Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TAS' 'Turn Me On--Tell Me a Story' series

Just in time for the holidays, all three titles in TAS’ Turn Me On—Tell Me a Story series of steamy sampler anthologies are available for free download from Amazon, December 23 through 27.

Newly updated, this anthology includes a complete short story 'Sleeping Dogs and Southern Comfort' (from ‘Six Erotic Tales’), excerpts from the up-coming collection 'Stories Out of School', and generous selections from the novels 'A Song for the Girl with the Almond Eyes' and 'The Seven Seductions of Sister Mary Chastity'.  Finally, for dessert, a collection of bawdy limericks.
The novels and stories excerpted in here began life as imagined conversations. What would smart, sexy, articulate people talk about if they were free to think and say whatever they liked? Smart people want pretty much the same thing as everybody else; they just want to deconstruct their favorite episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' or quote William Butler Yeats while in the process of getting it, undoubtedly bandying about one of the great Irish poet’s most famous pronouncements while gently maneuvering their partners into bed; “sex and death are the only things that can interest a serious mind.” 

These stories have the sex part covered, and one of them even delves into death at the end. The characters have decidedly serious minds, always actively engaged, yet most of them are people you might imagine hanging out with and talking to, or fantasize about making love with. They are the sort you wish you knew in real life, and not just because they don’t mind if you fantasize about making love to them—in fact, they hope you will.

Seduction comes in many forms; the subtlest looks and gestures, a virtually imperceptible nod of the head, the tiniest hint of moisture on the lips, a furtive movement of the eye, the slightest flutter of lashes. Seduction is a would-be lover’s hot breath on the back of your neck, the wordless hum of a deep male voice rippling through your body like a giant vibrator.

Explore the many forms of seduction in this new updated edition featuring two complete short stories, ‘A Girl from White City’ (from ‘Kiss-Off the Devil’) and ‘Three Lies Before the River’ (from ‘Six Erotic Tales’) as well as substantial excerpts from ‘Mr. Friday’s Midlife Crisis’, ‘Summer of ’69’, and the novel ‘A Song for the Girl with the Alond Eyes’; stories that will arouse, enlighten, inspire, entertain, and, yes, seduce.

Brand new, this third sampler of  recent fiction and poetry is organized around the theme of humor in erotic storytelling.  Sometimes, that humor is fairly black, approaching the macabre with a good strong does of the meta to go with the dark jollies. The seven stories and one poem in this book offer sometimes mordant, open-eyed forrays into the realm of the transgressive, with perverse twists and turns, leading to bizarely ironic denouements, worlds-removed from anything resembling the traditional Hollywood happy-ending.

All the stories here are complete and unabridged. Contents include the title story from ‘Kiss-Off the Devil’ along with ‘Muse in the Neon Twilight’ plus four micro-stories from TAS’ up-coming collection ‘The Moon-Haunted Heart’ as well as the hilarious ‘Royally Screwed’ (think Steeleye Span meets Mel Brooks). The collection is rounded out with the never-before-published naughty narrative poem ‘The Tale of Vanessa or: The Lusty R.N.’

Sexy, creepy, silly, fun, ‘Turn Me On—Tell Me a Story 3’ makes a perfect, easy introduction to the teeming world of erotic imagination that is the mind of Terrance Aldon Shaw.

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