Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Announcing new releases from TAS

A Song for the Girl with the Almond Eyes (A Novel)

Now available in paperback at:
coming soon to Barnes and Noble and all other retailers worldwide (on request).

E-book editions release Friday June 3, 2016
now available for pre-order at: 
Smashwords (all platforms)
(enter discount code QW79D on checkout to receive the special price of $1.50 (62 percent off).
This coupon will be good through August 1, 2016)

also available for pre-order at:
Amazon Kindle

Ben Bohring’s life gets interesting, taking a dark detour into obsession when he meets beautiful May-Lin Song during a summer week of teenage debauchery at a lakeside cabin. The vivacious young woman’s combination of classic Asian beauty and all-American attitude is more than Ben can resist, and he vows to have her some day in spite of the odds.

Ben’s quest propels him on a series of amorous, sometimes-violent misadventures, where unsettling secrets about the past are revealed and hard truths about the future learned at painful cost, ultimately leading to someone who may hold the key to questions that have haunted the young man his whole life.


newly revised and updated perma-free Smashwords editions

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