toy w. s.o.; trifle w. s.o.

FOOBLOSITY (FOOBS) (n) (US., sl., 2000s)
 (i.e. attractive cleavage)

(i.e. sexual fetishes involving food or drink)
bananas; body shots; cucumbers; food-fucking; fruit fetish; sausage fetish; sitophilia; sploshing (sitting on cakes); wakamezake (Jap.); wet and messy fetish; whipped cream fetish; zucchini

(e.g. This is what happens when you fool around with dynamite!)
behave carelessly; behave playfully; behave thoughtlessly; behave unmindfully; dick around; diddle around; horse around; fuck around; mess around; play around; screw around

(see MAKE OUT)

banned; illegal; illicit; interdit (Fr.); not allowed; off-limits; outlawed; out of bounds; prohibited; proscribed; taboo; verboten (Ger.)

desired object; forbidden indulgence; forbidden love; object of desire; forbidden temptation; forbidden thing; golden apple; illegal desire; illegal pleasure; illicit desire; illicit love; illicit pleasure; immoral pleasure; prohibited pleasure; prohibited thing; taboo; temptation

(i.e. to have sex outside marriage)
(see HAVE SEX)

(see also  ADULTERY, HAVE SEX)
adultery; coition; copulation; cuckoldry; extra-marital sex; infidelity; pre-marital sex; unfaithfulness

FORNICATOR (n) (masc.) (Antq.)
adulterer; cuckoo; debaucher; dog; goat; hound; lecher; letch; libertine; rake (Antq.); roué (Fr, Antq); satyr; seducer; tomcat; wolf

FORNICATRIX (n) (fem.) (Antq.)
adulteress; baggage; common baggage; common wench; common whore; coquette (Fr.); demimonde; floozy; harlot; hussy; seductress; slattern; slut; strumpet; tart; temptress; trollop wench; whore; woman of easy virtue

blasphemous; coarse; crude; dirty; dirty-mouthed; filthy; foul; lewd; lowdown; obscene; potty-mouthed; profane; rude; vulgar

group; group of four; ménage a quatre; quartet

FOXY (1) (adj)
alluring; attractive; bewitching; bright-eyed; fascinating; glamorous; good-looking; sexy; voluptuous

FOXY (2) (adj)
(e.g. He was a foxy strategist who never missed a trick in the game of seduction)
artful; cagey; canny; crafty; cunning; foxlike; knowing; sharp; shrewd; sly; subtle; vulpine; wily

(see CONDOM)




(i.e. the narrow, pendulous connecting point between scrotum and groin)
(see GENITALIA (3) (MALE))


FRIG (v)
(e.g. He would lock himself in the broom closet where he would frig himself silly)

FRIGGING (adj) (interj.)
(e.g. “I’m sick of this whole frigging deal!” he said)

FRIGID (1) (adj) (see note, p. 492)
(re. sex)
(see also  FRIGID PERSON)
anorgasmic (Clin.); chilly; cold; colder than a witch’s tit; dead; dead below t. waist; dead down below; freezy; icy; inhibited; inorgasmic; passionless; sex-hating; sex-negative; sexually dysfunctional; undersexed; unresponsive; uptight

(re. attitude or comportment)
aloofness; cold-heartedness; coldness; reserve; standoffishness; stiffness; stiltedness

bed-swerver; cold fish; cuntcicle; ice queen; ice box; ice cube; man-hater; sex-hater; snow-cone; snow queen

FRISSON (n) (Fr., lit. “shiver”)
(e.g. He felt a frisson of delight)
(e.g. Her body was overcome with a frisson of mingled fascination and fear)
charge; excitement; exhilaration; quiver (quivering); quake (quaking); sensation of excitement; shiver (shivering); shock; shudder; strong emotion; surge of emotion; thrill; tingle (tingling); tremble (trembling)

FROT (v or n)
(i.e. male-to-male genital rubbing)
genito-genital rubbing (Clin.); GG rubbing; interfemoral intercourse (Clin.); outercourse

(see also  DRY HUMPING)
genital rubbing; outercourse; rubbing; scissoring (fem.); tribing (fem.)

(i.e. one who initiates or engages in frottage or nonconsensual rubbing)

 (see also  BLUE BALLS)
abandoned; checked; cock-blocked; confounded; deflated; disappointed; foiled; hard up; high and dry; left desolate; left high and dry (euph.); shut down; suffering from blue balls; suffering from lackanookie; suffering from night starvation; thwarted; unconsummated; unfinished; unfulfilled; unmanned; unrelieved; unrequited; unsatisfied; unspent

FUCK (1) (v)
agitate s.o.’s wash; agitate the laundry; agitate the wash; bag; ball; ballock (Brit.); bang; beat s.o. w. an ugly stick; bed s.o.; be intimate w.; belly (Antq.); belly ride; blow off on t. grounsills; bob; bodge; boff; boink; bone; bone dance; bonk (Brit.); boost; break a lance w.; break a leg w.; break the bed; brush; bumble; bump; bump fuzzies; bump nasties; bump uglies; bumsen (Ger.); bunk up; bunk up w. s.o.; bunny fuck; bury o’s. wick; bury t. bone; bury t. pickle; bury t. weenie; buzz t. brillo; cane; canoe; check s.o.’s oil; chuck; chuck a tread; chingar (Sp.); chunk; clicket (Antq.); consummate; couch; couple; couple w.; copulate; cove (Antq.); cram; cream; dagger (Jam.); dance; dance in t. sheets; dance t. goat’s jig; dance t. horizontal Hora; dance t. horizontal Hula; dance t. horizontal Mambo; dance t. Irish jig; dance t. mattress jig; dance t. mattress Macarena; dance t. mattress Mambo; dance t. naked Tango; daub t. brush; dibble; dick; diddle; dip o’s. wick; do; do a bit of beef; do a flop; do a grind; do a slide up t. board; do a spread; dock; dodge; dog; dogfuck; do it; do it doggie style; do o’s. (marital) duty; do t. chores; do t. deed; do t. dirty; do t. hot and sloppy; do t. laundry; do t. nasty; do t. naughty; do what comes naturally; eff; enjoy (Antq.); enjoy a man; enjoy a woman; feed t. beast; feed t. beaver; feed t. clam; feed t. dumb-glutton; feed t. ferret; feed t. kitty; feed t. pussy; fick (Ger.); fill s.o.’s hole; fit ends; fix the plumbing; follar (Sp.); frack; frig; frisk; futz; George (Brit.); get a piece; get a piece of ass; get of piece of tail; get a piece of t. action; get busy; get down; get in; get in and get off; get inside; get into s.o.’s pants; get it on; get laid; get laid w.; get lucky; get off; get o’s. bell rung; get o’s. chimney swept; get o’s. end in; get o’s. end wet; get o’s. leather stretched; get o’s. leg across; get o’s. leg lifted; get o’s. nuts cracked; get o’s. oil changed; get o’s. rocks off; get some; get some action; get some ass;  get some cock; get some cold cock; get some cunt; get some nookie; get some poontang; get some pussy; get some tail; get some trim; give it to s.o.; give it up; give over; give pussy a taste of cream; give s.o. a beef injection; give s.o. a dose; give s.o. a good balling; give s.o. a good banging; give s.o. a good fucking; give s.o. a good pounding; give s.o. a good screwing; give s.o. a good shagging; give s.o. a hole to hide in; give s.o. a hosing; give s.o. a hot sausage; give s.o. a slab of beef; give s.o. a slab of meat; give s.o. a slab of pork; give s.o. a screwing; give s.o. a shot; give s.o. a stab; give s.o. juice f. jelly; give s.o. mutton f. beef; give s.o. t. bone; give s.o. t. business; give t. dog a bone; give t. ferret a run; give the kitty a treat; go all t. way; go balls deep in s.o.; go bum-tickling (Brit.); go bush ranging; go cock-choking; go cock fighting; go cunny-catching (Brit.); go like a rat up a drainpipe; go t. distance; go t. length; go the limit; go tummy-tickling; go twat-faking; grant t. ultimate favor; grease; grease o’s. tool; grease t. pistons; grease t. wheel; grind; grind o’s. tool; hammer;     haul s.o.’s ashes; have s.o.; have a banana; have a bit of cock; have a bit of cream; have a bit of cunt; have a bit of curly greens; have a bit of dick; have a bit of fish; have a bit of meat; have a bit of nasty; have a bit of pork; have a bit of pussy;    have a bit of rough;    have a bit of skirt; have a bit of split mutton; have a bit of stuffed cabbage; have a bit of sugar; have a bit of t. cream stick; have a bit of t. hot and sloppy; have a bit of t. naughty; have a fuck; have a go at; have a leap up t. ladder; have a piece; have a piece of pie; have a poke; have a ride; have carnal relations; have intimate relations; have knowledge of; have o’s. way w.; have personal relations w. s.o.; have sex; have sexual relations w.; have sex w.; have tube steak f. dessert; hide the ferret; hide the pickle; hide the salami; hide the sausage; hide the weenie; hit; hole; honey fuck; honey fuggle; hook up w.; hose; hound; hump; impale; jab; joder (Sp.); jog; join;  join giblets; join junk; join in carnal bliss; join in carnal embrace; join paunches; join together at t. hips; juke; jumble giblets; jump s.o.’s bones; knock; knock t. boots; know (Antq., Bibl.); know in t. Biblical sense; lay out; lay some pipe; lay t. hip; lay t. leg; lay t. track; lay tube; lie w. s.o.; lift the leg on s.o.; light s.o.’s fire; lob in; make it; make love; make love to s.o.; make love w. s.o.; make t. beast w. two backs (Antq.); make t. bedsprings creak; make t. windows rattle; make whoopee; match ends; mate; mount; nail; nail s.o.; nodge; pair; pair off; party; peg; penetrate; play at all fours; play at cock and cover; play at in-and-out; play at up-tails-all; play come into my castle; play come into my parlor; play doctor; play hide t. salami; play hide t. sausage; play hide t. weenie; play o’s. ace; play St. George and t. dragon; play slap and tickle; play t. drums; play t. organ; play w.; pleasure s.o.; plough; plow; pluck; plug; poke; polish o’s. knob; pork; pound; pound s.o.’s ass; pound s.o.’s poon; pound s.o.’s pussy; pound t. punanni pavement; pound t. pussy; pump; punch; punch s.o.’s ticket; push; push pin; put it in; put tab A into slot B; quiff; rabbit; rake; ram; ram t. clam; ram t. hole; ride; ride t. beast; ride t. bone; ride t. bone train; ride t. broom handle; ride t. bucking bronco; ride t. clam; ride t. dragon; ride t. filly; ride t. hobbyhorse; ride t. rapids; ride t. rocket; ride t. stallion; ride t. stick; roger s.o. (Brit.); roll; roll in t. hay; roller skate; romp; root; rub; rub bacon; rub bellies; rub fuzzies; rub groins; rub junk; rub nasties; rub naughty bits; rub uglies; rumble; rut; salt; sard (Antq.); score; scower; schtup (Yd.); scrag; screw; scrog; scromp; scuff; shaboink; shaft; shag (Brit.); shake; shoot; shoot t. clam; shoot the pussy; shoot the rapids; skrog; skrump; slam; sleep w. s.o.; slip into s.o.; slip s.o. a length; slip s.o. a sausage; smoke; snag; spank; spear; spear t. bearded clam; spit; splice; split; spot; sport; sport together (Antq.); squeeze and squirt; stab; stab s.o. in t. thigh; stitch; stick it in; stick it into s.o.; stick it to s.o.; stitch; storm t. castle; straddle; strangle t. rooster; strangle t. dragon; strap; stretch leather; stroke; strum; stuff; stuff s.o.; stuff t. burrito; stuff t. clam; stuff t. turkey; swive (Antq.); take s.o.; tap; tear off a piece; test t. mattress; thread t. needle; throw a leg over; throw s.o. a bone; throw s.o. a hot sausage; throw s.o. a hump; throw s.o. a piece of meat; throw s.o. a salami; throw s.o. a stiff rope; throw s.o. a stiffy; thrum; thrump; thump; tickle; tiff; tip; toss s.o.’s salad; tup (Antq.); twiddle; twist and shout; varnish o’s. cane; vault; vögeln (Ger.); wag o’s. ass; wet o’s. wick; whack; whack it up; whip; whip shack; whip t. kitty; wind up t. clock; work out; yard; yentz (Yd.)

