Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who says sex can't be funny?

Who says sex can’t be funny? There are some people—and most of them seem to spend their time trolling the discussion boards on the cheaper dating sites where all the bitter, petulant prudes go to die—who seem to believe that sex and humor don’t mix at all. (And they wonder why they still can’t find a date?)  But sex really is funny if you think about it; I mean; have you ever taken a really close look at human genitalia? Clearly not the best available evidence for Intelligent Design even if they do suggest that God—should She exist—must have one hell of a wicked sense of humor. Why else would we have been so abundantly “blessed” with such a cornucopia of sheer conspicuous dorkiness?

I remember one time I was with this girl who liked to listen to Dr. Dimento’s radio show on Sunday evenings. We were making love and the good doctor was playing the Elmer Fudd rap song by Joe Walsh. I’d never heard it before and started laughing uncontrollably—all the while coupled to my lover. Anyway, the jolly Santa-like shakings of my belly transmitted just the right vibrations to my partner’s pleasure points, and the next thing I knew she’d fainted from the orgasm. I can never hear or think about that song without remembering that most pleasant experience, and laughing out loud.
Frankly, anybody who denies the funny side of sex, probably doesn't have much of a sense of humor to begin with. Such mortals are to be pitied.

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