Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Announcing new e-book and paperback releases from TAS

I'm delighted to announce the release in paperback of two short story collections: Kiss-Off the Devil: 9 Short Stories, and Take Me Like the World Ends at Midnight: 8 Stories of Unexpected Passion. All the previously-published material in these collections is also available in freshly-proofed, thoroughly revised and updated e-book editions (*).

[NOTE: Amazon has removed the e-book version from their site, claiming unspecified 'content violations'. The matter is currently in discussion, and I hope to have it resolved before very long.] 
[UPDATE (1/24/16): Kiss-Off the Devil is now available on all electronic platforms through Smashwords. Check it out here.)

It also gives me great pleasure to announce the release of a new sampler anthology in my on-going series of 99-cent loss-leaders: Turn Me On--Tell Me a Story 3.

Turn Me On--Tell Me a Story 3

This third sampler of recent fiction is organized around the theme of humor in erotic storytelling. Sometimes, that humor is fairly black, approaching the macabre with a good stiff does of 'meta' to go with the dark jollies. The seven stories and one narrative poem in this book offer sometimes mordant, open-eyed forays into the realm of the transgressive, with perverse twists and turns, leading to bizarrely ironic denouements, worlds-removed from anything resembling the traditional Hollywood happy-ending. 

Sexy, creepy, silly, fun, ‘Turn Me On—Tell Me a Story 3’ makes a perfect, easy introduction to the teeming world of erotic imagination that is the mind of Terrance Aldon Shaw. 

Turn Me On--Tell Me a Story 3, along with the first two collections in the series, will be free on Amazon Kindle from December 23 through 27.

Turn Me On--Tell Me a Story (An Erotic Anthology)

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