FUCK (2) (v)
(e.g. That crooked salesman fucked me good)
cheat; defraud; fuck over; leave high and dry; mess up; ruin; screw over; swindle; take advantage of; take f. a ride; take to t. cleaners

FUCK (3) (n)
(e.g. That was the best fuck I ever had)
bang; beef injection; carnal embrace; carnal knowledge (Antq.); coition; coitus (Clin.); congress; consummation; copulation; coupling; diddling; family business (euph.); fooling around; fornication; frig (Brit., sl); funny business; getting some; getting some tail (coll.); getting some trim (coll.); hanky-panky; horizontal dance; horizontal Mambo; horizontal Hora; horizontal Hula; horizontal pushups; hot beef injection; houghmagandy (re. adultery) (Antq.); joining; intimacy; intercourse; knowledge (Antq., Bibl.); lay; marital embrace; mating; mattress Macarena; mattress Mambo; naked Tango; nooner; nookie; nookie; party; penetration (Clin.); piece of ass; piece of tail; playing around; poo-tang; poontang; pootie tang; quickie; sex act; sexual congress; sexual intercourse; sexual relations; sexual union; shag (Brit.); slap and tickle; sleeping together; tail; tap-ass; the act; the hot and sloppy; the nasty; trim; union; wax-ass

FUCK (4) (n) (insult)
(see also  ASSHOLE)
(e.g. Get lost, you stupid fuck)
dumbass; dumbfuck; fuckbasket; fucker; fuckhead; fuckhole; fuckknob; fuckmented shit-jizzle; fuckstick; fucktard; fuckup; fuckwad; fuckwit; shit; shithead; stupid fucker

bollocks around; diddle; diddling; fart around; fiddle around; fiddle-fart around; monkey around; play around; play w. o.s.; screw around; waste time

casual relationship; companions; friends w. benefits; FWB; no-strings-attached relationship; sexual companions; sexual companionship; zipless fuck

(e.g. This situation is seriously fucked up)
bizarre; bollixed up; crazy; fouled up; insane; messed up; nuts; perverse; screwed up; warped

FUCKER (1) (n)
cocksman; doer; fucksman; grindsman; humpsman; lay; lover; piece of meat; player; sexual athlete

FUCKER (2) (n) (insult)
asshole; cocksucker; hoser; jerk; mofo; motherfucker; shit; shithead

FUCKIN’ A! (intj.)
Absolutely!; Damn right!; Damn straight!; Got that right!; No duh!; No shit!; You’re not kidding!

FUCKING (1) (intj or intsf.)
(e.g. “This is a big fucking deal,” the vice president whispered)
all-beloved; bloody (Br., ANZ.); damned; effin’; effing; fracking; freaking; freakin’; friggin’; frigging; goddamned; godforsaken; hugely; incredibly; outstanding; unbelievably; very

FUCKING (2) (n)
(see also  HAVE SEX)
balling; bellying; boinking; coupulating; hosing; nailing; porking; pounding; round of slap and tickle; schtupping; stuffing

—FUCKING— (3) (as infix) (coll.)
abso-fucking-lutely; abso-freakin’-lutely; guaran-fucking-tee; in-fucking-credible; un-fucking-believable

Blow!; Bugger off! (Brit.); Dick off!; Don’t go there!; Drop t. subject!; Get lost!; Get out!; Go away!; Make yourself scarce!; Leave!; Leave it alone!; Leave me alone!; Leave things alone!; Refrain from; Shoot off! (Brit.); Sod off! (Brit.)

(see also  FUCKED UP)
(e.g. He really fucked things up)
bollix up; bollocks it up; foul it up; mess it up; screw it up

(e.g. He’d been a fuckup his whole life)
ass; failure; fool; incompetent; klutz (Yd.)  schlemiel (Yd.) screw-up

FUCKWAD  (n) (pej.)
(i.e. a fuckup, idiot or fool)
(see FUCKUP)

(e.g. The hacker had  fucked with the system)
(e.g. “Don’t fuck with me!” he said)
diddle w.; fiddle w.; interfere w.; meddle w.; mess w.; screw w.; tamper w.

FUCK YOU! (insult)
chingate (Sp., Mex.); bugger off! (Brit.); get bent!; get fucked!; go bugger yourself! (Brit.); go fuck yourself!; go screw yourself!; screw you!

abundant; ample; big-breasted; big-knockered; big-titted; bosomy; built; busty; buxom; curvaceous; endowed; gifted; shapely; stacked; well-endowed

bouffant; built; busty; buxom; curvaceous; filled out; full-bodied; fully developed; fully grown; mature; pleasingly plump; plump; puffed out; puffy; rounded out; shapely; stacked; voluptuous; well-endowed; well-rounded;  zaftig (Yd.,)

FULL SWAP (HARD SWAP) (n or adj)
(i.e. penetrative sex in swinging or wife swapping)
(see  GROUP SEX)

FUNK (1) (n)
(see also SEX SMELL)
(e.g. Once could not help but notice the raw funk of sin in those cheap motel rooms)
aroma; BO (coll.); body odor; fragrance; odor; pungence; pungency; ripe aroma; scent; smell; stank; stench; stink

FUNK (2) (n)
(e.g. The boss is in a funk today)
bad humor; bad mood; bad temper; black mood; bleak mood; dark mood; depression; despondency; gloomy mood; mood; temper

FUNKY (1) (adj)
evil-smelling; foul; fusty; ill-smelling; malodorous; musky; musty; noisome; rancid; rank; smelly; stinky

FUNKY (2) (adj)
abnormal; bizarre; curious; funny; irregular; not right; off; offbeat; out of t. ordinary; queer; strange; weird

FUNKY (3) (adj) (coll.)
bluesy; cool; driving; earthy; erotic; groovy; hip; jazzy; modish; rhythmic; rhythmically interesting; sensual; soulful; stylish; trendy


anger response; EDR; electrodermal response; emotional response; fear response; GSR; orienting response; psychogalvanic reflex; SCL; SCR; sexual response; skin conductance;   skin conductance level; skin conductance response; startled response

(i.e. large pendulous breasts)

gang rape; sexual assault; wilding

GANG BANG  (2) (n)
group sex; orgy; sex party

GANG BANG (3) (n)
brawl; clash; fight; riot; rumble

(see also  GROUP SEX, ORGY)
bukkake (Jap.); orgy

bands; braces; straps; suspenders

GASH (1) (v)
cleave; cut; hack; incise; nick; rent; rive; score; slash; slice; slit; split; tear into; wound

GASH (2) (n)
cleft; crack; curf; cut; fissure; kerf; nick; notch; rent; rift; slash; slice; slit; split; tear; wound

GASH (3) (n) (coll.)
(see also  VAGINA)
cleft; hole; slash; slit; split; wound

(see also CHOKING GAME, THE)
asphyxiaphiliac (Clin.); choker; chokee; self-choker; self-strangler

GAY (GAY MAN) (1) (n)
(see also  LESBIAN)
aggie; anal assassin; anal astronaut; angel; aesthete; aunt-eater; auntie; backdoor bandit; Backgammon player; bear; belle; bender; bend shot; bent; bent shot; Betty; blade; booty buffer; bone queen; bone smuggler; bottomite; botty boy; botty man; boy scout; brownie king; brown piper; Bruce; bugger; bufter; bufty; bum bandit; bum boy; bum chum; bum driller; bumhole engineer; bun bandit; butt boy; buttercup; butterfly; butt fruit; butt pirate; butt rider; butt rustler; catamite (Antq.); chi chi man (Jam.); choirboy; chutney ferret; cock jockey; cock knocker; cock-pipe; cock-pipe cosmonaut; cock-piper; cocksucker (pej.); Crafty Butcher (Brit., sl.); cream puff; cruiser; daffodil; daisy; daisy puller (pej.); debutante; dick-licker; donut puncher; Duchess; Dutch boy; effie; Ethel; Eton boy; evening botanist; fag; faggot (usu. pej.); fairy (pej.); father fucker; faygeleh (Yd.); feather spitter; felcher; fembo; Finocchio; flamer; flamingo; flit; fluter; fly fisher; friend of Dorothy; fruit (pej.); fruitcake; fruit loop; fruit packer; fruit picker; fruiter; fudge packer; GAM (gay Asian male); GBM (gay black male); GWM (gay white male); gayblade; gaysexual; Gaysian (gay Asian); gentleman of the piers; girly-boy; girly-man; Greek boy; Harry Hoofter (Brit., sl.); home boy;  homie; homo;  homophile (Clin.); homosexual (Clin.); iron hoof (Brit., sl.);        iron hoofter (Brit., sl.); jackdaw; jag; jaisy; Jeanie boy; Jenny; jobby jabber (Sc.); jockey; joey; joy-boy; knob jockey; left-footer; left-handed whisperer; left-hander; lilac; lily; lisper; Lizzie boy; lumberjack; marge; margarita (Sp.); maricon (Sp.); mariposa (Sp.); Marmite miner (Brit.); mattress muncher; midnight cowboy; mincer; mintie; Miss Nancy; Miss Thing; moff; molly mop; nance (U.S., sl.); Nancy boy (Brit., sl.); Nancy man; Nellie; nudger; Oklahomo (sl.); Oscar; pansy (pej.); pantywaist; Percy; perplexant; petal; Peter Pansy; pillow biter; pineapple; pixie; ponce; poof; poofter (Brit., sl); poonce; pouffe; powder puff; queen; queer (usu. pej); queervert; quince; ring raider; sausage jockey; screamer; Seymour; shirt lifter; shit stabber; sissy britches; skater boy; skippy; snap diva; sod (Brit.); sodomite (Antq.); son of the Moon; Sunday gentleman; sunset lover; swish; Toby; third-sexer; three-legged beaver; three-letter man; Tinkerbelle; trouser bandit; turd burglar; twink; twin spirit (N.A.); twit; twixter; uphill gardener; upside-down chimney sweep; upstairs gardener; weak sister; whoops-boy; whoops-getter (Brit. sl., pej.); whoopsie (Brit. sl., pej.); wide receiver; Willie boy; wonk; woof; woofter; woolie; woolie woofter

GAY (2) (n) (all usu. pej.)
(i.e. younger gay man)
botty boy; boy; choir boy; cub; Dutch boy; fresh meat; freshy; Greek boy; joey; joy-boy; twink; whoops-boy; Willie-boy

GAY (3) (n) (all usu. pej.)
(i.e. older gay man)
afghan; aging actress; aunt; auntie; Auntie Mame; Auntie Matilda; chicken hawk; chinstrap; Daddy; dowager; elderberry; fallen star; flapper; Grand Duchess; grandma; gray lady; Grimm’s fairy; mama gaga; nudger; old bear; old girl; old goat; old poof; old queen; old queer; old thing; toad; troll; wrinkle queen

GAY (GAY SEX) (4) (adj)
(see also  FUCK, HAVE SEX)
boy on boy; butt sex (pej.); dude on dude; guy on guy; m/m

GAY (5) (adj)
homoerotic (Clin.); homophilic (Clin.); homosexual (Clin.); same-sex; same-sex attraction (Clin.); third sex

GAYDAR (n) (coll.)
(i.e. supposed intuition or ability to detect whether someone is gay)
feeling about s.o.; intuition; sixth sense

GEISHA (n) (Jap.)
companion; consort; conversationalist; courtesan; dancer; escort; flower; flowers and willows; geigi (Jap.); geiko (Jap.); musician; o. who dances; o. who engages in conversation; o. who plays music; o. who recites poetry; performing artist; willow

bi-gender; female; fifth sex; fourth sex; gender nonconforming; intersex; male; other-gender; pan-gender; sex; “some” gender; third gender; third sex; trans; tri-gender

bio king; bio queen; cross-dresser; faux king; faux queen; female impersonator; genderfuck; gender-fucker; male impersonator; mista-sista (coll.); transvestite

drag revue; drag show

androgyny; cross dressing; drag; gender fucking


agender; asexual; androgynous; epicene; intersexual; neuter; non-gendered

GENDERQUEER (n or adj)
genderfluid; GQ; non-binary

antipodes; area; down below; crotch; groin; intimate area; inner thigh; lap; loins; love flesh; lower abdomen; nether region; pelvis; private place; undercarriage; water gap

ace of spades; area; basket; bearded clam; beauty spot; beaver; budget; between the legs; bikini line; black badger; box; cabbage patch; cake; can; cellar; chotch; clam; cock alley; cock inn; conny; cooch; cookie; coot; cooze; coyote; cunus; cunny; cunt; Cupid’s corner; delta; front door; front parlor; front porch; furburger; gape; gash; gusset; hairburger; hair pie; hairy magnet; hairy-Mary; honey pot; inner thigh; jellyroll; junk; kettle; kitty; lady garden; lap; loins; man catcher; man trap; marble arch; merkin (Antq.); minge (Brit.); money maker; mound; muff; pranny; pubic triangle (Clin.); pubic ridge; pubis (Clin.); punanni; pussy; rose; snatch; sweet potato pie; twam (twammy); twat; velvet glove; vertical smile; whisker biscuit; wound

crotch; groin; junk; lap; loins; pelvis; pubis

(i.e. generic term for sex organs, male or female)
apparatus; apparatus urogenitalis (Lat., Clin.); bits; business; carnal parts; doodads; doohickeys; down-below; down-belows; downstairs; down there; equipment; essentials; fancy work; front porch; fuzzies; gadgets; intimate bits; intimate parts; jewelry; junk; love muscles; meaties; nasties; naughty bits (Brit.) (euph.); nether parts; nethers; organs of generation; parts (euph.); private parts; privates; privy parts; pudenda (pl.); pudendum (sg.); reproductive organs; rude bits; secret parts; secret works; sex organs; stuff; thing; uglies; underparts; water engine; waterworks

(i.e. female sex organs)
(see also  CLITORIS, VAGINA)
cat chotch; clam; cooch; cookie; coot; cooze; cunny; cunt; front door; front parlor; girl; girl parts; kitty; lady; lady parts; peach; punanni; punanny (Skt.); puss; pussy; thing; twat; vagina; vulva; yoni (Skt.)

(i.e. male sex organs)  
(see also  PENIS, TESTICLES)
bag of tricks; bat and balls; Big Jim and the twins; Boss and his two helpers; boy parts; boys; branch and fruit; cock and balls; crown jewels; family jewels; frenulum; kit; lingam (Skt.); man parts; meat basket; pillar and stones; post and stones; pride and joy; sausage and beans; stick and bangers; tackle; thing; three-piece set; three-piece suite; twig and berries; virile (Lat.); wedding kit; wedding tackle; zipperfish

(see also  ERECTION, PENIS)
achieve erection; get a boner; get a chubby; get a hard-on; get a stiffy; get a tumescence; get big; get hard; get it up; get stiff; get wood; have a boner; have a hard-on; have an erection; schwing

(e.g. That slut really gets around)

(see HAVE SEX)


GET OFF (1) (v) (coll.)
(re. sexual activity)
achieve orgasm; achieve satisfaction; be aroused; be stirred up; be turned on; climax; experience sexual release; have an orgasm

GET OFF (2) (v) (coll.)
(e.g. “How do you get off, behaving like such a jerk?” she demanded)
excuse o.s.; get away w. s.t.; justify o.s.; take liberties

(see HAVE SEX)

(see also  AROUSED, WET)
(e.g. Every time I think about him I get wet)
become all hot and bothered; become aroused; become wet; become lubricated; flood; get hot; get moist; get slick; loosen up; lubricate; sploosh (sl.); weep down under  

GIDDY (adj)
(e.g. “I feel giddy!” she gushed. “Giddy-up!” he replied)
airy; capricious; carefree; changeable; ditzy; erratic; fickle; flighty; flippant; frivolous; hare-brained; impulsive; inconstant; insouciant; irresponsible; light-hearted; mercurial; scatter-brained; whimsical

colossal; elephantine; enormous; gargantuan; gigantean; great big; huge; humongous (coll.); immense; jumbo; king-size; large; leviathan; mammoth; megatherian; monstrous; monumental; oversize; prodigious; spanking; staggering; strapping; stupendous; thumping; thundering; titanic; towering; tremendous; walloping; whopping

cicesbeo (It.); companion; dancing partner; escort; male escort; man-whore; paid companion; paid escort; pander; paramour; pimp; procurer

GIMP SUIT (n) (sl.)
bondage suit; full-body suit; restraint suit; tight suit; zentai

GIRL (n)
(see also WOMAN)
babe (coll.); bint; chick (coll.); colleen (IrE.); daughter; damoiselle (Fr.); damsel (Antq.); demoiselle (Fr.); filly (coll.); Fraulein (Ger.); gal; girlie (Antq.); kitten; lass; lassie; mademoiselle (Fr.); maid; maiden (Antq.); miss; nymph; nymphet; princess; sister; sista; young lady; young woman

babe; baby; baby-girl; best girl; bitch (coll.); boo; chick; GF; girl; inamorata; lickety-boo (f/f); live-in; live-in lover; lover; lover girl; mama; my best bitch; my bitch; my girl; my main squeeze; my old lady my woman; old lady (coll.); partner; piece (usu. pej); POSSLQ; significant other; SO; special friend; special someone; steady girl; squeeze; thing; woman

(i.e. mistress)
accessory; arm candy; bachelor’s wife; belly lass; belly piece; bit on the side; bizzo; canary; companion; concubine; consort; dolly; dolly mop; fancy woman; free lover; hump; inamorata; item; jam tart; kept woman; lady bird; lady friend; left-handed wife; leveret; lie-a-side; lorette; other woman; pellex; piece; piece of stray; piece on t. side; playmate; shack job; side dish; spare rib; sweetback; woman in a gilded cage

feminine; girly; maidenly; womanly

GIRTH (1) (n)
breadth; bulk; circumference; size; span; thickness; wideness; width

GIRTH (2) (n)
(see PENIS)

(re. sexual consent)
consent to sex; give in; give o.s.; give over; let s.o. have; offer o.s.; put out; say yes; submit; surrender; yield

(see also FELLATE)
blow s.o.; deep-throat s.o.; eat s.o.’s dick; swallow s.o.’s cock; suck s.o. off

(i.e. to cuckold or betray one’s husband)
(see also  HAVE AN AFFAIR)
(e.g. That faithless wife of mine gave me horns)
betray s.o.; bring shame upon s.o.; cheat on s.o.; cuckold s.o.; go behind s.o.’s back

allure; appeal; attractiveness; beauty; bewitchment; captivation; charm; comeliness; enravishment; entrancement; fascination; loveliness; ravishment; seduction; seductiveness; prettiness; pulchritude   

doll up; dress up; embellish; exaggerate; idealize; make attractive; paint over; paint up; pretty over; pretty up; romanticize; varnish

appealing; attractive; beautiful; charming; dazzling; desirable; fashionable; glitzy; gorgeous; lovely; stylish; trendy

GLAMOROUS (2) (adj)
fashionable; glitzy; stylish; trendy

a pretty face; beauty without brains; bimbo; cover girl; lovely airhead; sex pot

GLAND(S) (2) (n)
(i.e. Mammary glands))

GLAND (3) (n) (coll.)
(see PENIS)

chemical; chemical-secreting; fluid-secreting; hormone-secreting; hormonal

GLANS (1) (n) (Clin.) (Lat., lit. “acorn”)
(i.e. tip of the penis)
bald-headed hermit; bald-headed mouse; bell; bell-end; bobby’s helmet (Brit.); cock-knuckle; cone; crown; dick head; fireman’s helmet; head; head of t. penis; helmet; hood; jewel; knob; mushroom; ñema (Sp., inf.); nosecone; onion; penis head; point; radish; tip; turnip

GLANS (2) (n) (Clin.)
(i.e. the visible “head” of the clitoris)

GLBT (n)
(int., gay, lesbian, bi(sexual), trans(gender))

GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (n) (Lat., Clin.)
(see ASS)


GO-GO (A GO-GO) (adj)
chic; contemporary; exotic; fly; hot; latest; latest thing; mod; modern; modish; new; now; popular; sexy; smart; stylish; swank; trendy; up-to-the-minute

blennorrhea; bube; burn; burner; clap (t. clap, clapp, clappy); dose (dose of clap, dose of t. claps); drip (t. drip); dripsy; Four-plus; GC (gentleman’s complaint); gleet (t. gleet(s)); glue; gonny; gonoblennorrhea; gonoblennorrheal infection; gonorrheal infection; hammerhead clap; looloo (lulu); Neisseria gonorrhea (Neisserian infection); old dose; old Joe; rash; t. stick; t. strain

GONZO (1) (adj)
bizarre; crazy; exaggerated; far-fetched; flamboyant; idiosyncratic; over-t.-top; unconventional; weird; wild

GONZO (2) (n)
(re. literary style or journalism)
fictionalized; idiosyncratic; over-t.-top; partial; personalized; subjective

action-based porn; close-up-heavy porn; first-person porn; hardcore porn; in-your-face porn; over-t.-top porn; plot-is-for-sissies porn; plotless porn; POV porn; straight-to-t.-sex; straight-up-t.-hole POV; up-your-ass porn; up-your-pussy porn; who-needs-a-reason-to-fuck?; who-needs-a-storyline-to-get-off?; who-needs-plot-to-wank-it?

chills; cold; cold creeps; creeps; duck bumps; goose flesh; goose pimples; goose skin; hair rising along o’s arms; horripilation (Antq., obsc.); shivers; t. creeps; t. shivers; t. wiggins

attractive; beautiful; beauteous (Antq.); breathtaking; brilliant; charming; comely; dazzling; elegant; exquisite; good-looking; handsome; lovely; radiant; striking; stunning

airy; delicate; diaphanous; feathery; fine; flimsy; frail; gauzy; light; light as a fairy’s wings; light as a feather; light as an angel’s breath; sheer; see-through; silky; thin; translucent; transparent; unsubstantial

GOSSIP (1) (v)
(e.g. The hairdressers liked to gossip with their clients)
blab; blather; chatter; dish; dish the dirt; gabble; gibber; jaw; prate; prattle; shoot the breeze; spread rumors; spread stories; squeal; tattle; tell stories out of school; whisper; yak

GOSSIP (2) (n)
(e.g. I’ve got some super-juicy gossip for you)
buzz; dirt; dope; grapevine; hearsay; mud; mud-slinging; oui-dire (Fr.); poop; report; rumor; scandal; scuttlebutt; story; tale; tittle-tattle; whispering campaign; whispers

GOSSIP (3) (n)
(e.g. I don’t listen to idle gossip)
blather; chitchat; idle talk; twaddle

GOSSIP (4) (n)
(e.g. The old queen was a notorious gossip)
blabbermouth; blatherskite (Antq.); busybody; chatterbox; gabbler; gossip columnist; gossiper; gossipmonger; loudmouth; magpie; meddler; Mrs. Grundy;  rumormonger;  snoop;  stickybeak (ANZ., sl.); tabloid reporter; tattler; tattletale; whisperer; yenta (Yd.)

blabby; chatty; garrulous; talkative; talky

(e.g. The manager liked to play grab-ass in the staff room)
copping a feel; feeling; fondling; grabbing tail; groping; non-consentual touching; pinching; unwanted touching

(e.g. This novel contains graphic sex scenes)
clear; crystal clear; definite; depictive; detailed; explicit; express; expressive; full; lucid; obvious; out-and-out; outright; overt; picturesque; plain; pointed; precise; realistic; representative; unambiguous; uncensored; unexpurgated; unmistakable; vivid; well-defined; well-drawn

GRAPPLE (1) (v)

GRAPPLE (2) (v)
(e.g. He grappled the girl by the rope around her waist)
catch; fasten; grab; grab hold of; grab on to; grasp; grip; hold; hook; make fast (naut.); pin; press; secure; seize; snatch; take hold of

(e.g. The two adversaries grappled fiercely)
(e.g. He grappled with his conscience all night)
battle; brawl; clash; combat; contend; deal w.; encounter; fight; strive against; struggle; tackle; try to overcome; wrestle

(e.g. The newly-weds’ incessant grappling kept everyone awake)
scuffling; straining together; striving; struggling; tussling; wrestling

GREEDY (1) (adj)
(re. sex or pleasures of the flesh)
(e.g. “You greedy little bitch!” he smiled from ear to ear. “You can’t get enough, can you?”)
ardent; avid; breathless; burning; covetous; craving; cupidinous; desirous; eager; esurient; fervent; hungry; impatient; lickerish (Antq.); longing; zealous

GREEDY (2) (adj)
(re. wealth and money)
acquisitive; ambitious; avaricious; cheap; grudging; hoarding; illiberal; mean; miserly; parsimonious; penurious; penny-pinching; possessive; rapacious; selfish; stingy; tight; tightfisted; usurious; venal

GREEDY (3) (adj)
(re. food or oral gratification)
bottomless; devouring; gluttonous; hoggish; insatiable; omnivorous; piggish; ravening; ravenous; swinish; unquenchable; voracious

GRIMACE (1) (v)
(e.g. Simone grimaced as she began to come)
frown; glare; glower; make a face; mouth; mug; pout; scowl; smirk; sneer; stick out o’s. lower lip; wrinkle up o’s. nose;

GRIMACE (2) (n)
(e.g. His handsome face was twisted into an angry grimace)
contortion; face; frown; glare; grin; mow (Antq.); moue (Fr.); pout; scowl; smirk; sneer

crotch; genitals; inguin (Clin.); inguina (Clin.); inguinal region (Clin.); nethers (coll.); perineum (Clin.); privates; taint

GROPE (1) (v)
(e.g. The dirty old man groped the girl from the escort service as they sat together in the booth)
caress; cop a feel; explore; feel; fiddle; finger; fondle; fumble with; give a feel; grab at; probe; touch

GROPE (2) (v)
(e.g. He groped his way through the darkness)
feel o’s. way; fumble; grabble; move blindly; pick o’s. way; poke around; probe; scrabble

GROPE (3) (v)
(e.g. Blinded by the flash, Jane was on her hands and knees, groping for her keys)
angle f.; beat around f.; cast around f.; cast f.; fish f.; hunt f.; look f.; search blindly f.; search f.

GROPE (4) (n) (coll.)
(e.g. He took her in the back room for a grope)
a feel; feely-meely; fondling; fumbling; funny stuff (coll.); grope and tickle; slap and tickle

exploring; feeling; fingering; fondling; grabbing; probing; prodding; stroking; touching

GROSS (1) (adj) (coll.)
disgusting; nauseating; repulsive; revolting; sick; unpalatable; unpleasant

GROSS (2) (adj)
(e.g. That’s a gross violation of the rules)
blatant; brazen; clear; egregious; flagrant; glaring; grievous; heinous; obvious; outrageous; plain; reprehensible; serious; shameful

GROSS (3) (adj)
(e.g. The fat old codger was gross and sweaty)
adipose; cumbersome; fat; extremely overweight; hulking; morbidly obese; obese; overweight; ponderous

GROSS (4) (adj)
(e.g. This gross behavior must cease)
barbaric; boorish; bumpkinish; cloddish; crass; dull; loutish; oafish; obtuse; uncivilized; uncouth; uncultivated; uncultured; unpolished; unrefined; unsophisticated

GROSS (5) (adj)
(e.g. To her sheltered eyes the R-rated movie seemed gross)
bawdy; blue; carnal; crude; earthy; foulmouthed; gutter; gutter-level; indecent; indelicate; lewd; low; obscene; offensive; pornographic; racy; raw; ribald; risqué; rude; sensual; vulgar

(e.g. She was grossed out by the sight of the old man’s naked body)
disgusted; freaked out; nauseated; offended; queasy; scandalized; sick; taken aback

(e.g. “Does this gross you out?” He lifted his penis from under the fold in his belly)
disgust s.o.; freak s.o. out; make s.o. nauseous; make s.o. queasy; make s.o. sick; scandalize s.o.

(e.g. “The murder scene in that movie was a total gross-out,” she said)
blood-curdling sight; disgusting sight; disgusting thing; nauseating sight; nauseating thing; perverse thing; sick thing; stomach-turning sight; stomach-turning thing

(see also  ORGY, SWINGING)
bunga bunga party (bungabunga); circle jerk; double penetration; DP; f/m/f; foursome; four-way; hard swap (penetrative); full-swap (penetrative); gang bang; gangbang; group grope; m/f/m; ménage (a trois, a quatre etc.) (Fr.); sex party; soft-swap (non-penetrative); threesome; three-way; mixed doubles (euph.); orgy; same-room sex; swinging; wife swapping

G-SPOT (n)
erogenous zone; Gräfenberg spot (Clin.); pleasure point; Saspando (Skt.); tender spot; trigger; trigger point

(see also  LOIN CLOTH)
bikini bottom; fundoshi (Jap.); gee string; gee-string; geestring (Antq.); girdle string; groin string; kaupinam (masc.); langot (masc.); loin cloth (usu. masc.); monokini; thong

(e.g. After the accident, he went on a guilt trip)
beating o.s. up; blame; emotional blackmail; manipulation; orgy of recrimination; orgy of self-blame; psychological manipulation; recrimination; reproach; self-accusation; self-doubt; self-recrimination

GUILT-TRIP (1) (v)
(see also  GUILT (1))
(e.g. He guilt-tripped her into having sex)
beat o.s. up; beat s.o. up; blackmail s.o. emotionally; blame o.s.; blame s.o.; make s.o. feel guilty; make s.o. feel responsible; manipulate s.o. emotionally; reproach s.o.

(e.g. His guilty pleasures included romance novels and softcore porn)
indulgence; private indulgence; private pleasure; secret indulgence; secret pastime; secret pleasure; source of shame; thing o. is embarrassed to admit


HAG (n)
(e.g. Nobody could tell if the old hag was scowling or smiling)
battle ax; beldam; biddy; bitch; bitter old woman; crone; disagreeable old woman; fishwife; fury; gorgon; harpy; harridan; hellcat; nag; ogress; old bat; old biddy; old witch; shrew; ugly old woman; ugly woman; virago

coif; coiffure; cut; do; hairstyle; style

Afro; bangs; beehive; beehive bubble; blow cut; bob; braids; bun; chignon; cold wave; comb out; cornrows; feather cut; finger wave; ‘fro (sl.); haircut; hairstyle; Hime cut; Jewfro; Marcel; natural; pageboy; perm (coll.); permanent; permanent wave; pixie cut; plait; shag; tresses (Antq.); updo; upsweep; weave

(i.e. esp. in porn, when one partner massages or tickles the other’s penis with their hair, often accompanying fellatio)

(see also UNDRESS (2))
dishabille; in a state of partial undress; naked from the waist down; naked from the waist up; scantily clad; shirtless; topless

bridle; check; checkrein; control; governor; hackamore; harness; headgear; headstall; leash; line; reign; restraint; rope; thong; trammel

backless top; halter; halterneck; halterneck garment; yem (Viet Nam)

(see also  MASTURBATION)
handy (handies); jerk; wank job

comely (usu. f); fair (usu. f); fine; fine-looking; good-looking; easy on the eyes; easy to look at; nicely put together; not hard to look at; sightly; well-formed; well-proportioned

HANDSY (adj) (Brit.)
(i.e. inclination (usu. of a man) to grope or fondle inappropriately)
aggressive; feely; feely-meely; forward; fresh; greedy; gropy; gropy-feely; having Russian fingers and Roman hands; inappropriate; likely to put o’s hands where they don’t belong; not respecting proper boundaries; touchy-feely; touchy-gropy

after-effect; aftermath; DTs; headache; leftover; morning after; reminder of the night before; shakes; under the weather; willies; withdrawal

 (e.g. Sally had a hangup about anal sex)
anxiety; embarrassment; inhibition; problem; reticence; self-consciousness; shyness

(e.g. Cliff and Chloe’s hanky-panky was common knowledge at the office)
affair; carrying on; dalliance; deception; double-dealing; fling; flirtation; fooling around; funny business; illicit activity; liaison; machinations; messing around; monkey business; sexual activity; screwing around; sneaking around

HARD (1) (adj)
(i.e. male arousal)
(see also  AROUSED, TURNED ON)
erect; fucky; full of fuck; full of jizz; full of spunk; hard as a rock; hard for it; having a hard-on for; having a hot rod; having risen to t. occasion (euph.); horny; horny as a jackrabbit; horny as a rhino; hot; hot to trot; lusty; rammish; randy; randy as a jackrabbit; raring to go; ready to get down; ready to get it on; ready to play; ready to rumble; ready to rut; ruttish; rutty; salty; sexed up; standing straight and tall; standing tall; stiff; switched on; throbbing; tingling; turned on; turned on for it; upstanding; worked up

HARD (2) (adj)
concrete; firm; granite-like; inflexible; petrified; rigid; rock-like; rocky; rugged; secure; set; solid; steely; stiff; stone-like; stony; strong; substantial; tight; tough; unmalleable; unyielding

asshole; bitch; bureaucrat; by-the-book person; jerk; mean person; overly-rigid person; overly-strict person; uncompromising person; unfeeling person; unsympathetic person

(see also  GONZO)
(e.g. Jack was into the hardcore stuff)
(e.g. Jill liked to watch hardcore porn with her boyfriend)
down-and-dirty; explicit; extreme; gonzo; let-it-all-hang-out; no-holds-barred; not-for-the-faint-of-heart; nothing left to the imagination; Triple-X; Triple-X porn; XXX


HARD-ON FOR (n) (coll.)
(e.g. The jock had a hard-on for the cheerleader)
attraction to; desire for; fascination w.; fixation on; jones for; lust for; obsession w.; passion for

HARD SWAP (n or adj)
(i.e. penetrative sex in swinging or wife swapping)
(see also  GROUP SEX)
all the way; full swap; no holds barred; no limits; the full Monty; the whole enchilada

HARD UP (adj)
(e.g. “I’m seriously hard up,” he complained. “Haven’t had sex in over six months”)
alone; bereft of companionship; cock-sick; desperate; horny; lonely; lonesome; love-starved; not getting any (coll.); sex-starved; skin-starved; unfulfilled

gynoecium (Gr.); purdah (India); seraglio; women’s quarters; zenana (India)

HARLOT (n) (Antq.)
(see also  PROSTITUTE)
bim; chippy; cocotte; demimondaine; demirep; drab; fallen woman; fille de joie (Fr.); floozy; hooker; hussy; hustler; moll; loose woman; painted woman; prostitute; slattern; slut; streetwalker; strumpet; tramp; trull; vamp; wench; whore

(e.g. I hatefucked my ex the other night. It was intense.)
(e.g. That chick is hot, but such a bitch! I gave her a good hate fuck just because I could)
angry sex; disgusted sex; hate sex; HF; pissed-off sex; revenge sex; rough sex w. s.o. you hate; sex w.o. affection; sex w.o. love; sex w. s.o. you despise

(see also  ADULTERY, AFFAIR)
cheat; cheat on o’s. partner; cheat on o’s. spouse; commit adultery; cuckold o’s. spouse; give o’s. spouse horns; go behind s.o’s. back; have a fling; run around on o’s. spouse; sneak around; step out on o’s. spouse

(see also  COPULATE, FUCK)
baking a jelly roll; balling; basket-making; bellying; blowing the groundsills; boinking; bone dancing;; boning; bonking; coishing; copulating; couching; dallying; dallying with s.o.; diddling; doing horizontal pushups; doing it; doing it bread and butter fashion; doing t. horizontal hokey-pokey; doing t. hot and sloppy; doing t. oinky-boinky; doing t. naked pretzel; doing t. nasty; dry humping; engaging in amorous congress; engaging in coitus; engaging in sexual activity; engaging in sexual congress; enjoying horizontal refreshments; enjoying convivial society; enjoying s.o.; face-making; fucking; getting a bit of crumpet (Brit.); getting a bit of how’s your father (Brit.); getting a piece of ass; getting a piece of tail; getting it on; getting laid; getting some tail; getting some trim; getting s.o.’s cookies; going to bed with s.o.; having a brush; having a nooner; having a quickie; having a quick one; having a tiff; having carnal knowledge of s.o.; having carnal relations with s.o.; having intercourse; having intercourse with s.o.; having sexual relations; having sexual relations with s.o.; having t. oh-be-joyfuls (Brit., euph.); humping; jima nikah (Arab.); making the naked pretzel; nayk (fucking) (Arab.); oinky-boinky; playing at St. George and t. dragon; playing t. blanket hornpipe; playing w. s.o.; porking (s.o.); schtupping; screwing; sleeping together; sleeping with s.o.; sporting; sporting with s.o.; swiving (Antq.); taking a flyer; tupping (Antq.)

(e.g. He had her on top of the kitchen counter)
(e.g. “You think you're going to have me?” she asked)

HEAD (GIVE HEAD) (v or n)

(i.e. s.o. who enjoys performing oral sex)

carnality; debauchery; dissipation; dissoluteness; dolce vita (It.); excessiveness; extravagance; free-living; gluttony; gratification; high-living; immoderation; indulgence; intemperance; partying; pleasure-seeking; profligacy; pursuit of pleasure; satisfaction-seeking; self-gratification; self-indulgence; sensualism; sensuality; swinging; voluptuousness

belly-god; bon vivant (Fr.); debauchee; epicure; epicurean; glutton; gourmand; high-liver; hog; indulger; libertine; life of the party; party animal (coll.); party girl; pleasure-seeker; profligate; sensualist; swinger; sybarite; voluptuary

carnal; fleshly; hedonic; libertine; licentious; pleasure-seeking; sensual; voluptuous

beat down; browbeat; bully; castrate; cavil; chide; complain; criticize; cut up; domineer; find fault; grouse; grumble; hector; nag; pussy whip; rebuke; scold; whip

acquiescent; browbeaten; bullied; castrated (symbolically); cowering; cringing; docile; dominated; emasculated; having no mind of o’s. own; kept at s.o.’s beck and call; kept on a tight reign; led around by the nose; like Caspar Milqtoast; like Walter Mitty; meek; nagged; pussy-whipped; p-whipped; spineless; subjugated; timid; treated like dirt; unmanned; whipped

(i.e. Hermes + Aphrodite; a person with both male and female sex organs)

both sexes; gynandrous; transsexual


HET (n or adj) (sl.) (usu. pej.)

HETERO (n or adj) (occ. pej.)

(i.e. mating or marriage of unlike or dissimilar partners)
interethnic marriage; interfaith marriage; interracial marriage; May to December

different; disparate; dissimilar; heteromorphic; incompatible; incongruous; inharmonious; unalike; unlike; unrelated  

diverse; diversified; mixed; multifarious; multiform; various; variegated

HETEROMORPHIC (adj) (Gr.) (Clin.)
(i.e. deviating from the norm)

HETERO-NORMATIVE (adj) (occ. pej.)
boring; dull; hetero; Norman Normal; straight; unimaginative; vanilla

baby-maker; breeder (pej.); breeder fish; butch sister; dangler (masc.); frock; GB (masc.); GG (fem.); het (usu. pej.); hetero (coll.); hetty; jam; Kinsey One; mundane; NAFF; norm; Norman; Norman Normal; right-handed; str8 (txt.); straight; stray; tourist; townie; trade; vanilla; zero

boy-girl; flavorless (pej.); het (usu. pej.); hetero; hetero-normative; m/f; opposite-sex;

blot; blotch; bruise; discoloration; love bite; love mark; love welt; suck mark

HIGH (adj) (coll.)
(see also  DRUNK)
baked; bombed; buzzed; doped; drug-affected; drunk; drunk as a skunk; ecstatic; elated; enraptured; feeling no pain; flying; flying high; glazed; grooving; high as a kite; intoxicated; juiced; on a trip; plastered; ripped; sloshed; smashed; spaced out; stewed; stoned; strung out; tanked; tight; tipsy; totaled; transported; tripping; turned on; tweaking; wasted

HIP(S) (1) (n)
 (see also  ASS (1))
breech; coxa (pl. coxae)(Clin.); croup; haunch; haunches; hindquarters; loin; loins; pelvic region; pelvis; rump

HIP (2) (adj) (coll.)
all t. rage; chic; contemporary; cool; current; faddy; fashionable; in vogue; latest; latest thing; mod; modern; modish; now; smart; stylish; swank; trendy; up-to-the-minute; with-it

HIP (3) (adj) (inf., 1960s-70s)
(e.g. That guy’s OK; he’s hip to the scene)
conversant w.; informed; in t. know; knowing; knowledgeable; sharp; smart; tuned in; up on

HO (n) (coll.)
loose woman; promiscuous woman; prostitute; slut; whore

HOLDER (1) (n)
(i.e. a woman with extreme control over her vaginal muscles)
(e.g. The sheik was delighted to discover that his new bride was a holder)
baker woman; boa-constrictor; bone crusher; clam clamp; clamp-cooch; cock holder; cum-squeezer; grabber; groin-grabber; hungry clam; hungry oyster; kabbazah (Arab.); Kegel-athlete; Kegel cowgirl; Kegel-squeezer; knob-crusher; milker; milking machine; mole catcher; please, squeeze me; snake trap; squeezer; squeezer-pleaser; squeezer-teaser; squeezin’ pleasin’; suck-bint; sucker artist; suckerfish; suck-vag; tadge-grabber; tight pussy; vacuum vag; velvet vacuum cleaner; velvet vice; velvet vice grips

HOMELY (1) (adj)
hard on the eyes; ill-favored; ordinary; not much for looks; not much in t. looks department; not much to look at; plain; plain-featured; plain-Jane; plain-looking; short on looks; rough on t. eyes; ugly; unattractive; unbeautiful; uncomely; unhandsome; unlovely; unpretty; unshapely; unsightly

arousing; exciting; gay; homophile; homophilic; lesbian; same-sex; same-sexy; sexy

gay turn-on; lesbian turn-on; same-sex turn-on

(i.e. mating or marriage among significantly similar partners)
consanguinity; cousin marriage; endogamy; exogamy; inbreeding; intermarriage

HOMOGAMY (2) (n)
equal marriage; f/f; gay marriage; m/m; same-sex marriage; same-sex relationship; same-sex union

HOMOPHILE (n) (Antq.)
(see GAY (1))

anti-gay bigot; basher; bigot; gay-basher; hater; queer-basher

anti-gay bigotry; bigotry; gay bashing; queer bashing

bigoted; discriminatory; gay-bashing; gay-fearing; gay-hating; prejudiced; violently anti-gay

(see GAY (1), LESBIAN)
alternaqueer (sl.); Boyz R Us (sl.); gay man; gay woman; lesbian (fem.); queer (usu. pej); sodamite (Antq.); tribadist (tribadiste) (fem.) (Antq.); third nature; third sex; twin spirit (N.A.)

HOMOSEXUAL (2) (n) (pej.)
(a) gay; ass bandit; ass spelunker; benderast (sl.); bent wrist; bugger (Brit.); buggerer; butt ranger; butt pirate; butt-slut; cocksucker; cum-chugger; daisy-puller; fag; faggot; fairy; fudge packer; knob jockey; nance; nob-gobbler; pansy; poof; poofter; poove; queen; queer; Rectum Romeo; shit packer; shirtlifter; sodomite (Antq.); swish; sword-swallower; the gays; whoops-getter; whoopsy 

HOMOSEXUAL (3) (adj)
bent (pej.); gay; queer; same-sex; third sex

boy crush; girl crush; homoerotic attraction; man crush; same-sex attraction

amour Socratique (Fr.); alternate lifestyle; alternate proclivity; alternate sexuality; discipline of Oscar Wilde; gaydom; Kinsey Six; lesbianism (fem); same-gender love; same-sex love; same-sex relationship; Sapphism (fem); sexual tropism; SGL; t. Greek Way; t. other sex; third sex (N.A.); twin spirit (N.A.)

Boston marriage (usu. fem.); f/f; gay; girl on girl; guy on guy; homogamy; lesbian; m/m; same-sex; same-sex marriage; same-sex union

HONEYPOT (1) (n)
(e.g. The leggy blonde was clearly a honeypot)
bait; decoy; enticement; honeytrap; lure; shill; snare; temptation; trap

HONEYPOT (2) (n)
(see VAGINA)

(see also   PROSTITUTE)
call girl (callgirl); escort; hussy; hustler; painted lady; prostituée (Fr.); prostitute; puta (Sp.); pute (Fr.); streetwalker; whore

casual connection; casual date; casual encounter; casual partner; casual partnering; casual sex; casual sexual encounter; cruise date; no-strings-attached sex; one-nighter; one-night stand; rendezvous; tryst


chemical; secretion

biological chemistry; biological thing; biology; body chemistry; chemical thing

HORNY (adj) (coll.)
(i.e. state of sexual arousal)
(e.g. “I’m so horny, I could fuck anything that moves,” he said)
(e.g. The woman would get horny at the merest suggestion of illicit nookie)
amatory; amorous; aroused; begging for it; boy crazy; chucked (Brit.); cock happy; cock sick; cock smitten; creamy; cunt-struck; donkified; dripping for it; fired up; fizzling at the bunghole (Brit.); foaming at the gash; fresh; frisky; fuckish; full of desire; full of fuck; full of jizz; full of lust; gagging for it; gamey; gamy; getting juiced up; girl crazy; having a bone-on; having a hard-on; having an itch; having a pash f. (Brit.); having hot nuts; having hot rocks; having itchy feet; having the hots for s.o.; hawking o’s. meat; hawking o’s. mutton; het up; honked; horizontally available; horn-mad; horny as a jackrabbit; horny as a rhino; hot; hot and bothered; hot-assed; hot-backed; hot-blooded; hot for; hot-to-trot; hungry; hyper-sexed; in a lather; in heat; in lust; in season; in the mood; insatiable; itching; juicy; keen; lathered up; lovesick; lust-proud; on t. con; on t. lech; on t. make; on t. prowl; on t. pull; priapic; prick-struck; primed; rammish; rammy; randy; randy as a bitch in heat; randy as a bull; randy as a three-legged grasshopper; randy-assed; ready to rock and roll; ready to rumble; ready to rut; ready to shake and bake; rooty; ruttish; rutty; salty; sex-crazed; sex-crazy; sex-hungry; sexed up; skin starved; steamed up; starved; suffering; sweaty; switched on; ticklish; tumbling ripe; turned on; wanton; weak in t. knees; wet; wet for wide-on; willing; wired; wired for it; wired up; w. a hand down o’s. pants; w. it in one’s hand; worked up

anklets; hose; fishnets; gaiters; gambados; knee-highs; knee socks; leggings; nylons; opaques; over-the-calf hose; pantyhose; socks; stockings; thigh-highs; tights

HOT (1) (adj )
(e.g. That girl thinks she’s hot)
attractive; beautiful; beddable; chic; enthralling; eye-filling; fine; fly (sl.); foxy; fuckable; sexy; smoking; smokin’

HOT (2) (adj)
(i.e. to be aroused)
(e.g. Should this be making me hot?)
amorous; aroused; fired up; horny; hot-to-trot; in heat (fem.); sexed up; turned on

HOT-BLOODED (1) (adj)
(e.g. Aleena was a hot-blooded woman, fierce, impulsive and overbearing, but Seymour lover her all the same)
ardent; edgy; excitable; fierce; fiery; fitful; heated; hot-tempered; impetuous; impulsive; lusty; passionate; quixotic; restive; restless; skittish; temperamental; vigorous; virile; volatile

HOT-BLOODED (2) (adj)
(see also  HORNY)
(e.g. Their hot-blooded encounters set ablaze the very air about them)
ardent; carnal; fiery; heated; passionate; prurient; sensual; spirited; voluptuous


(see also  AROUSED, MAKE)
(e.g. Beth was hot-to-trot, and every guy in the bar knew it)
breathless; hot for. it; in t. mood; on t. make; raring to go; ready; ready to dance; wet for it; willing

HUG (1) (v)
caress; clasp; clinch; cuddle; embrace; enfold; hold; hold close; hold in one’s arms; press to o’s. bosom; snuggle; squeeze; take into o’s. arms

HUG (2) (v)
be attached to; cherish; fasten upon; grasp; hang onto; hold onto; hold tight; love; receive; receive warmly; welcome; welcome w. open arms

HUG (3) (n)
bear hug; clinch; clutch; embrace; grasp; grip; hold; squeeze

HUGE (1) (adj)
(re. physical size of objects)
(e.g. The porn star rubbed his huge cock between his co-star’s huge tits)
big; big-honkin’ (U.S., inf.); bloody great (Brit., inf.); Brobdingnagian; bulky; colossal; considerable; cyclopean; dinosaurian; elephantine; enorm (obsc.); enormous; gargantuan; gigantean; gigantic; great; hippopotamic; hugeous (obsc.); humongous (coll.); immense; jumbo; king-size; large; large-scale; leviathan; mammoth; massive; mountainous; oversize; prodigious; roaring; sizeable; spanking; staggering; strapping; stupendous; titanic; towering; tremendous; vast; whopping

HUGE (2) (adj)
(re. space and distance)
immense; infinite; limitless; unbounded; unlimited; unrestricted; vast

(see also  FELLATIO)
blowing t. bed flute; flute solo; hummer; humming a ditty; humming an aria; humming a tune; playing t/ bagpipes; playing t. flesh flute; playing t. naughty flute; playing t. spunk trumpet; spunk trumpet solo

HUMP (v)
(see HAVE SEX)

HUMP (n)
bulge; bump; hunch; enlargement; enlarging; intumescence; knob; lump; mass; node; nodule; projection; prominence; protuberance; swelling; tumefaction

HUNG (adj)
(e.g. That guy is hung like a horse)
abundant; big; endowed; gifted (euph.); huge; large; monster-huge; three-legged (coll.); well-endowed

experiencing t. morning after; feeling t. effects of too much booze; feeling under t. weather; having a headache; having a sick headache; having the DTs; having t. shakes; in withdrawal; sick; suffering from a big head; suffering from withdrawals; suffering t. after-effects; wiped out; wrecked

HUNGRY (adj)
(e.g. The small-town girl was hungry for excitement and romance)
aching; aching to; ambitious; bent on; covetous; desirous; devouring; dying to; eager; grasping; greedy; hankering; itching to; keen on; longing; lusting for; needing; pining; rapacious; set on; spoiling for; voracious; wanting; yearning

HUSKY (1) (adj)
(re. sound of voice)
coarse; croaky; dry; grating; gruff; guttural; hoarse; rasping; roupy; thick; throaty

HUSKY (2) (adj)
(re. physique)
athletic; beefy; big and strong; brawny; burly; heavyset; manly; muscular; powerful; rugged; solid; stocky; stout; strapping; strong; sturdy; thickset; tough; virile; well-built

HUSSY (n) (pej.)
boldface (Antq.); brazenface (Antq.);broad; chippy; Delilah; demimondaine (Fr.); femme fatale (Fr.); jade; Jezebel; loose woman; minx; saucebox (Antq.); seductress; strumpet; tart; temptress; trollop; vamp; wench

goatish; hot; hot-to-trot; itching; itchy; on fire; oversexed; passionate; perpetually horny; perpetually turned on; randy; salacious; satyric; super-horny; super-sensual; ultra-passionate; wanton

breathe heavily; breathe uncontrollably; gasp; gasp for air; gulp; heave; huff; pant; struggle for air; struggle for breath; wheeze

craze; delirium; excitement; frenzy; furor; fury; madness; mania; panic

HYSTERICAL (1) (adj)
beside o.s.; convulsive; carried away; crazed; delirious; feverish; frantic; frenetic; frenzied; in hysterics; irrational; mad; maddened; out of o’s. mind; out of o’s. wits; over-agitated; over-excited; panic-stricken; possessed; raging; raving; seething; terrified; uncontrollable; unnerved; unrestrainable; wild-eyed

HYSTERICAL (2) (adj)
emotional; eruptive; excitable; explosive; highly emotional; over-emotional; volatile; volcanic

HYSTERICAL (3) (adj)
extremely funny; funny; hilarious; laugh-out-loud; pee-your-pants funny; screaming; shit-your-pants funny; side-splitting; too much (coll.); too funny (coll.); too funny for words

fits; frenzy; fugue; panic; tantrum


cold play; cold torture; fun w. ice cubes; ice cube fetish; temperature play

ICE QUEEN (n) (coll.) (usu. pej.)
(see FRIGID)

ID (n)
(e.g. He let his Id come out to play, and all sorts of dark wackiness ensued)
dark corner of t. subconscious; dark impulses; generative force; inner demons; inner nature; instinctive force; psyche

IGNITION (n) (euph.)
(see VAGINA)
(e.g. He put his key in her ignition)

banned; criminal; forbidden; disallowed; illegal; illegitimate; prohibited; unlawful;

pierce; skewer; spear; stab; stick; run through

(see also  FLACCID)
all show; all show, no go; all talk; all wind, no sail; brewer’s droop; croopy; dead dolphin; dead rabbit; deadwood; dead worm; drooping member; erectile difficulty; erectile dysfunction (Clin.); erectile problems; fanny fright; Foster’s flop (ANZ., euph.); genital failure; Hanging Johnny; limp; limp-dick; limp noodle; Mr. Softy; muddy waters; no lead in the pencil; no toothpaste in the tube; out to pasture; performance anxiety; scared rabbit; sexual dysfunction; stage fright; The Big Couldn’t; Viagra Falls; weak; whiskey dick; whiskey limp

boom t. census; cock up; do a job; do t. trick; fecundate; fill in; fix s.o. up; get s.o. in a family way (euph.); get s.o. up t. pole; get s.o. with child; gravidate (ingravidate); inseminate; jazz s.o. up; knock s.o. up; put  a bun in s.o.’s oven (euph.); ring t. bell; spoil s.o’s. figure (spoil s.o’s. shape)

IMPURE (1) (adj)
adulterated; contaminated; dirtied; dirty; fouled; infected; polluted; soiled; spoiled; stained; tainted

IMPURE (2) (adj) (Antq.)
(re. virtue or moral character)
blackened; despoiled; evil; fallen; no longer a virgin; sinful; stained; sullied; tainted; wicked

IMPURITY (1) (n)
adulteration; contamination; dirtiness; imperfection; infection; pollution; uncleanness

IMPURITY (2) (n)
blackness; evil; fallen nature; sin; wickedness

INAMORATA (n) (It.) (fem.)
(see LOVER)

brother/sister sexual relationship; close consanguinity; cousins doing it w. cousins; Elektral love; father/daughter sexual relationship; faux incest (step siblings etc.); Hillbilly love; interbreeding; keeping it in the family; mother/son sexual relationship; Oedipal love; twincest (coll.)

INCOGNITO (adj) (It., lit. “unknown”)
anonymously; covertly; disguised; in disguise; secretly; under an alias; under an assumed name; under cover;

(i.e. male sex demon)
alp (Ger.); boto (Brazil); demon; demon lover; dwarf; fiend; imp; Karabasan (Trk); Liderc (Hung.); Lilin-demon in male form; mara (mare) (Swd.); nightmare; Satanic lover; Tokolosh (southern Africa); sex fiend; Tintin (Ecuador); Trauco (Chile); will-o’-the-wisp

careless; imprudent; incautious; injudicious
rash; reckless; thoughtless; uncareful; unthinking

error; faux-pas; foolishness; foul-up; gaffe; gaucherie; lapse; miscue; mistake; scandalous act; screw-up; slip; slip of t. tongue; slip-up; social error; stumble; unseemly act

(see AFFAIR)

(see DRUNK)

allure; beguile; bewitch; charm; dazzle; delight; draw; enamor; enrapture; enslave; ensnare; entertain; enthrall; entrance; fascinate; hypnotize; intrigue; lure; please; seduce; spellbind

besotted; beguiled; bewitched; captivated; carried away; charmed; crazy about s.o.; enamored; enraptured; enthralled; far gone on s.o.; fascinated; fixated; inflamed; in love; intoxicated; lost; obsessed; possessed; seduced; smitten; spellbound

craze; crush; fixation; limerence; love; obsession; passion; preoccupation; rapture; thing; thing for

(see also  ADULTERY)
adultery; betrayal; cheating; disloyalty; faithlessness; perfidy; unfaithfulness

(Lat., lit. “in blazing offense”)
caught in t. act; caught redhanded; caught w. o’s hand in t. cookie jar; caught w. o’s pants down

bad; evil; immoral; sinful; unjust; unrighteous; wicked

baseness; evil-doing; evil; heinousness; immorality; misdeeds; sin; sinfulness; vice; wickedness; wrong-doing

INSTINCT (1) (n)
feeling; gut feeling; hunch; impulse; inclination; intuition; predisposition; proclivity’ sense; sixth sense; urge

INSTINCT (2) (n)
(see also  BASIC INSTINCT)
animal instinct; animal intuition; carnal urge; drive; primal instinct; primal intuition; reptilian core; subconscious feeling; subconscious impulse

automatic; deep-rooted; deep-seated; impulsive; inborn; inbred; innate; instinctual; intrinsic; intuitive; natural; spontaneous; unconscious; unlearned; unpremeditated; unthinking; visceral


contact; dealings; interaction; interrelation; interplay

(i.e. inserting penis or genitals between partner’s legs or thighs)
dry humping; thigh humping; Zulu style

(i.e. penis between partner’s buttocks)
(see also  ANAL SEX

(i.e. rubbing penis between a partner’s breasts)
boob job; cleavage humping; French fuck (Brit.); paizuri (Jap.); tit job; tit fuck; titty fucking, tit wank (Brit.); trip down mammary lane; titty fucking; tit wanking


INTERSEXUAL (n or adj)

INTRIGUE (1) (v)
attract; captivate; capture o’s attention (interest); charm; enchant; enthrall; fascinate; hypnotize; interest; mesmerize

INTRIGUE (2) (n)
conspiracy; maneuvering; plotting; scheming

INTRIGUE (3) (n)
(see AFFAIR)

absorbing; alluring; captivating; enthralling; exciting; fascinating; interesting; seductive; stimulating 

(see COITUS)

blob; bulge; bump; dilation; distension; growth; hump; lump; projection; prominence; protrusion; protuberance; swelling; tumor

(i.e. sex act in which one partner actively thrusts his penis into another’s mouth)
(see also  MOUTH FUCKING)
deep throating; mouth fucking; mouth raping; os impurum (Lat.)


JACK (1) (v) (coll.)
carjack; hijack; kidnap; rob; steal

JACK (2) (n) (coll.)

JACK (3) (n) (coll.)
(e.g. That guy doesn’t know jack)
anything; jack shit; shit

JACK AROUND (v) (coll.)
(e.g. Quit jacking around)
dick around; fart around; fool around; jack off; jerk around; jerk off; mess around; stand around; waste time


(i.e. form of copulation in which one partner penetrates and withdraws repeatedly from the other in a rapid, nervous manner).

JACK OFF (2) (v) (coll.)

JACK-OFF (2) (n) (coll.)
jerk; jerk-wad; slacker; tosser; wanker

JACKSIE (JACKSY) (n) (Brit.) (coll.)
 (see ASS (1), ANUS)

(i.e. sexually attractive person below the age of consent)
barely legal; dryad; Lolita; nymph; nymphet; out-of-bounds; out-of-reach; schoolgirl; underage boy; underage girl; untouchable

controlling; covetous; desirous; emulous; envious; envying; grasping; green (green w. jealousy); green-eyed; invidious; possessive; resentful

covetousness; distrust; envy; enviousness; green-eyed monster; grudgingness; mistrustfulness; possessiveness; resentfulness; suspiciousness; watchfulness

acid-washed jeans; Calvin Kline(s) (b.n.); blue jeans; corduroys; denims; fat jeans; Guess (b.n.); Lee(s) (b.n.); Levi’s (b.n.); low-riders; pants; skinny jeans; slacks; stone-washed jeans; trousers work jeans; Wrangler(s) (b.n.)

JELLYROLL (1) (n) (coll.)
(see VAGINA)


JERK (2) (n)
(see also  ASSHOLE)
asshole; bounder; cad; churl; good-for-nothing; louse; rat; rogue; scoundrel; skunk; swine; villain


(see also  ASSHOLE)
asshole; jag-off; tosser; wanker

JERKWAD (n) (pej.)
(i.e. a blob of cum, the result of masturbation (or) an asshole, a jerk)

JEZEBEL (n) (Antq.)
doxy; floozy harlot; hussy loose woman; minx; quean; slut; tramp; trollop; vamp; wench; whore

(i.e. female masturbation)
(see also  MASTURBATE)
masturbate; play w. o.s.; press; rub; rub one out; stroke; tickle; touch; touch o.s.


JILT (v)
abandon; blow off; break off; break up w.; desert; ditch; drop; dump; kiss off; leave; reject; split up w.

JILTED (adj)
abandoned; deserted; dumped; forsaken; left; rejected; scorned; spurned

(see CONDOM)

baby batter; baby gravy; boy juice; cockamole; cock snot; come; cream; cum; dick juice; dick milk; dick snot; discharge (Clin.); ejaculate (Clin.) emission; jet; jizz; load; love juice; love lava; love pudding; man glue; man juice; man milk; semen; seminal emission; seminal fluid; skeet; spend (Antq.); spendings (Antq.); spill; splooge; spooge; spoogle; spunk; wad

JIZZ (n) (coll.)
(see JISM)

JOHN (n)
client; curbcrawler; customer; date; freak trick; frequent flyer; patron; paying customer; short-timer; punter (Brit.); TOS (trick of t. street); trick; walk-in

JOHNNY (n) (Brit.)
(see CONDOM)

(see PENIS)

(see PENIS)

(e.g. Buck had been jonesing for a chance to talk to the woman from the moment he saw her)
ache (aching); crave (craving); desire; hankering; hunger; longing; need; passion urge; yearning; yen

JUG(S) (n) (coll.)


KARADA (n) (Jap., lit. “body”)

pelvic exercises; pelvic thrusts

KEGELS (n) (coll.)
pelvic muscles; pussy muscles; vaginal muscles

KICK-ASS (1) (adj) (coll.)
(e.g. That’s one kick-ass outfit she’s wearing)
boss; cool; dope; hot; impressive; jaw-dropping; killer; remarkable; striking; stunning

KICK-ASS (2) (adj) (coll.)
dangerous; hard; hard-hitting; loaded f. bear; relentless; take-no-prisoners; tough; unstoppable

KINBAKU (n) (Jap., lit. “tight binding”)
(i.e. rope bondage)

(see also  BIG)
big enough for a king; deluxe; extra-large; great; huge; massive; super-size; vast

KINK (n)
fetish; freak-on (coll.); game (euph.); perversion (usu. pej); t. strange; turn-on; twist

KINKY (1) (adj) (see note, p. 498)
adventurous; adventuresome; alt; alternative; different; flamboyant; nonconformist; non-normative (Clin.); non-traditional; open-minded; unconventional

KINKY (2: (adj) (usu. pej)) (see note, p. 498)
abnormal; bent; blatant; degenerate; depraved; deviant; heterodox; heteromorphic; in-your-face; lascivious; left-handed (Antq.); lewd; naughty; non-normative sexual behavior; paraphilic; perverted; pervy; provocative; sinister; strange; titillating; twisted; unconventional; unnatural; warped  

alt; alternative lifestyle; BDSM; fetish; Leather; RACK (int., risk-aware consensual kink); SSC (int., safe-sane-consensual)

KISS (1) (v)
box tonsils; buss; canoodle; exchange spit; French kiss; give s.o. some sugar; give s.o. tongue; graze; have some lip action; lock lips; mack; make kissy-face; make out; mouth wrestle; neck; offer lips; osculate; peck; plant a smacker; play mouth music; play tonsil hockey; smack; smooch; soul kiss; spark; suck face(s); swap spit; tongue wrestle

KISS (2) (n)
French kiss; Frencher; graze; joining of lips; lip action; osculation; peck; smack; smooch; soul kiss; touching of lips; wet one

reveal intimate secrets; spill t. beans; tell; tell all

bussing; canoodling; Frenching; French kissing; grazing; lip-action; lip sucking; macking; making out; necking; osculation; parking; petting; tonsil hockey; vacuum action (coll.); vacuuming;

belittle; blow off; dismiss; disrespect; put down; wave off

bend t. knees; bow; crawl; curtsy; genuflect; go down on o’s. knees; grovel; kowtow; prostrate; stoop

KNICKERS (n) (Brit.) (see note p. 500)
(see also PANTIES)
drawers; panties; underpants

KNOB (1) (n) (coll.)

KNOB (2) (n)
doorknob; grip; handhold; handle; hold

KNOB (3) (n)
button; dial

KNOB-END (n) (pej.)

KNOB JOCKEY (1) (n) (pej.)

KNOB JOCKEY (2) (n) (pej.)
(see HOMOSEXUAL (2))

KNOCKED UP (adj) (coll.)

KNOCKERS (n) (coll.)

KNOCK UP (v) (coll.)
(see also  IMPREGNATE)
get s.o. in a family way; impregnate; make s.o. pregnant; put a bun in s.o.’s oven


LABIA (n) (Clin.) (Lat., lit. “lips”)
Audrey blinds; bacon strips; blossoms; columns of Venus; crease; curls; cunt lips; curtains; dangly bits; double doors; double suckers; flange; flaps; flower petals; folds; fuck flaps; garden gates; hanging bacon; labia majora (Lat., Clin.); labia minora (Lat., Clin.); ladyflower; lips; lower lips; mud flaps; nether lips; palace gates; passion flaps; pink bits; pink flaps; pussy lips; rose petals; vaginal rim; woman’s lips; woman’s petals

LABIA MAJORA (n) (Clin.)
(i.e. outer lips)
(see LABIA)

LABIA MINORA (n) (Clin.)
(i.e. inner lips)
(see LABIA)

beer ‘n’ babes; Blender (b.n.); double softcore; FHM (b.n.); gadgets and gazongas; King (b.n.); laddie mag; lad mag; lad’s mag; Maxim (b.n.); men’s magazine; Mob Candy (b.n.); scantily clad starlets; Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (b.n.); Stuff (b.n.); Sylk (b.n.); Zoo Weekly (b.n.)

LADYBOY (LADY BOY) (n) (coll.)
(i.e. effeminate homosexual or transsexual)
(see also  TRANSSEXUAL)
boi; kathoey (katoey) (Thai); ladyboi; phet thi sam (lit. “second gender” (Thai)) phuying praphet song (lit.. “different kind of woman” (Thai)); sao praphet song (lit. “female second type" (Thai)); shemale

adulterer; Casanova; cruiser; debaucher; Don Juan; flirt; lady’s man; lover; man on t. make; masher; player; skirt chaser; swinger; womanizer

(see also  GENITALIA (2) (FEMALE))
genitals; girl parts; naughty bits

LANE-CHANGE (n) (sl.)
(i.e. when making love doggy style, the penetrating partner changes (often abruptly) from vaginal to anal intercourse)
Alabama lane-change; change-up; failure to signal; Louisiana lane-change; Massachusetts lane-change; New York lane-change; switch; Texas lane-change

drooping; flagging; indolent; languorous; lazy; leisurely; lethargic; relaxed; slack; sluggish unenergetic; unhurried;

ail; be left alone; be left alone to rot; be neglected; fail; flag; suffer; waste away; weaken

LANGUOR (n) (see note, p. 497)
(see also  AFTERGLOW)
dreaminess; inactivity; indolence; laziness; lethargy; listlessness; sleepiness; slowness; sluggishness; stillness; torpor

dreamy; lazy; lethargic; sleepy; slow; still; unhurried; weak

LAP (n)
(e.g. She sat on his lap)
belly; groin; legs; knees; middle

dance; lap tease; private dance; rub and grind; striptease; table dance; tease

(see also  RACY, RISQUÉ)
abandoned; bawdy; carnal; concupiscent; dirty; dissipated; dissolute; erotic; fleshly; goatish; horny; immodest; impure; lecherous; lewd; libertine; libidinous; licentious; loose; lustful; promiscuous; prurient; randy; salacious; shameless; ruttish; unchaste; wanton; whorish

LAY (GET LAID) (2) (v)
(i.e. to have sex)
(see FUCK (1), HAVE SEX)

LAY (3) (n)
(i.e. sex act or sex partner)
(e.g. “That was one amazing lay,” he murmured)
(e.g. “She’s an incredible lay,” he boasted)
(e.g. “I am in serious need of a lay,” she panted)
(see FUCK (3), LOVER)

Casanova; debaucher; dirty old man; Don Juan; horndog; lady-killer; lech; libertine; Lothario; perv; pervert; philanderer; playboy; rake; Romeo; roué; satyr; womanizer

carnal; concupiscent; corrupt; fast; incontinent; lascivious; lewd; libertine; libidinous; licentious; low-down; lubricious; lustful; lusty; prurient; randy; raunchy; salacious; satyric; sensual; unchaste; wanton

LESBIAN (1) (n)
Amazon; andro-dyke; auntie; bean-flicker; blow sister; boi; boon dagger; boygirl; boygul; bull bitch; bull dagger; bull dyke; butch; butch-broad; carpet muncher (pej.); Celesbian; chapstick lesbian; chuff muncher; crack snacker; crunch; dagger; diesel; dike; dinky; dolly dimple; donut bumper; donut cruncher; drag dyke; dyke; eatalotapus; fairy lady; fanny nosher; femme; fish bandit; flap cracker; fluff; fluzz dyke; fricatrice (Antq., pej.); futatrix; GAF (gay Asian female); gal boy; gal-lovin’ gal; gangster dyke; gangster woman; gap-lapper; gash guzzler; gay chick; gay woman; GBF (gay black female); girl-lover; glamor dyke; glamour dyke; goose girl; GWF (gay white female); kitty licker; kitty puncher; lesberado; lesbic; lesbine; lesbo; lesbyterian; leso; lesser; lez; lezzer; lezzie; lipstick lesbian; Mary; minge-eater; muff-diver; pansy without a stem; power dyke; pussy puncher; queer; rug muncher; sapphist (Antq.); scissorchick; sergeant; slacks; stone; stone butch; sushi lover; the other sex; the third sex; three-wheeler; todger dodger (Brit.); tomboy; tortillera; tribade; tribadist (tribadiste) (Antq.); truck driver; Vin Diesel dyke; wommin; womon; womyn; Xena-lover; zami

LESBIAN (2) (n)
(i.e. younger (or less mature) lesbian)
baby butch; baby dyke

LESBIAN (3) (n)
(i.e. older or mature lesbian)
auntie; old dyke

bumper-to-bumper (coll.); f/f; gay; girl-on-girl; queer; same-sex; Sapphic

LGBT (n) (int., lesbian. gay, bi, trans)

LGBTQ (n) (int., lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer)

LGBTQIA (n) (int., lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, asexual

LGBTQQ (n) (int., lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning)

affair; appointment; assignation; booty call; date; encounter; get-together; hookup; meeting; rendezvous; tête-à-tête; tryst

abandoned; amoral; animal; carnal; corrupt; debauched; depraved; dissolute; easy; fast; fleshly; immoral; impure; incontinent; lascivious; lax; lecherous; lewd; libertine; libidinous; lickerish; loose; lubricious; lustful; profligate; promiscuous; reprobate; salacious; scabrous; sensual; unconstrained; unprincipled; unruly; wanton

abandon; debauchery; dissoluteness; dissolution; easy virtue; excess; immoderation; impropriety; laxity; libertinism; looseness; prodigality; profligacy; promiscuousness; self-indulgence; sensuality; slackness; unrestraint; unruliness; wantonness; wildness

LICK (v)
give s.o. a tongue bath; give s.o. a tongue job; lap; slobber; slurp; suck; taste; tongue s.o.; tongue fuck

LICKERISH (adj) (Antq.)
abandoned; amoral; animal; carnal; corrupt; debauched; degenerate; depraved; desirous; disorderly; dissolute; fast and loose; fleshly; immoral; impure;  incontinent;  lascivious; lax; lecherous; lewd; libertine; loose; lubricious; lustful; oversexed; profligate; promiscuous; salacious; satyric; sensual; unconstrained; uncontrollable; uncurbed; unruly; wanton

LICKING (1) (n)
(see also  LICK)
analingus; cunnilingus; penilingus; tongue job; tongue bath; tongue fucking; tonguing;

behavior; conduct; habits; style of living; way of acting; way of life;

24/7; full-time; kinky lifestyle; life; swinging lifestyle; the life

24/7; adept; adherent; disciple; full-timer; kinkster; swinger

LIMP (adj)
drooping; droopy; enervated; feeble; flabby; flaccid; flimsy; floppy; languid; lax; lifeless; listless; loose; sagging; slack; soft; supple; wilting


(see also  UNDERWEAR)
delicates (euph.); drawers (euph.); fancy underwear; knickers (Brit.); petticoats (Antq.); sexy underwear; small clothes; underthings; unmentionables (euph.); underwear

LINGERIE (types of) (n)
brassiere; bra and panties; camisole; drawers; Fredericks of Hollywood (b.n.); lingerie set; knickers (Brit.); panties; petticoat (Antq.); petticoats (Antq.); teddy; Victoria’s Secret (b.n.)

(i.e. of or related to the tongue)
(see TONGUE)

LINGUS (n) (Lat., lit. “licking”)
(see LICKING (1))

LIP(S) (1) (n)
chops; kisser; labium (Lat.)

LIP(S) (2) (NETHER LIPS) (n)
(see LABIA)


LITHE (adj)
(see also  SUPPLE)
bendable; flexible; limber; lissome; lithesome; loose-limbed; malleable; nimble; pliant; supple

LITTLE (adj)
bantam; diminutive; dinky; infinitesimal; mini; miniature;  minute;  not big;  not large; not tall; petite; snub; shrimpy; skimpy; small; sparse; stubby; stunted; teeny; tiny; toy; undeveloped; undersized; wee


(i.e. have a child out of wedlock)

LIVING TOGETHER (v) (see note, p. 498)
(see also  COHABITATION)
Canadian shotgun wedding; cohabitation; keeping house (together); living in sin; living in sin w. a safety pin; living over the brush; living together out of wedlock; living together w.o. benefit of marriage; pittangel; POSSLQ (people of t. opposite sex sharing living quarters); shacking up (together); sharing living quarters; sleeping together

LOINS (1) (n)
(i.e. area around the hips)
flanks; haunches; hips

LOINS (2) (n)
(i.e. lower abdominal region)
bowels; core; entrails; gut; guts; innards; insides; intestines 

LOINS (3) (n)
(i.e. pubic region)
genitalia; groin; private parts; privates; reproductive organs

LOINS (4) (n)
(i.e. seat of courage or sexual vigor)
(e.g. Gird up your loins for the struggle to come)
balls; cojones (Sp.); courage; guts; manliness; potency; power; prowess; rocks; stamina; stones; virility

adorable; affable; amiable; appealing; attractive; captivating; charming; congenial; delightful; desirable; enchanting; endearing; engaging; enthralling; entrancing; fetching; lovely; pleasing; ravishing; seductive; sweet; winning; winsome

LOVE (1) (v)
admire; adore; adulate; be attracted to; be fond of; be in love w.; be infatuated w.; be smitten; burn for; care about; care a lot for; care for; cherish; crush on;  delight in;  have affection f.; have a liking f.; have a passion f.; have t. hots f.; hold dear; idolize; jones after; pant f.; pine after; pine f.; treasure; want; worship; yearn f.

LOVE (2) (n)
adoration; affection; ardor; attachment; beyond admiration; caring; caring for; closeness; craving; devotion; emotion; Eros; esteem; fancy; fervor; flame; infatuation; intimacy; more-than-friends; more-than-liking; mutual affection; passion; pining; rapture; wanting; yearning  

(see AFFAIR (2))

Anteros (Gr.); Bes (Egypt); Chama (Hindu); Cupid (Rm.); Eros (Gr.); Freyr (Norse); Hermes (Gr.); Himeros (Gr.); Hedilogus (Gr.); Hymen (Gr.); Kama (Hnd.); Min (Egypt); Pan (Gr.); Pothos (Gr.); Ragaraja (Buddhist); Yue-Lau (Ch.)

Aine (Ir.); Anahita (Persian); Aphrodite (Gr.); Astarte (Canaanite) Bastet (Egypt); Cliodhna (Ir.); Freya (Norse); Hathor (Egypt); Inanna (Babylon); Ishtar (Babylon.) Jiutian-Xuannu (Ch.); Kuni (Buddhist); Lofn (Norse); Nanaya (Babylon.) Philotes (Gr.); Pietho (Gr.); Quetesh (Canaanite) Rati (Hnd.); Sjofn (Norse); Suadela (Rm.); Venus  (Venera) (Rm.)

LOVER (1) (n)
(re. m/f relationship)
amorist; amour; beau; bedmate; boyfriend; FWB (friend(s) w. benefits); fuck buddy;  girlfriend; husband; inamorata  (inamorato); infatuate (Antq.); intime (Fr.); life partner; man of her dreams; O and O; one and only; paramour; partner; Romeo; sex partner; suitor; swain (Antq.); true love; valentine; wife; woman of his dreams; wooer (Antq.)

LOVER (2) (n)
(re. f/f relationship)
(see also  GIRLFRIEND)
amour; bedmate; companion; dolly; dolly mop; FWB (friend(s) w. benefits); fuck buddy; girlfriend; honey; inamorata; main squeeze; Ms. Right; O and O; old lady (coll.); one and only; partner; PILAF (person I’m loving and fucking); playmate; sweetback; true love; valentine; wife

LOVER (3) (n)
(re. m/m relationship)
(see also  BOYFRIEND)
backdoor man; beaufriend; bedmate; boyfriend; boyf; boy toy; biscuit roller; brown bagger; buffalo; daddy; fancy man; fuck buddy; GSO (gay significant other); husband; king; lad; life partner; monkey man; papa; papa gâteau; papa Noel; partner; PILAF (person I’m loving and fucking); Santa Claus; shack man; sweetback; sweet daddy; sweet man; sweet papa; true love; valentine

LOVELY (adj)

(see also  COITUS, HAVE SEX)
coition; coitus; copulation; intercourse; mating; sexual intercourse


drunk w. love; fixated; giddy; gobsmacked; head over heels (in love); infatuated; obsessed; sick of love (Bibl.); smitten

LOW-RENT (adj)
base; cheap; common; déclassé; good-for-nothing; inferior; lousy; low-grade; mediocre; poor; second-class; substandard; tawdry; two-bit; wretched

LUBE (LUBE UP) (1) (v) (coll.)
apply lube; apply lubricant; grease up; lubricate; make s.t. silky; make s.t. slick; make s.t. smooth; moisten; oil up; slicken; soak

LUBE (2) (n) (coll.)

Astroglide (b.n.); banana polish (coll.); K-Y (b.n.); K-Y Jelly (b.n.); lotion; lube; motion lotion (coll.); oil; personal lubricant; Vaseline (b.n.)

become damp; become wet; get wet; grease up; grow damp; loosen; loosen up; lube up; moisten; oil; slicken; soak

LUBRICIOUS (1) (adj)
clandestine; concealed; covert; crafty; crooked; cunning; deceptive; devious; duplicitous; furtive; guileful; insidious; secret; secretive; shady; shifty; slippery; sly; sneaky; stealthy; sub rosa; surreptitious; tricky; two-faced; two-timing; underhanded; unethical; unscrupulous; wily

LUBRICIOUS (2) (adj)
glossy; greasy; icy; oily; shiny; sleek; slick; slippery; slithery; soapy

LUBRICIOUS (3) (adj)

(see LUST)

LURID (1) (adj)
colorful; bright; exaggerated; garish; gaudy; loud; shocking; striking vivid

LURID (2) (adj)
explicit; ghastly; gory; graphic; grim; grisly; horrifying; macabre; obscene; off-color; offensive; pornographic; purple; racy; raunchy; revolting; sensational; startling; violent; vivid

delectable; delicious; gorgeous; juicy; lip-smacking; moist; mouthwatering; scrumptious; succulent; sweet; tasty

LUSH (adj)
lavish; luxurious; opulent; plush; rich; sumptuous

LUST (1) (v)
ache f.; be consumed; be consumed by; be consumed w. desire; crave; desire; go insane over; hanker f.; have an itch f.; hunger after; hunger f.; hurt f.; jones after; jones f.; long f.; lust after; pine f.; pursue; run mad after

animal urge; appetite; avidity (Antq.); being in heat; being in lust; biological urge; desire; Eros; greed; heat; hormones (euph.); hot-bloodedness; hunger; libido; longing; rapacity; ravenousness; sex drive; urge; wolfishness

LUST (3) (n)
animality; carnality; concupiscence; debauchery; dissipation; dissolution; dissoluteness; erotomania (Clin.); goatishness; horniness; incontinence; intemperance; lasciviousness; lecherousness; lechery; lewdness; libertinism; lubricity; nymphomania (Clin.); profligacy; prurience; randiness; salaciousness; salacity; satyrism; sensuality; unchastity; venery; wantonness  

horny; lascivious; lewd; libidinous; lubricious; randy; sensual; wanton

LUSTY (adj)
dynamic; energetic; forceful; full-throated; hearty; robust; spirited; strong; vibrant; vigorous; vital; vivacious


(i.e. aggressively masculine attitude)
bravado; chauvinistic; macho; sexist; testosterone; testosterone-fueled

MACHO (adj)
Alpha male; big-dog; bravado; butch; manly; masculine; testosterone; testosterone-fueled; top-dog; virile

MACK (1) (v)
(see MAKE OUT)
(e.g. She and her girlfriend went up to her room to mack)

MACK (2) (v)
(e.g. That punk’s been macking your daughter ever since she turned eighteen)

(see PIMP)

abbess (euph.); auntie (euph.); bawd; brothel keeper; businesswoman (euph.); case keeper; flesh broker; flesh peddler; governess; house mother; housekeeper; lady-pimp; landlady; mama-san; mistress; mother; mother superior; pimpette; procuress (Antq.)

(see also  HYMEN)
maiden’s knot; rose; virgin flower; virgin’s bow; virgin’s knot; virtue

chastity; purity; virginhood; virginity; virtue

chaste; pure; virtuous


(see also  CRUISING)
cruising; looking f. love; looking f. sex; on t. lookout; on t. prowl; on t. scent; out for it; seeking sex; sniffing around; trolling; trolling for companionship

engage in a make-out session; fool around; get into heavy petting; get into serious kissing; kiss; mack; mess around (euph.); neck; park; pash (ANZ.); play around; play tonsil hockey (coll.); smooch; snog (Brit.); spark; spoon; sport

(see also  KISSING)
basement business; fooling around; heavy petting; kissing; macking; messing around (euph.); necking; parking; pashing (ANZ.); playing around; smooching; snogging  (Brit.); sparking; spooning; sporting; tonsil hockey


(i.e. penis rubbed between partner’s breasts)

(e.g. Watch out for that one; she’s a mantrap)
beauty; bombshell; hottie; dish; looker; knockout; peach; stunner

MASTER (1) (v)

MASTER (2) (v)
beat t. game; beat t. system; become proficient; excel in; grasp; get down cold; get down pat; get good at; get hold of; get t. hang of; get t. knack of; learn t. ropes; pick up (a subject); understand

MASTER (3) (n)
Alpha; boss; chief; controller; director; dominant; guide; head; leader; lord; overlord; owner; ruler; teacher; top dog

abuse o.s. (V-E.); bring down by hand; bring o.s. off; clap w. one hand; click o’s. mouse; diddle o.s.; digitate (o.s.); DIY (coll.); do a rub job; do it o.s.; do o.s. off; do some handiwork; engage in hand-to-gland combat; express o.s.; finger o.s.; fly solo; frig; frig o.s.; fuck o.s.; get hand-fucked by s.o.; give o.s. a hand job; go it alone; go on a date w. o.s.; hand fuck; hand fuck o.s.; handle o.s.; hand shandy; hitchhike to heaven; play couch hockey f. one; play solitaire; play pocket billiards; play w. o.s.; pleasure o.s.; receive a hand job; rub off; rub one off; rub one out; service o.s.; stroke; take a trip south; test t. plumbing; tickle o’s. fanny; walk t. hand home; wank (Brit.); whack off

(i.e. female masturbation)
air t. orchid; catch a buzz; flick t. bean; beat o’s. beaver; brush o’s. beaver; buff t. weasel; butter o’s. muffin; clap o’s. clit; click o’s mouse; do o’s. nails; dunk t. beaver; fan o’s. fur; feed o’s. fish; finger paint; flick o’s Bic; flit o’s. clit; give o.s. a buzz (w. vibrator); go on a date w. slick mittens; grab o’s. goatee; get a lube job; get a stain out of o’s. carpet; grease o’s gash; grease o’s lips; grease o’s skillet; hit the slit; hose o’s. hole; itch o’s. ditch; jill; jill-off; jill o.s.; leglock t. pillow; lube o’s. labia; make o’s. pussy purr; make waves; massage o’s. clit; mistressbate; paddle t. man in t. canoe; paddle t. pink canoe; part t, Red Sea; pat o’s snatch; pet o’s. kitty; pet o’s. poodle; play pocket pool (Brit.); play stinky pinky; play tiddlywinks; polish o’s. pearl; press; read Braille; ring for t. maid; scratch o’s. patch; she-bop; shuck t. oyster; slam o’s. clam; surf t. channel; thumb f. a ride; thumb o’s. button; tickle o’s. crack; twirl t. plum; visit Father Fingers; visit t. Bat Cave; water t. hot spot; work in t. garden

(i.e. male masturbation)
audition t. finger puppets bash the bishop beat off; beat o’s. dummy; beat o’s. hog; beat o’s. little brother; beat o’s. meat; bludgeon o’s beefsteak; bop o’s baloney; box t. Jesuit; buff o’s. helmet; burp o’s baby; butter o’s corn; charm o’s snake; choke o’s gopher; choke t. chicken; clean o’s rifle; climb Mount Baldy; corral o’s tadpoles; crack o’s nuts; crank o’s shaft; crank o’s shank; cuff o’s mutton; cuff o’s turkey; do. t. five-knuckle shuffle; fap; fax t. pope; fist o’s mister; flip o.s. off; flog o’s dog; flog o’s dong; flog o’s donkey; flog o’s frog; flog t. log; flog o’s meat; flog o’s mutton; fluff o.s.; fondle o’s fig; fuck o’s fist; get a hold of o.s.; get o’s nuts off; go on a date w. Ma Palmer and her five lovely daughters;   grease o’s pipe; grip o’s pencil; hack o’s mack; have a salty handshake; have a tug; hide o’s hotdog; hone o’s cone; hop o’s balcony; hump o’s hose; jack; jack off; jack o’s beanstalk; jack o.s. off; jag o.s. off; jerk off; jerk o’s turkey; jerk o.s. off; lube o’s tube; make t. bald man cry; manipulate o’s member; massage o’s muscle; milk o’s chicken; oil o’s glove; pack o’s palm; paddle o’s pickle; paint o’s ceiling; play o’s organ; please o’s pisser; plunk o’s twanger; pole vault; polish o’s rocket; polish o’s sword; pound o’s flounder; pound o’s pomegranate; pound o’s pork; prime o’s pump; pull; pull o’s joint; pull o’s peter; pull o’s pud; pump o’s pickle; pump o’s python; ram t. ham; rub one up t. flagpole; shake o’s snake; shine o’s pole; shoot o’s tadpoles; shuck o’s corn; slam o’s salami; slap o’s wrapper; sling o’s jelly; spank o’s Frank; spank o.s.; spank t. money; squeeze o’s cheese; squeeze o’s lemon; strike t. pink match; stroke o’s beef; stroke o’s bloke (Brit.); stroke o’s lizard; strum t. old banjo; tantalize o’s tassel; tease o’s weasel; thump o’s pumper; tickle o’s pickle; tickle o’s tackle; toss (Brit.); toss o’s salad; tug one out; tug o’s tubesteak; twang o’s wang; tweak o’s twinkie; yank; yank o’s crank; yank o’s plank; yank o’s yam

autoerotic stimulation; bashing t. bishop; beating off; beating t. meat; cheesy rollback; chicken milking; choking t. chicken; clitting (fem.); cunt cuddling (fem.); devil’s handshake; diddling o.s.; DIY; dong flogging; downstairs D.J.; fapping; finger painting; flicking t. bean (fem.); fingering (o.s.); finger fucking; five-finger Mary; flogging the log; ham boning; hand job; hand fucking; hand shandy; jacking off; jerking off; jilling (jilling off) (fem.); Lady Five Fingers; manual exercise; manual pollution; Mary Palmer; ménage à un; Mrs. Hand; Mrs. Palm and her five daughters; motherfish; Onanism; Onan’s Olympics; one off the wrist; palm job; pocket Billiards; pocket job; pressing; pud-pulling; pulling; secret handshake; secret sin; secret vice; self-abuse (V-E, pej); self-gratification; self-love; self-manipulation; self-pleasuring; self-pollution (V-E, pej); self-service; short strokes; shower spank; solitary sex; solitary sin; spanking the monkey; stroking; tossing (Brit.); twat wanking (fem.); wanking (Brit.); white-water wristing; whizzing t. jism; wrist aerobics; wrist job; Yankee; yanking; yank job

bean-flicker (fem.); beaver-stroker (fem.); bushwhacker (fem.); candlestick polisher; channel surfer (fem.); chicken choker; clit tickler (fem.); crank spanker; crank yanker; dick-rubber; hog flogger; jag-off; jerk; jerk-off; milkman; mistressbator (fem.); Onanist (Bibl.); oyster shucker (fem.); pearl polisher (fem.); peter beater; pud-puller; pud-whacker; self-abuser (Antq., euph.); stroker; tosser (Brit.); tube stroker; twatty-wanker (fem.); wank bandit; wanker (Brit.); weed-whacker; Wichser (Ger.)

MATE (1) (v)
(see also  HAVE SEX)
copulate, have sex

MATE (2) (n)
buddy; chum; companion; comrade; friend; helper; helpmate; pal; partner

breeding; copulating; coupling; pairing off; reproducing

dance; display; foreplay; game; mating dance; mating game; mating play


(i.e. foursome)

 (i.e. threesome)
club sandwich; double adapter; Lucky Pierre; ménage a twats; sandwich (girl sandwich, guy sandwich etc.); sausage sandwich (m/m/m); spit-roast; three-hole; three-in-a-bed; threesome; three-way; triangle (love triangle)

Asian Babes (b.n. UK); Asian Fever (b.n.); Barely Legal (b.n.); Celebrity Skin (b.n.); Chic (b.n.); Club (Club International) (b.n.); Escort (b.n., UK); Fiesta (b.n., UK); Gallery (b.n.); girlie magazine; Hustler (b.n.); Knave (b.n., UK); Men Only (b.n., UK); Men’s World (b.n., UK); nudie mag; Penthouse (b.n); Playboy (b.n.); pornographic magazine; Screw (b.n.); Skin (b.n.)

Aunt Flo; catamenia; clit clots; collywobbles; curse; curse of Eve; domestic affliction; female trouble; feminine matters; floods; flood season; flow; flux; flying t. red flag; monthly curse; monthly flow; monthly flooding; monthly visitor; hell week; little friend; little visitor; menses; monthlies; on t. blob; on t. rag; OTR (on t. rag); period; rag time; red dog on a white horse; red flag; red Mary; riding t. cotton pony; riding t. rag; stormy weather; that time of month; woman’s curse; woman’s things; wrong time of t. month

be on t. rag; be on t. saddle; be under t. weather; be unwell; bleed; clot; cramp; entertain t. captain; fall off t. roof; feel unwell; flow; fly t. red flag; have a visit from Aunt Flo; have a visit from granny; have a visitor; ride t. rag; ride t. red horse; ride t. red pony; see o’s auntie; see o’s friend

dabble; dally; dawdle; fool around; fuck around; loiter; muck around; play; play around; trifle

METROSEXUAL (n) (sl., 2000s)
clotheshorse; coxcomb; dandy; dude; fashion-conscious man; fop; peacock; popinjay; power-shopper

m/f (n or adj) (int., male/female)
(see also  HETEROSEXUAL)
(e.g. “I only write about m/f relationships,” he said)
couple; heterosexual; heterosexual couple

m/f/m (n or adj) (int., male/female/male)
(e.g. Check out the latest m/f/m romance)
girl in t. middle; girl sandwich; ménage; three-way

MILF (n) (int., mom I’d like to fuck)
(see also  COUGAR)
cougar; fuckable older woman; hot mom; hot older woman; madre que me gustaria coger (Sp., Mex.); older babe



MINGE (n) (Brit.) (coll.)

MINGER ZOO (n) (Brit.) (pej.)
(i.e. a group of ugly women)

American position; Angelic position; English-American position; English position; eye-to-eye, face-to-face; figura veneris prima (Lat.); harash (Arab.); jima nikah (Arab.); male-superior position; Mama-Papa position; manner of serpents (Arab.); man-on-top position; matrimonial position; missionarishouding (Du.); Missionarsstellung (Ger.); position du missionaire (Fr.); postura del misionero (Sp.); t. beast w. two backs; woman-below position; woman on t. bottom

MISTRESS (1) (n)
concubine; courtesan; demimonde; doxy; fancy woman; kept woman; odalisque; outside woman; paramour; part-time lover (coll.); thing on t. side (euph.) 

MISTRESS (2) (n)
dominatrix; domina

m/m/m (n or adj) (int., male/male/male)
all-male; guy-for-all; sausage sandwich; three-way

MOIST (adj) (see note, p. 498)
clammy; damp; dampish; dank; dewy; dripping; humid; muggy; oozy; soggy; steamy; saturated; soaking; soggy; tacky; teary; watery; weeping; wet

cause to become wet; dampen; drench; humidify; moisturize; soak; sprinkle

damp; dampness; humidity; moistness; wetness

abuse; assault; attack; bother; feel up; harm; interfere w.; mistreat; touch inappropriately; touch up

(i.e. any marriage between two people; f/f. m/f, or m/m)

MONS (n) (Lat., lit. “mountain” or “mound”)

MOOD (THE MOOD) (2) (n)
air; ambiance; atmosphere; feel; quality; t. moment



(see also  ORAL SEX)
fellatio; irrumatio (Lat.)

MUNTER (n) (Brit.) (pej.)

(i.e. ugly women in groups)

MUSK (n)
(i.e. glandular secretions)
(see also  SEX SMELL)
aroma; bouquet; female aroma; fragrance; male odor; manly fragrance; perfume; scent; smell; smell of girl; smell of guy; womanly scent

MUSKY (adj)
aromatic; fragrant; odorous; perfumed; pungent; scented; spicy

MUSS (v)
disarrange; dishevel; disorder; make a mess of; mess up; rumple; ruffle; tangle; tousle;

circle jerk (masc.); circle jerking (masc.); frot (masc.); hand fucking; hand job; manual intercourse; scissoring (fem.); tribing (fem.)

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